Until I'd begun researching alternative supplements and treatments, I never would have been aware of the proven benefits and uses of galbanum essential oil when it comes helping with respiratory issues and repelling mosquitoes for a pest-free summer night. Distantly related to fennel, galbanum oil has been used as a food additive for centuries but may be even more beneficial when used as supplemental therapy for issues in the body.

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Until I’d begun researching alternative supplements and treatments, I never would have been aware of the proven benefits and uses of galbanum essential oil when it comes helping with respiratory issues and repelling mosquitoes for a pest-free summer night. Distantly related to fennel, galbanum oil has been used as a food additive for centuries but may be even more beneficial when used as supplemental therapy for issues in the body.

Looking for the Best Galbanum Essential Oils?

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Galbanum Essential Oil

1. Ease Arthritis

Degenerative diseases such as arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can make daily living very difficult. You not only deal with the inflammation in the joints but also the pain that comes hand in hand with that inflammation. Galbanum essential oil has been shown to reduce inflammation in affected joints and also block the nerve signals for pain. This may allow for greater ease of movement for those who suffer from chronic joint conditions. Galbanum may also increase blood flow to the affected area, allowing for healthier circulation. (1)

Use galbanum in a synergy of other anti-inflammatory oils such as peppermint. The peppermint produces a cooling effect but is also a topical analgesic that will augment the effects of the galbanum. Add to a carrier oil such jojoba to create a rub for stiff and painful joints.

2. Ease Stomach Issues

Given the variety of food we have available to us on a constant basis, it is no wonder that we sometimes suffer from a variety of problems involving our digestive system. This includes gas, cramping, and even ulcers. Galbanum essential oil benefits include protecting your stomach and easing digestive issues you may be experiencing. It is shown to stop the spasming of muscles, including the smooth muscle of the digestive system. Galbanum may also help heal the stomach lining and prevent further damage caused by ulcers. (2)

Add a couple of drops of oil along with lemon to your diffuser. This may help ease any problems you are having with your stomach.

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3. Pain Management

Pain is caused by a variety of environmental effects, including chronic illness or diseases or even just the strain of everyday activities such as too much movement. Many essential oils ease the pain with a combination of reducing inflammation and preventing the transmission of pain signals along nerves, making them ideal topical analgesics without the potential side effects that are prevalent when taking over the counter medications. Galbanum essential oil benefits include the ability to block pain signals, particularly pain associated with joints. It also eases muscle spasms that can be caused by injury. (3)

Add a few drops of galbanum to a carrier oil and apply to achy muscles and joints. Adding spicy oils such as turmeric may increase the effect.

4. Prevent Food Borne Illness

Galbanum has been used as a food additive for years and is even approved by the FDA for use in flavorings. Like many essential oils, galbanum is a strong anti-bacterial agent so using this in your household can help kill many of the germs that we find in foods like raw meat. Galbanum has been shown to kill bacteria such as listeria and salmonella and can be used in your house as a cleaner for the hard surfaces where food is prepared. It may even be used to control yeasts such as candida and other molds. (4)

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Add galbanum oil to a mix of citrus oil, vinegar and distilled water to create a spray than can be used to keep your kitchen germ free without the need for harsh chemicals such as bleach. Diffusing galbanum in the air may help kill airborne germs and molds that can lead to respiratory issues.

5. Cleanse the Skin

Galbanum essential oil uses include controlling sebum, the natural oil found on our skin to prevent over-drying. This oil can sometimes clog pores and allow bacteria to grow from trapped skin cells. With anti-inflammatory properties, galbanum may also reduce the redness and swelling often associated with skin eruptions such as acne or dermatitis. Galbanum also possesses anti-oxidant properties that help prevent and repair cell damage from free radicals in the environment. This damage often appears as wrinkles and spots on the skin. (3)

Add a couple of drops of galbanum to your current facial cleanser or body wash. This may help control overly oily skin and may reduce the signs of premature aging.

6. Repel Insects

There are many ways in which pestilential insects interfere with our lives, one of which is spreading virulent diseases such as yellow fever or dengue fever. They may also attack crops and cause monetary damage for farmers as a result. Galbanum has been shown to be effective in not only repelling pests but at killing their eggs and larvae, so they remain gone once removed. (6)

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Mix galbanum with other repellant oils such as citronella or lemon to make a spray that repels insects without the harsh chemicals that commercial products contain.

What is the Best Galbanum Essential Oil?

It can be difficult to find the best galbanum essential oil, and this is especially true when you first start searching. We picked out three after doing all of the research, and we want to share them with you so you can decide which one is best.

Mountain Rose Herbs Organic Galbanum Essential Oil

You’ll smell a woody and fruity scent with this essential oil that can help you breathe easier. It comes with an amber glass bottle and a dropper for precision application, and it’s great by itself or mixed with other flowery essential oils.

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Best for: Respiratory Issues


Plantlife Galbanum Essential Oil

The powerful anti-inflammatory properties in this essential oil can help to soothe joint swelling and stiffness. It comes with 100% pure ingredients that are free of any synthetics, and this is excellent for vegans.

Organic Aromas: Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser

Best for: Arthritis


Florihana Organic Galbanum Essential Oil

This essential oil is well-known for having healing properties, and they use steam distillation to help preserve the oil’s potency. It has 100% organic ingredients, no preservatives, and comes wild cultivated from Spain. All of these things help you get a quality essential oil.

Best for: Healing

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My Favorite Use Of Galbanum Essential

Galbanum is not an oil that I typically choose in everyday situations. It came to my attention as I was looking for anything that would help with the mosquito infestation that occurred in my backyard one particularly rainy spring. Weeks of steady downpours had left our yard looking like our own private lake.

Cleaning out the standing water hadn’t helped any. There were still almost visible swarms of the little bloodsuckers, and my kids didn’t want to play outside since they would come back in covered from head to toe with bites. This was even with repellant.

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So the plan was that not only did we need to repel these pests but to kill them at their source. My research revealed the one galbanum essential oil uses was in repelling and preventing mosquitoes. Hence, a mix of galbanum, citronella, and lemon was put together with distilled water to create a repellant. We also mixed a larger batch and sprayed the most likely areas where the mosquitoes were breeding.

It took a while for the current horde to die off, but since those essential oils also work on their ability to lay eggs and will even kill current eggs, there were almost none by the end of summer. And now I have my secret weapon if the rains every brings back the mosquito plague.

Recommended Galbanum Oil-Based Products

1. Origins Precipitation Continuous Moisture Recovery

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  • Origins Precipitation Continuous Moisture Recovery for Body, 33.8 oz

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and the first line of defense against the exterior environment. As such it may often be distressed by changes in temperature or chemicals that we use in other aspects of our lives such as cleaning. This moisturizer combines the effects of several essential oils, including galbanum, to not only keep the skin soft but to also help treat with any conditions such as dermatitis by using the anti-inflammatory benefits of essential oils.


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2. Votivo Glass Candle Tuscan Olive

Though many essential oils are used with water in a diffuser, you can still enjoy the benefits you receive from aromatherapy by using a candle to allow the scent to permeate the air. This candle is made from a soy wax blend so it may burn more evenly and the scents combination is designed using oils that may be beneficial to your breathing and mood.


Caution of Galbanum Essential Oil

  • Galbanum may not be recommended for use by people with vascular issues since it may increase blood circulation.
  • Always choose quality galbanum essential oil from reputable suppliers.
  • Galbanum may have a slight sedative effect so caution should be exercised if you are already taking prescription sedatives.
  • Use small amounts of oil, to begin with since medicinal quantities may cause issues.

The Bottom Line

Though it may not be the most commonly known essential oil, galbanum is still very much present in our every day lives as a food additive. Please share this information with anyone who may be looking for the benefits that may be found with some of the less popular, but still as effective, essential oils such as galbanum.

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