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Single Essential Oils

We love essential oils, and we want to share quality single essential oils along with the essential oil benefits. We’ve structured single essential oil profiles that allow you to quickly and easily browse and select the profiles that interest you. Our goal is for our readers to stay safe while they use their oils, and this is why we offer comprehensive use safety guidelines in addition to all of our other information.

List of Essential Oils

Looking at extensive essential oil properties can be overwhelming, and our list of single essential oil profiles make this more manageable. You’ll be able to browse the oil profiles and find out their benefits by clicking on the individual oil below.

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Single Essential oils benefits and uses

How Do We Work

Research and Reliable Sources

We back all of our essential oil benefits with extensive research and reliable sources. We incorporate published research and both human and animal trials on each essential oil guide we have on our site.

Experience and Passion

All of the essential oil uses and essential oil properties we write about come from first-hand experience. We’re passionate about quality single essential oils, and we want to share this passion with our audience.