If you've ever had a cedar chest, you know not only have useful it is but how fragrant it can be, with a beautiful reddish wood that protects the contents from insects looking to eat heirloom quilts and your warm, wool sweaters. The wood is not the only useful part as there are also several proven benefits and uses of cedarwood essential oil.

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If you’ve ever had a cedar chest, you know not only have useful it is but how fragrant it can be, with a beautiful reddish wood that protects the contents from insects looking to eat heirloom quilts and your warm, wool sweaters. The wood is not the only useful part as there are also several proven benefits and uses of cedarwood essential oil.

Looking for the Best Cedarwood Essential Oils?

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Cedarwood Essential Oil

1. Promote Hair Growth

Many people will go to extreme lengths to either prevent or reverse hair loss, often resorting to medical therapies that don’t always guarantee results and have a long list of undesirable side effects attached to their use. One of the most common cedarwood essential oil uses is to encourage hair growth and healthy skin on your scalp. Cedarwood may help open hair follicles that have been clogged by oil and increase blood flow to the scalp to promote thicker hair. It can also prevent or clear up any bacteria or fungus causing scalp issues, which, in turn, may promote healthier hair. (1)

If healthier hair is your goal, then cedarwood is one to use in essential oils for hair growth recipe. You can make your own shampoo, without added chemicals, with castile soap, cedarwood oil, and rosemary, another oil that is excellent for scalp care and hair health.

2. Improve Focus

We are inundated with distractions all day. At work, we are bombarded with projects and emails, as well as trying to balance work with our personal lives when we leave the office. With so many needs, we find ourselves feeling a little scattered and may even have difficulty concentrating on only one task at a time. One of the researched cedarwood essential oil benefits is for improved focus and attention. This may be due to reduced inflammation in the brain which interferes with neurological processes. (2)

Use cedarwood in synergy with vetiver on those days when your concentration needs the biggest boost. Diffusing these scents in your office may help you be able to focus on one task at a time, working more effectively.

3. Insect Control

Closets and chest have been made from cedar wood for centuries to help protect clothing from insects looking to eat the natural fabrics. One of the cedarwood essential oil uses is the same as the most common uses of its wood: repel and kill insects. The active component, cedrol, has been shown to repel different types of insects, including fire ants and black-legged ticks. The upside is that not only does the oil repel insects but it can also be used to kill insects and their eggs. This may be a natural alternative to harsh chemicals for insect control. (3)

You can dilute cedarwood oil in a carrier such as coconut or sweet almond and wear it as a repellent on your skin. You could also diffuse it in the area when you’re outside to keep a gathering insect free.

4. Skin Treatment

There are several skin conditions which may be alleviated by adding a substance like cedarwood essential oil. It has been shown to be effective on eczema, which often has symptoms of red, irritated skin with blisters that can bleed and be painful. Though there is no known cause cedarwood can help reduce the inflammation associated with the condition. It may also clear up any infections or fungal problems that may be causing issues. (4)

Dilute cedarwood essential oil in witch hazel or a carrier oil along with chamomile or lavender to soothe any redness or irritation. You could use it on areas of dryness to help replenish the skin and prevent further irritation.

5. Treat Infections

While many essential oils are effective antibacterials and antiseptics, cedarwood is one which also helps to control fungal infections such as candida. It is a useful supplement to treating oral fungal infections such as candida and may be as useful in treating other infections such as athlete’s foot. (5)

Apply a mix of carrier oil and cedarwood to any open wounds to help kill bacteria in a wound and apply to the feet to help control fungal infections.

6. Improve Relaxation

Everyone experiences tension and anxiety occasionally, leading to intermittent spates of insomnia. This may have a marked effect on quality of life but may not require medical intervention. There are a variety of essential oils for sleep and anxiety and cedarwood is part of that list. It has been shown to be effective in not only increasing a relaxed state but also in prolonging sleep. This is likely due to reduced inflammation in the brain which allows the production and use of hormones responsible for relaxation and recovery from anxiety. (6)

Cedarwood oil can be used as part of your bathtime routine along with other oils well-known for relaxation like lavender and chamomile. Add a few drops in warm water with some Epson salts and enjoy relaxing, especially before bed.

What is the Best Cedarwood Essential Oil?

If you’re searching for the best Cedarwood essential oil, you want to get a high-quality oil. It should be 100% pure, certified organic, or have a USDA certified stamp. This all works to ensure that you get a quality Cedarwood oil.

NOW Cedarwood Essential Oil

The soothing, woodsy, warm, and calming scent of this 100% pure essential oil allows you to relax and unwind. The state-of-the-art laboratories ensure you get the best essential oil possible each time you buy it and use it.

Best for: Enhancing Mood


Plant Therapy Cedarwood Atlas Organic Essential Oil

This USDA certified essential works wonderfully on your scalp and hair to help restore balance and bring it back to life. It goes through several rounds of testing to ensure quality, and it has a spicy scent that lingers all day.

Best for: Hair and Scalp


Mountain Rose Herbs Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil

This fragrant essential oil is perfect for diffusing and inhaling. It blends well with several other essential oils, and it produces a lingering scent that clings to your clothing and fabric.

Best for: Diffusion


My Experience with Cedarwood Essential Oils

I have something to confess. I have had a secret love affair with cedarwood.

I made my mother buy red cedar pencils for school so I could enjoy their smell all day long. I now know that the scent may have helped relax me a little, so maybe it was a good thing that I had this obsession for school. I scoured second-hand shops for years to find my own cedar chest to store quilts that had been handed down to me or things I have made that I want to hand down to my children.

And now they all have that sweet, woody scent to them. I take them out and give them a sniff at least twice a year. In a sneaky way.

I love that I can have this scent with me all day and not have to sneak a couple of furtive sniffs when I’m sure my husband won’t catch me sniffing the quilts. I add it to my diffuser along with chamomile and lavender on the days when my anxiety is particularly awful, days when it can be hard to get out of bed in the morning. I feel more relaxed and able to face my day as well as enjoying good memories of days in middle school when the hardest part of my day was reducing fractions.

Recommended Cedarwood Oil-Based Products

1. Anti-Dandruff Thickening Shampoo with Cedarwood Essential Oil

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If you’re looking for a product that will help you meet your goal of preventing hair loss or improving hair growth and you aren’t into making your own, this shampoo may be what you’re looking for. This formula promises to be natural without the chemicals that are meant to treat dry scalp but may instead exacerbate already dry skin and disturb natural oil production. This shampoo may be what you need to treat skin conditions and encourage healthy hair.


2. Aromatherapy Sleep Lavender & Cedarwood Body Bar

With a mix of two essential oils known for helping with skin conditions and easing tension, this bath bar may be especially helpful. The antibacterial properties of cedarwood and lavender may assist in controlling the symptoms of eczema or acne. Using this in a warm bath and shower before bed may also be useful for helping you to relax and be ready for a long, restful sleep.


Caution of Cedarwood Essential Oil

  • Cedarwood should not be taken internally. Ingestion may lead to nausea, vomiting, excessive thirst and damage to the digestive system.
  • Do not use cedarwood oil if you are pregnant or nursing due to its diuretic effect.
  • If used in high concentrations, cedarwood oil can cause skin irritation. Always dilute with a carrier oil before applying the oil to your skin.
  • Always choose quality cedarwood essential oil from reputable suppliers.


I hope you enjoyed learning about an essential oil that is excellent for hair and keeping your summer gatherings insect free. Please share with anyone looking for natural solutions, particularly for sleep and anxiety. Cedarwood essential oil may be what they need to help improved different ailments that impact the quality of life.