For many people, finding the time to do a little aromatherapy each day can be difficult, especially if you're a busy mom with kids like I am. I wanted a way to carry my favorite essential oils with me in a way that didn't take up space in my purse or potentially spill when I tried to open it. My mother got me an aromatherapy necklace for my birthday, and it's a great way to enjoy my essential oils on the go!

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For many people, finding the time to do a little aromatherapy each day can be difficult, especially if you’re a busy mom with kids like I am. I wanted a way to carry my favorite essential oils with me in a way that didn’t take up space in my purse or potentially spill when I tried to open it. My mother got me an aromatherapy necklace for my birthday, and it’s a great way to enjoy my essential oils on the go!

What is an Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace?

First things first, I wanted to share what an essential oil diffuser necklace actually is. Many people think of a clunky or heavy object, but it’s very pretty and modern. The most simple way I can think to describe it is to think of a locket.

The necklace has a small compartment that you open to put a few drops of your chosen essential oil it. How much you can have and how it stays in the locket depend on the style and manufacturer. However, many companies use glass, clay, or metal to make the “locket” portion, and the essential oils typically go on a small pad that you place inside the pendant.

Your pendant may have a decorative design that allows for small slits or holes like a tree that will enable the essential oil scents to escape and stay around all day. You could also choose a teardrop shape that holds a small absorbent ball for your essential oils, or a small vial is another option. The great thing about these necklaces is that they’re versatile, and you can mix and match styles to go with your wardrobe!

Personally, I liked the flatter aromatherapy necklace on a slightly shorter chain because I didn’t want it to get caught on anything as I chased my kids around or cleaned during the day. It also goes with everything I wear, so I don’t have to interrupt my busy morning routine to try and match my clothes to my necklace.

How the Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Works

Again, how your diffuser necklace works depends on the type you get because they all work slightly different. If you pick out a glass essential oil diffuser necklace, it usually traps your essential oils until they slowly disperse the scent by seeping out.

Silver or other metal essential oil diffuser necklaces are extremely popular because they usually feature a tiny pad or a small sponge that you apply a few drops of your oils or oil blend too. Once you apply your oil, you put the sponge or pad into the middle of the compartment and shut it. The oil’s scent will seep out throughout the day, and you just switch pads when you want a new scent.

Lava rock or clay necklaces are also popular because they usually hold more oil. They usually have a metal holder for the bead of clay or lava rock, and you add your essential oils to the bead. It sits in the holder, and it slowly allows the oil’s scent to waft out.

Different Types of Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

We briefly touched on the different types of diffuser necklaces above, but you can typically break them down into three different categories. The categories come based on what holds the oil rather than the entire necklace itself. They include:

Felt Pad or Sponge

Aromatherapy necklaces with a sponge or a felt pad are some of the most common and popular available. You get a pendant attached to a traditional chain, and the pendant portion of the necklaces opens on hinges to let you put your essential oil-soaked pad or piece of sponge inside.

Lava Rock

The lava rock necklace comes with a pendant and a porous piece of lava rock that you add a few drops of your oil too. The pendant opens, you place your lava rock inside and close the pendant again. They’re available in both smaller and larger sizes ranging from 6-millimeters, 10-millimeters, and 14-millimeters.


Leather was extremely popular at one point because it can hold scents for a very long time. However, it’s slowly fallen out of favor, and it’s now more of a specialty item. You can usually expect to pay more for a leather diffuser than the other two categories, and there are fewer styles available.

Advantages and Benefits of an Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Just like there are several advantages to aromatherapy with essential oils, there are several benefits associated with using this necklace. These various advantages and benefits include but are not limited to:

Aromatherapy On The Go

Maybe you have a big test coming up, or you get a little anxious when you’re out and about. I know I do when my kids have a meltdown! Aromatherapy necklaces let you take a few seconds to inhale your favorite oil or oil blend, and this can help to clear your mind, calm any nerves or jitters, and focus on whatever you’re out to accomplish.


As a busy mom, I love the convenience of having a piece of jewelry that is both functional and pretty. I don’t have to worry about remembering to grab my essential oil smelling salts or roll on each time I head out the door. Instead, I can add a few drops to the pad, put the necklace on, and I’m ready to enjoy the benefits of my essential oils all day!

Less Waste

If you’re like me, you have a stock of different essential oils on-hand and ready to go. However, they can be more expensive depending on the brand. The last thing you want to do is waste any of them, and you may feel like diluting them in water is wasting them. Since you only use a few drops of pure essential oil in your jewelry, you drastically cut down on any potential waste.

Overcome Dilution

Unless you use an essential oil nebulizer to disperse the essential oils around your home, they can get very diluted in water. This can decrease their potency, and this can be shorter how long you can smell them for. The necklace is a fast and easy way to solve this because you put pure essential oils into the necklace.

Reduces Skin Contact

Some people have very sensitive skin that doesn’t react well to essential oils, no matter how much you dilute it. Lava rock pendants suck the oil into the interior of the rock, and this can help to reduce skin contact. Additionally, the small felt pads are inside the pendant. This also reduces your chances of having direct skin contact with the essential oils.

Top Five Recommended Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

Since there are so many different kinds of essential oil diffuser necklaces available, it can be hard to pick the best one. I know I have trouble choosing my favorite! But, I picked out five of the best aromatherapy necklaces I could find below.

1. For Cat Lovers

GelConnie Cat Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Animal Perfume Pendant Stainless Steel Aromatherapy...
  • Lovely Cat Design - This cat symbolizes cute and elegant, our...
  • Premium Material - Our diffuser pendant is made from hypo-allergenic...
  • Perfect Fit Size - GelConnie’s aromatherapy necklace application...

Calling all cat lovers! This pretty and fun diffuser necklace is a pendant-style with an array of different color oil pads that can add a hint of color when you use them.

It has a beautiful cat silhouette design surrounded by vines and flowers. It’s made with durable and elegant stainless steel with a magnetic lock that holds your essential oil pad in place. You’re able to wash every pad after each use, and this allows you to create blends and mix and match your oils as you see fit.


2. For the Stylish

Birthday Gifts for Women, Romanda Diffuser Necklace with Dispenser and Container Stainless Steel...
  • ☘【Utmost Quality】This beautiful essential oil diffuser necklace...
  • ☘【Unparralled Design】With diffuser and container 2-in-1...
  • ☘【Healthy Decompression】This is anxiety ease diffuser necklace...

Minimalistic, sleek, and sophisticated. These are the three words that come to mind with this essential oil diffuser necklace. The stainless steel design coupled with the lightweight and slender design makes this necklace a go-to accessory for any outfit.

It has a two-in-one design with a chamber for your essential oils that won’t allow them to run or leak. The smaller holes allow for the perfect amount of scent to permeate from the oils all day, and it’s slender enough to tuck into your shirt when you don’t want it on display.


3. For the Key to Your Happiness

This necklace‘s unique and beautiful key design symbolizes a bright future with your better half. It comes with 10 pompoms to absorb and hold the essential oils, and you also get five pearls in varying shades when you want to add a touch of color without scent.

The key design is offset by cubic zirconia for a small bit of sparkle, and slightly longer snake chain allows this locket to rest comfortably on your chest. It has eye-catching scrollwork that gives the entire piece an elegant and sophisticated look and feel.


4. For the Nature Lovers

INFUSEU Sakura Tree Aromatherapy Necklace, Essential Oils Diffuser Locket Pendant with 7 PCS Lava...
  • ✿【QUANTITY】 Fashion & Meaningful Flower Pandant (Internal...
  • ✿【NATURAL VOLCANIC ROCK】 A stone of protection, strength and...
  • ✿【BEST GIFTS】 Aromatherapy can be soothing, uplifting and even...

This diffuser necklace pairs lava stones with a beautiful vine and flower pendant ball that is perfect for the nature lover on your list. Lava beads have a history of providing stability, and it can translate into a beautiful gift that comes with five random colors.

The tree and flower design showcases twisting vines with pops of flowers all over the pendant, and the colors of the lava stones help to bring out the craftsmanship of the piece. You get a secure clasp that camouflages into the side of the locket, and it comes with a soft gift bag.


5. For Mommies

HooAMI Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace - Personalized Family Birthstone Heart Necklaces...
  • Material:Stainless Steel & Cubic Zirconia; Main Color:Dull Silver...
  • Outside diameter:25mm(1");Thickness:6.5mm;Chain Length:60cm(23 5/8");
  • Every essential oil necklace includes 11 high quality round cotton...

Choose from two, three, or four name and birthstone options with this essential oil diffuser locket. It comes with 11 cotton pads in varying colors, and a solid stainless steel design that is both durable and stylish.

The locket has a strong magnetic closure along the back to hold your essential oil pad in place, and the back is solid. This reduces the risk of the oil getting on your skin. Finally, this locket comes on a durable and longer chain that is resistant to breaking.


The Bottom Line

Aromatherapy necklaces make excellent gifts, and they’re a great way to get your daily aromatherapy session in no matter where you are. They’re convenient, safe, and they come in a variety of styles and types that allow you to pick one that is as unique as you! I love my aromatherapy necklace, and I wear it almost every day! I love taking a few minutes and just relaxing back and breathing in my favorite essential oil blends!