Cilantro is the leafy part of the coriander plant, and even though it resembles parsley, it has a very different flavor. It has been used in Mediterranean cooking for centuries and in Indian natural medicine to help with liver, kidney, and heart health. The essential oil is made from the leafy greens, and the seeds and studies have shown several proven benefits and uses of cilantro essential oil.

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Cilantro is the leafy part of the coriander plant, and even though it resembles parsley, it has a very different flavor. It has been used in Mediterranean cooking for centuries and in Indian natural medicine to help with liver, kidney, and heart health. The essential oil is made from the leafy greens, and the seeds and studies have shown several proven benefits and uses of cilantro essential oil.

Looking for the Best Cilantro Essential Oils?

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Cilantro Essential Oil

1. Assist with Cholesterol

High cholesterol has become a modern health crisis, along with other indicators of heart issues such as high blood pressure. Cholesterol can be beneficial to our bodies, but many people suffer from an abundance of large molecule cholesterol that may be the cause of clogged arteries and heart attacks. Cilantro has been shown to have a positive effect on lowering this bad cholesterol and improving good cholesterol by possibly dissolving cholesterol buildup in the arteries. (1)

Cilantro can be added to your food as a leafy herb, but cilantro essential oil uses include being used in place of fresh. Add 1-2 drops to dishes such as guacamole for a concentrated flavor.

2. Lessen Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the force of the blood flow in your body against your arterial walls. It is associated with an increased risk of heart failure and heart disease. The arteries may thicken over time when exposed to chronic high pressure. High blood pressure can be caused by genetic predisposition but is also affected by a diet high in sodium and processed foods. Cilantro has been shown to have a diuretic effect, which helps the body rid itself of extra fluid, lowering the amount flowing through the arteries. It may also help prevent cellular damage associated with this condition. (2)

Cilantro is an excellent flavoring for food. Add 1 drop cilantro along with 1-2 drops of lemon in your daily water or tea (after it has cooled slightly) to receive its heart-healthy benefits.

3. Remove Toxins

We are exposed to thousands of dangerous toxins every day, including heavy metals such as lead. These metals remain in our bodies for years and cause a variety of health issues. They are notoriously hard to remove without medical intervention. Increased use of antibiotics has been linked to an increase in heavy metals found in the body. Cilantro has been proved to bind itself to these toxic metals and remove them from organ tissue, allowing them to be removed from the body. (3)

Use 1-2 drops in your lemon water each day to help your body begin the removal of these harmful substances.

4. Lower Anxiety

Anxiety seems to be as much a part of everyone’s life as we constantly surround ourselves with high demand jobs, followed by the pressure of having a life when you aren’t working. Many people suffer from different degrees of anxiety and may need some help to be able to live their best life while managing the effects of anxiety. Cilantro essential oil benefits include easing anxiety, almost as well as some prescribed medications. This may be because of properties that reduce swelling of nerve endings in the brain, allowing for the production and uptake of proper hormones. (4)

Cilantro blends well with bright, citrus aromas such as lemon, orange, or bergamot. Diffuse 1-2 drops with your favorite citrus scent to help reduce anxiety and increase focus.

5. Control Blood Sugar

The incidence of diabetes is on the rise, making it one of the most common afflictions facing people today. This is caused by a diet high in processed carbohydrates and preservatives, which causes the body to be unable to process sugar correctly. This is also related to heart health, since diabetes affects the kidneys and, in turn, raises blood pressure due to increased fluid in the body. Cilantro has been shown to reduce blood glucose levels by increasing insulin sensitivity. This is an increased response to the sugar found in the blood. (5)

Add cilantro essential oil to your foods such as soups and stews in place of the fresh herb. Add after cooking to preserve the effects which can be negated by heat. This may help control blood sugar and may even prevent diabetes if used before the condition develops.

6. Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections can be caused by the overgrowth of bacteria such as e. coli or staphylococcus in the urinary tract. This overgrowth may be a result of conditions such as diabetes or a sexually transmitted disease. It may also occur when taking antibiotics since these medications can create an ideal environment for these to grow. Antibacterial compounds found in cilantro can keep these bacteria from forming or assist in reducing them. (6)

Add 1-2 drops of cilantro to your tea (after cooling) or water to help control the symptoms of a UTI.

What is the Best Cilantro Essential Oil?

Are you looking for the best cilantro essential oil, but you’re not sure which one to choose? Maybe you don’t know which brands are reputable? If so, we can help. We researched dozens of essential oils and rounded up the top three below.

doTERRA Cilantro Essential Oil

Cilantro has a fresh and herbal scent that can help detoxify your body and clear your mind each time you use it. It’s 100% pure and undiluted, and this makes it a powerful aid for your health.

Best for: Detoxifying


Edens Garden Cilantro Essential Oil

If you’re on a budget, this essential oil is for you. It comes in four sizes, and each raw ingredient gets professional sourced to ensure quality. Each bottle gets hand-poured, and every batch goes through rigorous testing before you buy it.

Best for: Budget-Friendly


Fabulous Frannie Cilantro Essential Oil

Since this essential oil comes with a stronger scent, it works very well for inhalation. It’s 100% pure, and you get an amber glass bottle with a Euro dropper for precision applications. Add a few drops to your diffuser and let it relax you.

Best for: Inhalation


My Favorite Use Of Cilantro Essential Oil

There was a period of my life where I went through a cycle of urinary tract infections and vaginosis. This was a chicken or the egg scenario: I’d take antibiotics for the vaginosis only to develop a UTI that wouldn’t budge. Sometimes I was sure I would never be rid of either. I had to do something. I live a daily battle with depression and anxiety as it is and living from one infection to the next was making is unbearable most days.

I would have given almost anything for it to end.

Being familiar with many essential oils, I began the search for an essential oil that would help end this cycle of antibiotic after antibiotic. Searches brought up one of cilantro essential oil uses as preventing or treating urinary tract infections. At this point, it could only improve things and cilantro essential oil benefits were numerous besides.

My modern doctor may not fully believe me, but I did indeed help control the UTI by drinking a lot of water with cilantro and lemon. This allowed my body to recover between bouts of vaginosis, which was discovered to be a reaction from my body to a medication I was taking. Once that stopped, so did all the infections.

Recommended Cilantro Based Products

1. Herb Pharm Certified Organic Cilantro Extract

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Cilantro Extract for Cleansing and Detoxification Support - 1 Ounce
  • Liquid herbal extract to help the body cleanse and detoxify. *
  • Easily absorbed liquid engages your senses of taste and smell to help...
  • Prepared from the leaf of Certified- Organic Corian drum sativa...

This therapeutic grade essential oil may be what you need if you are looking to add cilantro to your essential oil regimen. Since it is a liquid, you can add it easily to other liquids such as water, soups, or tea. This product recommends adding it to water to drink daily. You may see the effects of reduced edema and even improved insulin sensitivity.


2. Black Cap Farm All Natural Lip Balm

Black Cap Farm All Natural Lip Balm (Multiple Flavors Available) (Citrus Cilantro 4 Pack)
  • SAFE -- Starting with our beeswax base all the way to the peppermint...
  • ALL NATURAL -- Not only is it safe, it's made with simple, pure, all...
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR -- Our Peppermint Rosemary flavor will leave you...

Cilantro oil can be useful on the skin. It has natural antihistamines which are good for soothing allergic reactions and antioxidant properties may help your lips by preventing oxidative stress and premature aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. This product is made with natural beeswax to help seal in moisture while cilantro and citrus essential oils work to protect the skin by promoting healthy cell regeneration.


Caution of Cilantro Essential Oil

  • Cilantro oil may cause reactions in people who have certain food allergies
  • Application of cilantro directly to the skin may cause irritation or hives. Be sure to test a patch of skin on the inner arm before using.
  • Use in small amounts before increasing as using large doses may cause nausea, vomiting or other serious reactions.
  • Cilanto may slow blood clotting so do not use if you are taking blood thinners and stop use before surgery.
  • Always dilute with a carrier oil or water before use.
  • Always choose quality cilantro essential oil from reputable suppliers.


I hope you enjoyed learning about the detoxifying effects of cilantro essential oil. Please be sure to share with anyone who is looking for health and natural supplements for their heart or diabetic regimen. Cilantro may be the oil that changes their lives.