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Built on foundations of passion

Quite simply, it all started with one vision: To help the world enjoy better wellness. It was heartbreaking; realizing just how much junk we force our bodies to process day in and day out. That’s not even taking into account the amount of stress we put ourselves through.

Balance your body, mind and spirit

Never underestimate the importance of taking a step back, inhaling, exhaling, and shifting the focus back to the things that matter. It didn’t take our team long to discover our passion for essential oils – one of the most effective ways to reboot the body, mind and spirit.

Embarking on an aromatherapy journey, without any prior experience or knowledge, can be challenging. We’ll show you exactly how to get started and make the most of every second. We’ll teach you how to use aromatherapy oils, which ones to pick according to your needs, and much more.

Wellbeing & Wellness

We’ve gone from using essential oils for our own enjoyment to sharing our passion with the world; providing advice and guidance surrounding therapeutic-grade essential oils and Aromatherapy.


Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years, in countless cultures across the world for both medicinal and health purposes. They can produce antidepressant effects, detoxifying, antibacterial, calming, and more. It’s a NATURAL and SAFE way to ease health ailments and promote peace, tranquility and happiness.

Learn more. Worry less.

We’re here to simplify complex aromatherapy advice, turning our years of practice into your split-second pleasure and peace. With Wellness Aromas, you’re guaranteed access to the best advice and guidance possible. Everything we do is backed by a wealth of research and passion. That’s our promise.

Meet the makers

Every great incentive is shaped by passionate people. Here are ours.

Julien Héron Founder of Wellness Aromas
Julien Héron


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Catherine Lawson Chief Editor of Wellness Aromas
Catherine Lawson

Chief Editor

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