Whether you’re using oils for aromatherapy, mixing your favorite scents into homemade cleaning products, or freshening up the smell of your room, oils can be very useful. When you use essential oils, it’s important to ensure that you have all of the supplies you need so that you can store, mix, and use your oils properly. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the right bottles for your oils.

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Whether you’re using oils for aromatherapy, mixing your favorite scents into homemade cleaning products, or freshening up the smell of your room, oils can be very useful. When you use essential oils, it’s important to ensure that you have all of the supplies you need so that you can store, mix, and use your oils properly. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the right bottles for your oils.

Why are essential oil bottles important?

When you use oils, it’s important to make sure your oils are appropriately stored, so you can get the full benefits from them. When you purchase bottles for storing your oils, they need to be the right types of bottles for your oils and the way you will use the oils.

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Oils have to be protected from environmental factors. The containers in which they are placed are essential for protection from those elements.

How to choose essential oil containers

In order to make sure you have the right vials for your oils, there are a few things you should think about. These considerations can help ensure that the bottles you use for oils protect your oils and meet your needs for using your oils.

How much oil will you be using?

This question can help you pick the right size bottle for your essential oils. If you use a lot of essential oils, you may want to invest in larger bottle sizes to keep from refilling the bottles frequently.

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How will you be using your essential oils?

The way you use your essential oils can determine the type of bottle you need. There are vials with screw tops, sprayers, and rollers available.

What environment will your oils be in?

Since essential oils need to be protected from light, moisture, heat and air, it’s important that the containers you choose protect the oils from the environment. For example, if you live in a humid climate, protecting against moisture will be more critical.

Things to look for when choosing essential oil bottles

There are a lot of different vials available for your essential oils. But not all bottles are equal. When you’re shopping for vials, there are a few things to look for so you can make sure you get what you need.

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  • What material are the bottles made of?
  • How do the bottles seal?
  • What are the expected uses of the vials?
  • How to take care of your oil containers

Once you purchase bottles for your essential oils, they can be reused as often as you want. Only add more of your favorite oil to the vials when it is low or empty.


However, if you decide to change the oil in the bottles from what was in it previously, you will need to clean your containers.

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  • Soak the empty bottle in warm water for five minutes.
  • If there is a label on your container to remove, use a few drops of lemon oil to remove the sticky residue from the label.
  • Place the vial in a separate bowl of warm water with a small amount of Thieves Household Cleaner to remove any remaining oil.
  • Let all components of the container, including the lid, air dry completely.
  • Refill it with the essential oil of your choice.

Recommendations of Essential Oils Bottles

Amber containers by Bulk Essentials

Glass Bottles for Essential Oils - 12 Pack 10 ml Refillable Empty Amber Bottle with Orifice Reducer...
  • 12 PIECE VALUE SET – Our set includes 12 high quality 10 ml amber...
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This product set by Bulk Essentials come in a set of 12 individual vials. Each bottle can hold 10 mL of essential oils. The containers are designed to be reused and refilled with oils multiple times. The tops can be fitted with roller balls for easy use of oil mixtures. The bottles are intended to seal tightly with screw top lids to prevent oils from leaking, and the amber-colored containers protect the oils from the damaging effects of light during storage.


  • Orders come in sets of 12 for use with numerous essential oils
  • Glass containers in 10 mL size for a good amount of oil
  • Screw top lids to secure oil while in storage
  • Comes with a dropper for easy use of essential oils for mixing
  • Amber-colored glass to protect against light damage to oils
  • Size of bottles are suitable for small batches of oil mixtures

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  • Orifice reducers cannot be easily controlled to release a drop at a time
  • Plastic screw top may not be airtight
  • Set of 12 containers only includes 2 droppers
  • Plastic insert may not secure tightly
  • Most rollers do not fit on these tops
  • Stoppers in vials prevent using all the oil in the bottle without removing it


Amber spray bottles by Sally’s Organics

Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Labels (2 Pack) - 16oz Refillable Container for Essential Oils,...
  • 2 pack of bottles with uv protection that protects against degradation...
  • Great design that fits in your hand but is large enough that you will...
  • Save money, help the environment, and reduce plastic chemicals in your...

Spray top containers in 16-oz size are designed for use with mixtures, such as homemade cleaning products or room freshener mixtures. The amber-colored glass vials protect against the damage of light during storage. The spray top is designed to be comfortable in hand. The size of the bottle is large enough for daily use without frequent refilling but small enough for easy storage. Included labels can be used to designate specific uses for each bottle.

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  • 16 oz bottle size perfect for use with mixed oils and water added
  • Amber-colored glass vials protect against light damage to oils
  • Spray top for use around the house, such as cleaning and room fresheners
  • Comes with plastic screw tops for use in place of the spray tops
  • Large size allows adding your label
  • Spray top includes two “off” positions to prevent accidental spraying
  • Shape and color of glass are attractive when left out in plain sight


  • Spray top may loosen with use, risking leakage
  • The spray does not adjust between a stream of spray and a mist
  • Will not spray with heavy amounts of oil in the mixture
  • Plastic spray tops may crack or break with frequent use
  • Glass containers are heavy, which may limit the frequent use
  • Spray top may clog with regular use, preventing mixtures from being sprayed properly


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Amber bottles by Teenitor

Oil Bottles for Essential Oils, Teenitor 36 Pcs 2 ml (5/8 Dram) Amber Glass Vials Bottles, with...
  • Sample Size: 0.63inch*0.63 inch(Dia* H), small size for you to carry...
  • What’s In The Package: 36pcs small sample-size 5/8 dram bottles with...
  • Professional for Essential Oil: amber glass can effectively protect...

This set of 36 sample-size (2 mL) vials are perfect for carrying oils when on the go. The amber-colored bottles protect against damage from the light. Screw tops are designed to prevent leakage, while the orifice reducers are designed to dispense single drops at a time when mixing oils for use. The glass containers are designed to be used over and over.


  • Comes in a set of 36 bottles for use with a large variety of essential oils
  • Each container is 2 mL size for use with small amounts of oils or sample sizes
  • All bottles come with orifice reducers and plastic screw tops
  • The set comes with two transfer droppers for use in creating mixtures
  • Amber-colored containers protect oils from damaging light
  • Small size of vials allows easy storage
  • The glass is tinted (not painted) to ensure continued protection from light

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  • Small size of containers makes it difficult for transferring oil without the transfer dropper
  • Caps do not have seals, which may cause leakage
  • Orifice reducer makes it difficult to pour oils a drop or two at a time due to small size of vials
  • Standard roller tops will not fit on the small size of these bottles


Oil roller bottles by PrettyCare

Essential Oil Roller Bottles 10ml (Amber Glass, 12pack, 2 Extra Roller Balls,24 Labels, Opener, 2...
  • Please Contact US if your product is broken★Superior Quality: The...
  • ★Stainless steel roll balls: The roll balls are made of Stainless...
  • ★Dual Caps : The screw thread finish bottle mouth is matched with a...

These oil roller containers by PrettyCare are designed for use with mixtures, such as to apply to the skin. The aluminum-plated screw-top lids are designed to prevent air from getting to the oils and mixtures in an attractive gold color. The bottles are amber-colored to protect against the light. The small containers are tall enough to apply a homemade label, so you know what is in the container or to make the bottle look professional to give as a gift or to sell your own mixtures.

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  • The set comes with 12 containers fitted with stainless steel rollerballs
  • The set comes with three extra rollerballs
  • Vials are 12 mL, which is perfect for everyday use
  • Each container includes a screw top lid to protect from leakage
  • Containers are amber-colored to protect oils from light damage
  • Set includes two funnels to pour oil mixtures into rollerball containers


  • Oil may leak into lid via the roller ball
  • Containers are painted amber, which may lead to chipping or fading of the amber color
  • Debris or dust can cause the roller ball to not work properly
  • Rollerball may not distribute oil evenly
  • Rollerball may not secure on the bottle correctly, allowing leakage


The bottom line

Did you enjoy this list? Sharing the best products to use with your essential oils ensures that you can use them the way you want and need. Share your thoughts in the comments and send this article to your oil-loving friends!

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