Often blamed for seasonal allergies, goldenrod is a herbaceous plant that can be found on roadsides and in open fields that have been left to return to nature. Due to its prolific nature, goldenrod has been used in native medicine for centuries, and modern medicine has found there to be a host of proven benefits and uses of goldenrod essential oil.

Looking for the Best Goldenrod Essential Oils?

What does goldenrod essential oil smell like?

The essential oil made from the Solidago canadensis has a scent that is not the typical floral scent that you expect from oils made from blooms. The plant itself is more herbaceous and has a very subtle scent even in the wild.

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The oil can be described as woody and earthy, almost grassy and bittersweet. Crushed leaves can have a smell that is reminiscent of licorice, so you might catch a background note much like fennel.

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Goldenrod Essential Oil

1. Fight Fungal Infections

As strange as it may seem, our bodies are hosts to several beneficial fungi which aid in digestion or in keeping other body systems in balance. An imbalance may occur due to stress, poor eating habits, or medications, usually antibiotics. Common fungal infections include yeast infections or thrush, athlete’s foot, jock itch, or ringworm. Goldenrod has been shown to impede the growth of the fungus and can be used in conjunction with over the counter medicines to help control an overgrowth or prevent a recurrence. (1)

Add 5-10 drops of goldenrod oil to a tablespoon of carrier oil and apply to toes or creases in the skin where fungal infections are likely to appear due to warm, moist conditions.

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2. Protect Food From Insects

Even the best-kept houses can be invaded by insects, especially those that are looking to devour grain and grain products. Not only do these insects leave behind damaged food, but they can cause terrible smells and encourage mold growth on the food that is left behind. Many of these insects tend to get into grains before there are processed, and this leads to the loss of millions of pounds of food as well as money. Goldenrod has been proven to be a natural solution to different types of pests. It is toxic to granary weevils and can repel the red flour beetles that come in after other pests have damaged the grain husks. (2)

Put a few drops of goldenrod oil on cotton balls and place them around areas where these pests are likely to gain access to any grain or grain products.

3. Anti-Microbial

Controlling the spread of illness is a priority in a world where travel between countries is easier than ever and can lead to the rampant spread of disease. Modern cleaning products have come a long way in helping to keep households clean in a way that was unheard of even 50 years ago. Unfortunately, some of these bacteria and viruses have adapted to these human-made cleansers. Essential oils like goldenrod, however, have been shown to kill many of the bacteria and molds that cause illness and respiratory distress, including salmonella and listeria. (3)

Add goldenrod to water or vinegar to create a spray that can be used on the hard surfaces of your home to help control foodborne illnesses. Diffusing throughout your house may also kill molds that can irritate allergies.

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4. Treat Bladder and Kidney Infection

Bladder and kidney infections are relatively common and are generally easily treatable conditions. They may occur because of a lack of proper hydration or high caffeine consumption. They are sometimes treated using antibiotics, which come with side effects of their own. An essential oil such as goldenrod may help treat this infection by increasing the frequency of urination as a diuretic, while anti-bacterial properties help prevent the proliferation of bacteria found in the bladder and urinary tract. Anti-inflammatory properties can help with the pain associated with these infections as well. (4)

Apply diluted goldenrod to your abdomen as a supplemental therapy when being treated for bladder or kidney infections.

5. Natural Pain Relief

Many of the pain relievers that we rely on today were extracted and refined from natural sources such as aspirin from willow bark. Many essential oils retain these properties and can be supplemented to the modern medications that are available over the counter. Human-made medicines often come with a time and usage limit to prevent organ damage, but many essential oils are mild enough to be used much more frequently than you would be able to take medicine. Goldenrod consists of chemicals which can help block the pain signals before they reach the brain. Anti-inflammatory properties also help with pain by reducing redness and swelling, allowing for faster healing as well. (5)

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6. Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are becoming more common occurrences as our lives become filled with more activity and things we attempt to accomplish each day. This leads to an overproduction of stress hormones and never allows our bodies to recover. The goldenrod constituent alpha-pinene has been studied for its ability to reduce inflammation in areas of the brain that can prevent formulation and uptake of mood changing hormones, making it more likely that your body will be able to use these chemicals properly and allow them to remain in the body for a longer amount of time. (6)

Diffuse throughout your house to help you relax and ease the effects of stress on your body.

What Is the Best Goldenrod Essential Oil?

Goldenrod is not the most common of the essential oils, so finding quality product may be a challenge. But when looking at the products available, we made sure to choose those that will be the best goldenrod essential oil for your application. We’ve presented the top three picks for you.

Edens Garden Goldenrod Essential Oil

This oil has been tested to be pure by third-party testing companies so you can be assured of its purity. Add its grassy notes to other relaxing scents to aid in stress reduction after a long day. This company provides a money-back guarantee that makes it worth trying out.

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Best for: Diffusing for Stress Reduction


Young Living Goldenrod Essential Oil

Well known for their oils, this company offers a Seed to Seal guarantee and owns many of the farms where they harvest the plant matter for their essential oils. These oils are tested to be free of any additives, making it ideal for any topical applications such as arthritic joints or even skin care.

Best for: Topical Pain Relief

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Bulk Apothecary Organic Goldenrod Essential Oil

This company offers oils in bulk sizes, which is best if you’re beginning to replace all your store-bought products with those you make yourself, from beneficial, natural products like essential oils. This oil is also certified organic so there is no cross-contamination with pesticides or other chemicals.

Best for: Homemade Products

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My Favorite Use Of Goldenrod Essential Oil

Once I get busy with my day, I constantly forget to drink my water. I keep around two very large, prettily decorated water bottles to inspire me to hydrate properly, but there are times when I don’t touch a drop in a day.

It usually only takes a day of this forgetfulness before I’m feeling the burning and itching sensation that precedes a urinary tract infection. Then it’s on with the cranberry juice and drinking the water that I should have been drinking in the first place. I try to avoid any of the over-the-counter pain relievers, as they mess up lab results and can delay confirmation of an infection.

Since it is usually a bacterial infection, I do end up on a course of antibiotics that help relieve the infection, but always come with other side effects that make it hard to choose which is worse: the affliction or the cure.

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I began to research ways I could either prevent infections (other than just drinking water like I’m supposed to) or supplement when I did end up on antibiotics. Goldenrod essential oil came up as one that has even been approved by some European governments as a treatment for UTIs.

I could feel an immediate difference. Using goldenrod in conjunction with my doctor’s prescription helped stop the infection much faster and brought relief from the burning and itching without using any of the over the counter medications. Now goldenrod is the first thing I turn to when I get an inkling of an infection coming on…along with that gallon of water I should have been drinking in the first place.

Recommended Goldenrod Oil-Based Products

1. Herb Pharm Goldenrod Liquid Extract for Urinary System Support

Herb Pharm Certified Organic Goldenrod Liquid Extract for Urinary System Support, 1 Fl Oz (Pack of...
  • Expertly extracted for support of the urinary system*
  • Prepared from the certified organic and/or sustainably wildcrafted...
  • Rapidly absorbed liquid extract

This product is formulated with the bladder treating properties of goldenrod in mind. It comes with a dropper for measurement and is made with consumption in mind. Since it is intended to be consumed, it also contains other chemicals, making it unsuitable for topical use or diffusing, but may be the thing you need to help find relief from your urinary tract infection.

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2. Goldenrod Herb (Solidago virgaurea L.) – Health Embassy – 100% Natural

Goldenrod Herb (Solidago virgaurea L.) - Health Embassy - 100% Natural (50g)
  • 100 Percent natural product without any additives
  • Quality consistent with the standards of the Health Embassy
  • Hand-packed herbs selected from qualified pickers

This dried form of goldenrod makes it perfect for brewing your own teas. It may be useful to drink goldenrod tea to prevent or help cure bladder or kidney infections, as well as having antioxidant properties than can help cells heal from damage and prevent some diseases. You could also add this to warm bath water to treat inflamed skin and relax with its subtle aroma.


Caution of Goldenrod Essential Oil

  • Goldenrod may cause skin reactions or respiratory irritation.
  • Be cautious with goldenrod oil if you have allergies to related plants such as ragweed and marigold.
  • Do not use if you are already taking the medication with a diuretic effect as goldenrod may exaggerate this effect.
  • Goldenrod oil may also cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic to latex as goldenrod leaves contain latex.
  • Always choose quality Goldenrod essential oil from reputable suppliers.
  • Always dilute the oil with water and carrier oil. Test for possible reactions on the skin on your arm.


I hope you enjoyed this list of the benefits of goldenrod essential oil. It is not the most common oil, nor is it the most fragrant, but it does hold a place as one that is beneficial, especially to your bladder and kidney health. Please be sure to share this information with anyone looking to add natural supplements to their health, most importantly, their bladder and kidneys.

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