October is breast cancer awareness month, but you want to maintain good breast health all year round. Unfortunately, your breasts are usually neglected when it comes to routine self-care despite the fact that there are several documented health benefits of breast massage.

Many people don't know that you can improve your breast health with massage, but this post is going to change that. Not only are we going to give you a step-by-step breast massage technique, but we're also going to outline the five biggest benefits along with essential oils to help you.

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October is breast cancer awareness month, but you want to maintain good breast health all year round. Unfortunately, your breasts are usually neglected when it comes to routine self-care despite the fact that there are several documented health benefits of breast massage.

Many people don’t know that you can improve your breast health with massage, but this post is going to change that. Not only are we going to give you a step-by-step breast massage technique, but we’re also going to outline the five biggest benefits along with essential oils to help you.

Understanding Why Breast Massage is Important

For some people, the concept of breast massages may seem bizarre. However, your risk of developing breast cancer increases drastically as you age. In fact, the risk of developing breast cancer in the next 10 years by age is as follows (1):

  • Age 30 – 0.44 percent (1 in 227 women)
  • Age 40 – 1.47 percent (1 in 68 women)
  • Age 50 – 2.38 percent (1 in 42 women)
  • Age 60 – 3.56 percent (1 in 28 women)
  • Age 70 – 3.82 percent (1 in 26 women)

It is true that annual mammograms and monthly exams can help catch breast cancer, doesn’t it make sense to perform exams every day or every week instead? The sooner you catch anything abnormal, the sooner you can rule out breast cancer or begin treatment.

Five Important Reasons to Perform Breast Massages

Along with feeling for abnormal cells, there are five other important reasons to perform breast massages on a routine basis. This includes reducing breast pain, draining your lymphatic system, relieving PMS symptoms, reducing fibrocystic breast tissue, and reducing inflammation or lumps.

1. Reducing Breast Pain

Breast pain is also known as Mastalgia. (2) It’s extremely common with women of all ages, and it can vary in severity from person to person. Some women experience it each month when they get their periods. Other women experience it randomly throughout their lives, and it’s more common in older women. The pain levels can come on as a dull ache, or it can be stabbing.

When you combine massage techniques with a well-fitting bra, it can help to reduce the amount of pain you experience. The massage will help to get rid of any tension, and your bra will stop your breasts from moving too much and increasing your pain levels. One study showed that nursing mothers had reduced amounts of pain after they received daily breast massages. (3)

2. Draining Your Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system has small lymph nodes throughout your system, and there are several located at the sides and top of your breast. (4) This system helps to sort your body’s white blood cells, and it also transfers infections through your lymph nodes to filter the infection out.

Your lymph nodes can become blocked and inflamed due to lack of activity, illnesses, or an overload of toxins. Performing massage techniques on your breasts can help clean out your lymph nodes. It encourages a healthy drainage of lymphatic fluid and infections from your nodes to your veins and out your body. (5)

3. Relieving PMS Symptoms

When you have your menstrual cycle, it causes an influx of hormones to flow through your body. When this happens, you can get breast swelling, inflammation, and tenderness. (6) Again, this can vary from person to person and in severity from month to month. Older women are more prone to experiencing PMS-related breast swelling and tenderness.

Massage can lower the amount of fluid that accumulates in your breast during PMS. (7) In turn, you can experience reduced pain, swelling, and tenderness. Additionally, you’re moving your breast slightly when you massage it, and this helps with fluid retention because fluid tends to pool in areas with little movement.

4. Reducing Fibrocystic Breast Tissue

Fibrocystic breast tissue is a naturally-occurring phenomenon where your body forms round cysts or fluid-filled sacks in your breasts. (8) Your body can also form fibrous tissue that is tender to the touch. This condition can make your breasts feel lumpy, and roughly half of all women will experience this at one point during their lives.

When you massage your breasts, it encourages your body to stimulate lymph node drainage, and this is one of the causes of Fibrocystic breasts. It also helps to coax any excess fluid out of your breasts, and this can help drain the fluid-filled cysts that are common with this disorder. (9)

5. Reducing Inflammation or Lumps

One of the main reasons women go to the doctor is for breast inflammation or lumps. Although many people immediately think that they have cancer, the link between breast cancer and pain is less than one percent. Inflammation and lumps are also widespread. (10)

As we mentioned earlier, massage can reduce your inflammation levels. However, massage can also help you tell the difference between a lump in your breast and a cyst. (11) Cysts will generally go down with massage, but lumps won’t. It’ll give you a good idea on whether or not you should make a doctor appointment.

How to Perform a Breast Massage

There are different types of breast massage that you can do on your own. However, we’re going to focus on draining your lymphatic system so you can get the lymphatic breast massage benefits and cancer detection.

Lymphatic Breast Massage Technique

Lymphatic Breast Massage Technique - Step 1

1. Start by gently stroking in a downward motion from the top portion of your neck down to your collarbone.

2. Gently feel for the small hollow spot above your collarbone. When you find it, stretch the skin starting from your shoulder and going toward your neck. This will begin to open your lymph nodes.

Lymphatic Breast Massage Technique - Step 2

3.Next, stretch the skin under your arm in a gentle motion toward your armpit. If you don’t want to pull it, hold it until any tenderness disappears.

4. Support your breast with one hand and gently stretch and release your breast in a slow pumping motion. You want to move this pumping motion toward your underarm.


Lymphatic Breast Massage Technique - Step 3

5. Support your breast with one hand and repeat the gentle pumping motion from step four. However, you want to move the pumping motion toward your body’s center.


Lymphatic Breast Massage Technique - Step 4

6. Lay both of your palms flat against your breast and move one upwards toward your neck while you support your breast with the other hand.

7. Finally, gently stretch the skin on your breast away from your nipple all around it. Press your nipple flat two or three times to finish.


Lymphatic Breast Massage Technique - Step 5

Repeat each step 10-15 times.
You can repeat these steps seven to eight times per breast every day to stimulate your lymphatic system.

The lymphatic breast self – massage. Source: Aromatherapy Natures Way


You can watch a step-by-step video below:

How to Improve Your Breast Health with Massage Oil


My Experience with Breast Massage Oil

I’ve done breast massages for years. My mother does them as well, and I wanted to incorporate essential oils in because I’m a firm believer in using them for my family in our everyday lives.

I used the breast massage oil, and I noticed very early that my lymphatic system seemed to be draining better, and that I had fewer fluid-filled cysts. I believe this is because the essential oils in the massage oil sink into my skin each time I perform a massage and go to work improving my breast health.

My mom commented that when she used the breast massage oil, the fibrous tissue and lumps seemed to soften. The essential oil smell also seemed to help her relax, and it helped to ease some of the tension in her muscles. All we did was pour or spray a small amount of the essential oils onto our hands and massaged them into our breasts using the massage techniques we outlined above once a day or once every few days.

Recommended Breast Massage Oil

The following two product reviews will give you a good idea on which oil is best for breast massage techniques, and this will help you get the best health benefits of breast massage.

1. Healthy Girls Breast Oil

Healthy Girls Breast Oil

  • Clear Jojoba Oil formulated with eight therapeutic essential oils
  • 1 ounce cobalt glass atomizer – lovingly boxed with Lady Lymph insert.
  • Included an illustrated instructions for a lymphatic breast self massage

Healthy Girls Breast Oil has a rejuvenating and healing combination of sweet orange, lemon, frankincense, lavender, geranium, sweet marjoram, neroli, and rose damascene. These oils are mixed with clear jojoba oil for a smooth and silky feel.

To get the benefits of this oil, you can spray it into your hands and gently massage it into your underarm area and on your breast. It’ll stimulate your lymphatic system, detoxify and balance your breast tissue, and stimulates your immune system.


2. Living Libations – Breast Massage Oil

Living Libations - Organic / Wildcrafted Breast Massage Oil (1.69 oz / 50 ml)
  • Breast Massage With Specific Botanical Oils Is A Simple Step To Keep...
  • Breasts Contain An Abundance Of Lymph Vessels That Support The...
  • Breast Massage With Breast Massage Oil Is A Regenerative Practice To...

This breast massage oil is designed with a unique blend of botanical oils that are cruelty, sulfate, paraben free. This oil can help to increase your lymph system drainage and open up your lymph nodes. It also encourages your body to maintain a proper fluid balance, and this can reduce inflammation or tenderness.

Additionally, this massage oil contains cypress, yarrow, and laurel oils. These oils can give you almost immediate effects, and it’s safe to use on a daily basis without any negative health impacts. It’s an organic product that is good for your body, and good for the environment.


Self Care Tips for Breast Health

  • Minimize the time you wear your bra each day because this restricts your lymphatic system’s natural flow.
  • Sweat it out because this helps to detoxify your body and breasts.
  • Eat a sufficient amount of foods high in vitamins C, B, D, and E as well as Beta Carotene.
  • Use an organic deodorant that is free of aluminum.
  • Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Breastfeed your child to encourage healthy circulation.
  • Don’t smoke and limit your alcohol consumption.
  • Use essential oils to stimulate your immune system and improve your overall health.

The Bottom Line

Did you enjoy our article on how to improve your breast health with massage? We believe that this is a critical topic for women of all ages because it only takes a few minutes each day to improve your breast health and catch any potential problems before they get worse.