Once used as an offering to ancient gods, helichrysum is a tiny yellow flower related to sunflowers that boast many health benefits. It is also known as immortelle and was considered an important plan for use in folk medicine. Modern research has also come to recognize the proven benefits and uses of helichrysum essential oil.

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Once used as an offering to ancient gods, helichrysum is a tiny yellow flower related to sunflowers that boast many health benefits. It is also known as immortelle and was considered an important plan for use in folk medicine. Modern research has also come to recognize the proven benefits and uses of helichrysum essential oil.

Looking for the Best Helichrysum Essential Oils?

How Do You Use Helichrysum Oil for Scars?

Helichrysum possesses healing properties that promote the regeneration of skin tissue. It also helps control inflammation and prevent infection that can lead to a more serious issue. This is helpful when healing from wounds and may reduce the amount of scarring that can occur as skin heals. It has also be used on existing scars such as old wounds, surgery scars such as caesarian, and stretch marks.

This oil is believed to be hypoallergenic and appropriate for even sensitive skin. However, it is always a safe practice to test a small amount of oil on the inner skin of the forearm before applying elsewhere on the body. Dilute the oil in a ratio of about 2 drops to one tablespoon and rub onto scars daily. It may also be helpful to add helichrysum to a very fine salt or sugar to help exfoliate the topmost layer of dead skin cells.

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Helichrysum Essential Oil

1. Skin Health

As the largest organ in our body, our skin is our first defense against disease and infection. It is also especially sensitive to changes in the environment and can easily become dry or oil, or even become afflicted with allergies that cause itching and redness. The skin can be damaged by overexposure to UV radiation, causing signs of premature aging like wrinkles and brown spots. Helichrysum has been shown to not only reduce inflammation associated with allergic reactions but has also been proven to prevent and repair damage from UV radiation. It encourages cell renewal so damaged skin cells are replaced with healthy cells. (1)

Add a drop of helichrysum essential oil to your moisturizer to help heal the damage done by overexposure to the sun.

2. Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are a build of minerals and salts in the kidneys. Most people are fortunate to never know they even have these stones, as they are passed before they become painful. However, in some instances, the stones are large enough to be felt as they are moved from the kidney into the bladder. This can be an extremely painful experience. Helichrysum oil has been shown to help prevent the buildup of these minerals and so may prevent their formation in the kidney. This can be helpful if you have a history of kidney stones in your medical history. (2)

3. Ease Digestive Issues

Digestive issues ranging from heartburn to cramps and bloating caused by excess gas. Some over the counter treatments may help mask the pain associated with these symptoms but may not fully relieve the reason behind them. Helichrysum has been shown to reduce the spasms in the intestines caused by gastric distress. This, in turn, relieves cramping and pain. The digestive system may be able to better perform with the smooth muscles of the stomach and intestines able to function properly. (3)

Add a drop of helichrysum to a teaspoon of carrier oil and apply to the abdomen to relieve the symptoms of gastric upset such as cramping.

4. Kills Germs

Bacteria are everywhere, and it seems like each day brings a new disease for doctors to treat. And with an increasing population, the disease is easier to spread than ever before. Unfortunately, many bacteria have adapted to modern methods of treatment. Essential oils have come to the forefront in the search for alternatives and supplements when it comes to disease control. Helichrysum has been found to have an effect on many different types of bacteria that commonly cause illness such as listeria and staphylococcus, even resistant strains such as MRSA and VRSA. It is also effective against some types of fungus such as candida albicans. (4)

Add helichrysum to a cleaning medium such as vinegar or castile soap to control the bacteria found in your house. It blends well with other cleaning oils such as lemon and tea tree to help keep your house as healthy as possible.

5. Heal Wounds

Skin wounds can range from minor cuts to deeper wounds that damage even thicker layers. This damage is followed by inflammation as the body responds to the trauma. As the skin heals, the body forms new collagen fibers to replace the damaged cells. If the wound is deep or large enough, this collagen forms a scar that is different from other skin tissue. Helichrysum can help promote the regeneration of new cells while also helping to reduce inflammation in the surrounding tissue and preventing further infection. Scarring may be reduced because of the decrease in the required healing time and production of new cells. (5)

6. Reduce Stress

As technology advances, it seems our level of stress follows. We are constantly engaged in something, whether it is social interaction, reading, or working even away from work. This instant availability tends to interfere with our ability to relax and allow our bodies to be restored. Helichrysum has been shown to help reduce

blood pressure, increased feeling of attentiveness also brings with it an increased feeling of stress. Using oils such as helichrysum has been shown to reduce blood pressure, an indicator of stress but to also foster a feeling of accomplishment or focus. This can be helpful in work situations where deadlines may be looming. (6)

What is the Best Helichrysum Essential Oil?

Finding a high-quality essential oil involves a lot of research, and it can be a difficult task. This is why we did all of the hard work for you and rounded up the best Helichrysum essential oil available on the market.

Plant Therapy Helichrysum Italicum Organic Essential Oil

This sweet and warm essential oil is perfect for topical application to help smooth out your complexion. It comes with an organic certification by the USDA, and it comes packed with therapeutic properties that benefit each layer of your skin.

Best for: Skin Blemishes


Edens Garden Helichrysum Gymnocephalum Essential Oil

The soft and refreshing scent of this essential oil is great for clearing congestion. It also fights fatigue, and it’s great for using it with a diffuser because it creates a scent that fills the room with long-lasting smells.

Best for: Congestion


Fabulous Frannie Helichrysum Essential Oil

This essential oil’s warm scent and germ-fighting properties make it an excellent addition to your homemade cleaning products. You can also add a few drops into your laundry for clothing that smells clean and fresh for days after you wash them.

Best for: Cleaning Products


My Favorite Use Of Helichrysum Essential Oil

Scars are a part of life. They are like the evidence that you have survived a childhood of climbing trees and skinning your knees after falling. The teenage years were rife with acne and all the pocks and bumps that are left over when your hormones finally settle. It is a testament to your ability to survive as an almost adult as you learn to master using very sharp knives in an attempt to cook for yourself.

If you’re like me, the can opener was just as dangerous as a sharp blade.

I’ve also acquired scars from surgery, most notably my caesarian scar from having my children. Not to mention the stretch marks that come with impending motherhood. And no amount of cocoa butter prevented all of them.

I’m not ashamed to have my scars, but sometimes I wished they were lighter or more flexible. The ones on my face were dark enough that they couldn’t be concealed without a thick layer of makeup.

Using oils like helichrysum has helped to noticeably change those scars. I made a facial scrub from extremely fine pink salt and helichrysum oil to help lighten the dark marks left from puberty. Along with a moisturizer made with jojoba, tea tree, frankincense, and lavender, my skin is softer, and the darkest scars have lightened, so I barely see them, just a lighter pink shade instead of thick red.

Recommended Helichrysum Based Products

1. doTERRA Deep Blue Rub

doTERRA - Deep Blue Rub - 4 oz
  • doTERRA Deep Blue Rub is a topical cream formulated with Deep Blue...
  • Formulated with the Deep Blue proprietary blend of essential oils and...
  • Perfect for the athlete in your life, Deep Blue Rub is blended in a...

Muscle pains and body aches go hand in hand with just generally working around your house and going about your daily business. You don’t even have to be an athlete to need some pain relief every so often. This rub includes some of the top essential oils for not only reducing inflammation in the muscles, like chamomile and helichrysum but also topical pain relievers like peppermint and wintergreen. These oils also give a cooling sensation to help relieve further pain without the need for over the counter pain relievers.


2. Plant Therapy Organic Helichrysum Hydrosol

Plant Therapy Helichrysum Organic Hydrosol 4 oz (Flower Water) By-Product of Essential Oils
  • 100% PURE AND ORGANIC: Plant Therapy’s Helichrysum Organic Hydrosol...
  • A FANTASTIC FACIAL TONER: The calming properties of Helichrysum are...
  • EASY TO USE: Let your skin benefit by using Helichrysum Organic...

Hydrosols are made from the water that remains after an essential oil is a steam distilled from a plant. This makes them ideal for spraying directly onto the skin or even soft furniture to help kill any germs or molds that may be on the surface. Though the scent may be weaker, the hydrosol would still give you a fresh scent if sprayed directly in the air. This product is recommended for making homemade lotions for many of the benefits of the essential oil without the price.


Caution of Helichrysum Essential Oil

  • AAlways choose quality helichrysum essential oil from reputable suppliers.
  • Always dilute the essential oil in carrier oil or water.
  • Do not use helichrysum if you have gallstones. This oil may cause stomach cramping.
  • Helichrysum may stimulate the flow of bile. Do not use if you have gall bladder issues or blocked bile ducts.
  • Use with caution if you have allergies or sensitives to plants in the Asteraceae family such as ragweed, daisies, or marigolds.
  • Helichrysum may lower blood pressure. Do not use if you are already taking medications for controlling blood pressure.


I hope you enjoyed learning about how this tiny flower can have a large benefit of your health. Please share this anyone looking to try and reduce the appearance of scar tissue or have healthy skin in general. Helichrysum oil is worth adding to your skincare routine.