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About Kathy Sadowski

All of us have been given special talents to share. Life is a journey in which we discover our passions, hone our abilities, and contribute towards a better world.

My passion is plants, and my talent is understanding and writing about their special abilities. When I am sowing seeds, harvesting herbs, and learning how to use botanicals, I glow greenly with vitality! As you can imagine, when I first discovered essential oils 15 years ago, I was amazed at how the essence of a plant could be extracted and available in a tiny bottle of liquid.

I began to collect bottles from species all around the world. Lavender from Oregon, eucalyptus from Australia, and helichrysum from Italy; I amassed quite a variety. To gain knowledge about how best to use them, I pursued a Master of Science degree in Aromatherapy.

What did I learn? Most importantly, I was taught the safe way to use essential oils and herbs. Then, I delved deep into scientific research about plants. Many of the ways our ancestors used herbs for good health has shown to be effective in modern scientific studies.

I developed www.EarthtoKathy.com, to catalogue scientific studies on plants by therapeutic action. My goal is to gather research that demonstrates the safe and effective uses of herbs and essential oils and share my knowledge.

Bottle of essential oil with round shape of fresh herbs and healing plants
Hands holding plant in soil

My Life Motto

Good will towards others makes this world a better place. While our race, color, or religious views may differ, your happiness is my happiness. This interconnection includes all people, and the animals and plants. Spiritual teachers across centuries and around the world have shared the importance of kindness.

“The Great Law of Peace: Respect for all life is the foundation.” – Iriquois Native Americans