When it comes to essential oils, bergamot is up around with lavender, chamomile, and lemon oil but you may not even be aware of it. It is found in many perfumes since bergamot essential oil blends well with almost every other oil. Earl Grey is a very common bergamot tea that is found around the world. Though you may not be as familiar with it as most, there are several proven benefits and uses of bergamot essential oil.

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When it comes to essential oils, bergamot is up around with lavender, chamomile, and lemon oil but you may not even be aware of it. It is found in many perfumes since bergamot essential oil blends well with almost every other oil. Earl Grey is a very common bergamot tea that is found around the world. Though you may not be as familiar with it as most, there are several proven benefits and uses of bergamot essential oil.

Looking for the Best Bergamot Essential Oils?

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Bergamot Essential Oil

1. Ease Anxiety and Depression

We spend most of our waking hours surrounded by stressful environments: meetings, project deadlines, coworkers, and family obligations. We are in constant contact with the world, and many of us find it hard to switch off even in our downtime. This can lead to bouts of anxiety or depression. Our body responds to the stress with the hormone cortisol but does not process this or may even overproduce this due to a constant state of stress. Bergamot essential oil has been shown to reduce the production of cortisol as well as the inflammation which occurs that prevent the brain from processing stress hormones properly. It allows your body to relax and eases the effects of constant stress. (1, 2)

2. Improve Skin Health

There are as many different causes of skin issues as there are types of skin problems. Many times, the treatment for an issue causes undesirable side effects in other areas of the body, and traditional medications may alleviate some symptoms but still require some additional assistance in clearing the conditions completely. Bergamot essential oil has been proven to treat both bacterial and fungal skin conditions, killing bacteria and fungus and reducing inflammation of the skin. This allows wounds or open sores to heal faster. These properties also make it one of the effective essential oils for hair growth. (3)

Mix a few drops of bergamot and lemon with witch hazel for a natural cleanser to help kill the bacteria found in acne and heal inflamed acne sores.

3. Fight Infections

This particular property comes in handy if you want to have a clean home but would also like to prevent the possible occurrence of resistant bacteria and virus that can be created when using traditional cleaning products. They are full of chemicals that can not only strengthen germs but may also be dangerous to use in your home. Bergamot oil has proven antibacterial and antifungal properties, which can be used to prevent foodborne illnesses caused by bacteria such as e. coli and staphylococcus. You may also decrease airborne sickness by killing bacteria and molds that float around your home, causing respiratory issues. (4)

Make your own household cleaner with bergamot, lemon, vinegar, and water. Spray on your hard surfaces to prevent transmission of germs. You can also use in a diffuser with eucalyptus to not only prevent respiratory illness but ease symptoms as well.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

Along with alleviating stress and depression, bergamot essential oil can also help lower blood pressure. Blood pressure can be related to other diseases such as heart disease, which is the number one cause of death. Elevated blood pressure is the result of several different causes stress or arterial inflammation. Bergamot oil has been proven to reduce blood pressure by relieving stress and cortisol levels and improve vascular flexibility. (5)

Create your own stress-relieving diffuser mix with bergamot, lavender, and ylang-ylang for anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties.

5. Relieve Cold Symptoms

No matter how we might wish for a cure for the common cold, it seems like that is still a distant dream. However, there may be natural ways to help ease the symptoms of a cold such as fever and coughing. Using bergamot essential oil in an essential oil recipe for colds may aid in recovery time by helping to reduce inflamed respiratory tissue and inflammation in the body which triggers the body’s response in the form of a fever. Using this oil as part of an essential oil diffuser recipes for colds may not cure you, but it can be used in conjunction with other over-the-counter medications to help ease further symptoms and aid in a faster recovery. (6)

Use a mix of bergamot and other cold fighting oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, or lemon. These oils share many of the same properties and may be used as a complement to your other symptom-relieving therapies.

6. Reduce Cholesterol

When visiting the doctor, you may be subjected to a cholesterol check to examine the amount of good and bad cholesterol, which allows your health practitioner to keep on eye on the lipid level of your blood and catch any possible complications before they arise. Bergamot has been shown to have an impact on the lipid level of your blood and may even increase the good cholesterol levels. This is due to the number of flavonoids and the high linalool content found in bergamot. Bergamot may be used as a complementary therapy to any medications that have been prescribed by your health care provider. (7, 8)

What is the Best Bergamot Essential Oil?

Bergamot essential oil is popular in perfumes since it blends very well with just about every other essential oil. You may not be as familiar with this essential oil as other types, and this makes buying a high-quality one a challenge. We’ve picked out some of the best Bergamot essential oils below.

US Organic 100% Pure Bergamot Essential Oil

This choice comes cold-pressed to preserve the oil’s integrity, and you get two sizes. It’s 100% pure, USDA certified and comes with a host of uses. There is no additives or preservatives.

Best for: Boosting the Immune System


Edens Garden Bergamot Essential Oil

Since 2009, Edens Garden sources all of the raw ingredients they need to create exceptional essential oils. It gets hand poured into dark tinted bottles for long shelf life. There are four sizes to choose from, and certified aromatherapists oversee the production process to ensure quality.

Best for: Mental Clarity


My Favorite Uses For Bergamot Essential Oils

My first introduction to bergamot essential oil was through my slight tea addiction and an accidental run-in with Earl Grey tea at a conference. I was desperate for some caffeine to keep me awake and all they had was Earl Grey so now I always have a few boxes on hand. Okay, I drink it at least once a day. Something about the addition of bergamot oil to English tea just makes it better.

Now that I use a diffuser in my home and office, bergamot is generally at the base of just about every mix. It has its own slightly citrus scent, but it mixes so well and easily with many other, more powerful scents. I generally suffer from mild anxiety that can be heightened when deadlines approach and causes me to be distracted or lose focus easily. Bergamot with lemon and cedarwood has not only helped to keep the anxiety from taking over my day but has also improved my focus so I can finish the project well before the deadline.

Between a mix of lavender and chamomile at night to help with insomnia and a citrus combination during the most stressful times of my day, bergamot makes an excellent base to assist with both conditions.

Recommended Bergamot Based Products

1. DANI Naturals Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion

Moisturizing Body Wash by DANI Naturals - Refreshing Bamboo Bergamot Scented - Organic Aloe Vera &...
  • GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: DANI Naturals Moisturizing Body Wash is pH...
  • ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS: DANI Naturals uses all custom essential oil...
  • BAMBOO BERGAMOT FRAGRANCE: Bamboo Bergamot body wash combines a fresh,...

Body lotions can be full of chemicals that can be not only dangerous for long term use but may not help the skin as much as they purport to do. By replacing these chemicals, this lotion may even be appropriate for people with sensitive skin. This is a natural lotion that uses many plant-based ingredients such as jojoba oil and coconut to moisturize the skin. Adding bergamot help keep the skin healthy by reducing inflammation and killing germs that can lead to sickness or skin conditions.


2. Schmidt’s Deodorant, Bergamot + Lime

Many traditional deodorants contain chemicals to help control wetness and odor. This may lead to needing a lot of product to get the results you want. This deodorant has all-natural ingredients including essential oils like bergamot to control odor by killing odor-causing bacteria formed in the sweat under arms. It also uses substances like arrowroot and baking soda to control wetness. It promises to require fewer swipes for the same outcome as traditional deodorants.


Caution of Bergamot Essential Oil

  • Topical application of bergamot essential oil may cause phototoxicity when exposed to sunlight. Dilute in water with a dispersant or a carrier oil before applying to avoid sensitivities.
  • Do not use bergamot oil if you have a potassium deficiency as it may deplete potassium stored in the body, causing muscle cramps and twitching.
  • Always choose quality bergamot essential oil from reputable suppliers.
  • Be sure to inform your doctor if you are using bergamot oil and are also taking statins prescribed to lower cholesterol to prevent reactions.


I hope you found this information about bergamot eye-opening as you learned about this oil which is found in many everyday products. Please be sure to share this article with anyone looking for essential oils for colds and sore throat. Bergamot may be what they need to add to their cold weather arsenal.