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About Catherine Lawson

Like any other Mom, I would do anything to keep my children happy and healthy. That’s how I first got into aromatherapy. I lead a busy, fast-paced lifestyle; understanding the consequences of stress all too well. I am passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle, and want to teach not just my own children, but the world.

Essential Oils are an irreplaceable part of my daily life. I use them for medicinal, skin, body, hair, and general health purposes. I even love to use them in my own homemade household cleaning products, nurturing a fresher environment free from harmful toxins.

As the chief editor of Wellness Aromas, I have made it my life mission to help people access Essential Oils practice. These oils changed my life, and I took it upon myself to study and research their background, power, history, and future. Now, I’m keen to share this indispensable insight with you.

Wellness Aromas essential oil and aromatherapy for your wellness
Catherine Lawson Chief Editor of Wellness Aromas

My Life Motto

I firmly believe that health is the only true wealth we can own. It’s also the only thing that, once gone, can never be retrieved. Money is plentiful and can always be replaced should push come to shove. Health, however, cannot be.

“It is health that is real wealth, and not pieces of Gold and Silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi.