If the world of essential oils had celebrities, then ginger essential oil would be one. Ginger has been in use for centuries, as a food additive as well as an oil in traditional folk medicine. Chances are you've had it in your Asian food a time or two. The list of proven benefits and uses of ginger essential oil is long and may be what you are looking for to relieve a number of ailments.

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If the world of essential oils had celebrities, then ginger essential oil would be one. Ginger has been in use for centuries, as a food additive as well as an oil in traditional folk medicine. Chances are you’ve had it in your Asian food a time or two. The list of proven benefits and uses of ginger essential oil is long and may be what you are looking for to relieve a number of ailments.

Looking for the Best Ginger Essential Oils?

Top 6 Benefits and Uses of Ginger Essential Oil

1. Reduce Nausea

Anyone who’s ever had an upset stomach, the flu, morning sickness, or just ate too much Chinese takeout the night before has used ginger to calm nausea. Ginger candies and tea were my staples throughout pregnancy, and my kids enjoy ginger ale during flu season. Properties found in ginger help sooth the muscles of the stomach to prevent vomiting and may help control acid production in the stomach. It has been shown to be effective in reducing the need for medication to control nausea after medical procedures. (1)

These properties are present even when inhaled. If you’re feeling nauseated due to medication or sickness, diffuse a few drops in water.

2. Protect the Stomach

Another of the many ginger essential oil benefits is protection for the lining of the stomach. Studies show that ginger can not only prevent ulcers but also prevent further damage from current ulcers. Additional anti-bacterial properties may help protect against the ulcer forming bacteria h. pylori and help heal any present ulcers. (2)

Ginger essential oil retains many properties even when it is diffused as an aerosol. Add a few drops to water to help ease any ulcer pain. You may even find that your ulcers find an improvement over time.

3. Increase Skin Health

If you have never used ginger oil for skin care, you may want to rethink it. Ginger has a host of properties such as improving blood flow to the surface of the skin as well as oil control. This property may make it worth using ginger essential oil for hair as well. It can kill any bacteria which may be causing hair damage as it clears the pores for more natural hair growth. (3)

To make a gentle, cleansing shampoo, add a couple of drops of ginger to a tablespoon of castile soap. This may help to clear up any scalp issues, including dandruff and help stifle the causes that lead to damaged or thinning hair.

4. Ease Breathing

Breathing issues can come from many different sources: allergies, sickness, or even asthma. All causes involve an inflammatory response from the respiratory system that causes shortness of breath or congestion. Ginger has been shown to affect the inflammation directly as well as loosening mucus so it may be expelled from the body. It also caused rapid relaxation of the smooth muscles, allowing the airway to open up. (4)

If you suffer from chronic allergies or congestion due to a cold, diffuse a few drops of ginger around the house. You might even add some to your shower to work with the warm steam.

5. Alleviate Pain

Ginger is known to be especially helpful for relieving different types of pain. This can be joint pain caused by conditions such as arthritis or muscle pain after a strenuous workout. This effect is useful in situations after surgeries when used in conjunction with other medical therapies. Anti-inflammatory properties help ease the body’s response to injury, and other chemicals may temporarily block the body signals for pain. (1)

Make a body rub with a few drops of ginger and turmeric using some almond oil as a carrier. The two oils have similar properties that make them ideal partners for using in a topical application for pain.

6. Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Ginger has been found to affect relaxing the body, through different functions. This may involve reducing inflammation in the brain which prevents the body from making and using the proper hormones for relaxation. It may also relieve any pain associated with conditions such as menstruation and the resultant tension. The ginger essential oil has been shown to improve the mood and physical symptoms of women suffering symptoms of PMS. (5)

Ginger’s properties should be available when used in aromatherapy as well as a topical rub. It may be beneficial to add some to a carrier oil such as sweet almond and rub it across the belly area during menstruation.

What is the Best Ginger Essential Oil?

Picking out the best Ginger essential oil that has the quality levels you need without breaking the bank takes research. We’ve done all of the research for you, and we picked out three great options. You can use them by themselves, or they pair wonderfully with other essential oil for unique blends.

L&I Apothecary Organic Ginger Essential Oil

This is a 100% pure essential oil that comes certified by the USDA. It’s therapeutic-grade, and it works very well in personal care products. You’ll choose from two sizes, and the amber bottle keeps the oil strong from start to finish.

Best for: Personal Care Products


Mountain Rose Herbs Organic Ginger Essential Oil

The spicy and earthy tones of this essential oil can soothe restlessness. The glass dropper makes precision application easy, and you can blend it or use it by itself with excellent results. The lighter scent lingers for hours after application.

Best for: Restlessness


Edens Garden Ginger Essential Oil

This essential oil can stimulate your circulatory system and boost your body’s antioxidant levels. In turn, this repairs skin damage. The cold press extraction process ensures you get a potent essential oil, and it’s popular with men and women.

Best for: Skin Health


My Favorite Uses For Ginger Essential Oil

When I hear the word ginger, little gingerbread decorations come to mind, and little houses decorated with frosting waiting for some little Hansel or Gretel to come along and take a sweet bite. I can remember taking apart an unfortunate gingerbread boy or two in my day.

Now that I know about all the different benefits that come with using ginger around my home, I tend to think of aching joints and upset stomachs instead of childhood memories — the price of growing up. Being older, I’m more much likely to feel the joint pain associated with hauling heavy bags of groceries and sleeping children. My fingers tend to start freezing up when I’ve been typing for far too long.

Discovering a blend of turmeric, ginger, and peppermint essential oils made to relax muscles and relieve joint pain was like a dream come true. I use it almost daily for instant relief from knee pain caused by years of repetitive activities, and those muscles ache that crop up when I finally turn on a workout. I’m always rubbing it on my knuckles to ease the cramping from hours of writing.

I mix equal drops of each oil into sweet almond oil and keep it in a big pump jar in my bedroom, right next to my bed so I can slather it on before I roll out of the blankets in the morning. Getting older isn’t pretty, nor pain-free, but ginger has undoubtedly helped me ache a little less without running for the medicine cabinet.

Recommended Ginger Oil based products

1. Ginger 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Ginger Oil - 10ml
  • Highest Quality Pure & Natural Ginger Essential Oil - Our Ginger Oil...
  • Gc-ms Tested for Purity & Dilution - Every batch of our ginger...
  • Bottled in a 10ml Glass Bottle with Built-In Eyedropper - All of our...

Using therapeutic grade oils is always recommended to prevent any possible issues that may arise with oils which may contain other substances. At this grade, this oil contains a large concentration of the best properties of ginger essential oil, making it ideal for using in topical applications as well as using in aromatherapy, adding a few drops to your bath before bed can prevent those aches that keep you up at night. Being concentrated, you may find yourself using less of it as well and still receiving the same ginger essential oil benefits.


2. Renew Actives Turmeric Liquid Extract with Ginger & Lemon Oil

Renew Actives Turmeric Liquid Extract with Ginger & Lemon Oil - 100% Organic Pure Vegan Supplement,...
  • 100% ORGANIC TUMERIC CURCUMIN & GINGER EXTRACT: Considered as liquid...
  • ANTIOXIDANTS: Turmeric is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to...
  • VEGAN APPROVED & GMO-FREE: It’s a premium supplement that has no...

This extract provides a therapeutic grade combination of two of the strongest anti-inflammatory essential oils. This oil would be excellent to add to a carrier oil to make a topical rub for relieving arthritis, general joint pain, or muscles aches due to exercise. Diffusing it throughout your home would also allow you to enjoy anti-bacterial benefits and help with any breathing issues you may be experiencing.


Caution of Ginger Essential Oil

  • Overuse may result in nausea or upset stomach. Use only small amounts diluted in oil or water.
  • Some people may experience skin irritation if applied directly to the skin. Be sure to test an area or dilute thoroughly before applying.
  • Ginger essential oil may cause heavier bleeding during periods. Do not use if you suffer from heavy bleeding.
  • Do not use ginger if you have a bleeding disorder as it may exacerbate this condition.
  • Always choose quality ginger essential oil from reputable suppliers.


I hope you found this information about ginger essential oil use, especially if you happen to be looking for alternatives to over the counter treatments for a number of conditions such as nausea and joint pain. Please share with anyone who may be looking for natural relief. Ginger could be their go-to solution.