Holy basil may remind you of the aromatic herb used in cooking, but traditional Indian medicine has shown that this particular plant is incredibly useful in innumerable ways. Many oils use only leaves, flowers, or roots but the entire plant has several advantages as an adaptogen or plant that helps the body adapt to the stresses found in the environment. With several proven benefits and uses of holy basil essential oil, you may be adding this to not only your aromatherapy but diet as well.

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Holy basil may remind you of the aromatic herb used in cooking, but traditional Indian medicine has shown that this particular plant is incredibly useful in innumerable ways. Many oils use only leaves, flowers, or roots but the entire plant has several advantages as an adaptogen or plant that helps the body adapt to the stresses found in the environment. With several proven benefits and uses of holy basil essential oil, you may be adding this to not only your aromatherapy but diet as well.

Looking for the Best Holy Basil Essential Oils?

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Holy Basil Essential Oil

1. Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety may come from a variety of triggers, including, but not limited to, stress in our lives or medical conditions. It is sometimes more pervasive than other mental states and can be difficult to manage even with traditional medical therapies. Holy basil benefits anxiety sufferers by enabling the brain in producing and processing the chemicals needed to regulate mood and allowing for relief from a condition of chronic cortisol production. Anxiety may also be influenced by the positive effect that holy basil has on blood sugar and blood pressure, both of which may be symptoms that exacerbate the condition. (1)

2. Improve Oral Health

The mouth is the frontline for bacteria entering the body and for some it can be a struggle to keep their mouth as healthy as possible. Holy basil oil has been shown to reduce the existing bacteria as well as the bacteria responsible for gum disease and gingivitis. In fact, it worked just as well as a powerful chemical antibacterial agent. Using natural oils like holy basil may prevent the inadvertent creation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses. (2)

Use a couple of drops of holy basil in distilled water as an oral rinse. Much like commercial mouthwashes, do not swallow the holy basil oil in this form. Rinsing with holy basil tea may also help reduce oral bacteria as well.

3 .Treat Acne

Like most essential oils, holy basil is antimicrobial and antifungal which may make it a suitable home remedy for acne and other skin issues. Acne is caused when skin pores become covered by the skin’s natural oils, trapping skin cells and bacteria inside. This results in painful and inflamed skin eruptions and often scarring. The primary constituent of this oil is eugenol that is used to treat a variety of skin conditions including acne vulgaris by killing the bacteria inside the pores and helping control oil on the skin. (3)

Make your own skin care product by adding a couple of drops of holy basil essential oil to a tablespoon of coconut oil and applying to areas of need on your face and body.

4. Influence Blood Sugar

The number of people developing Type 2 diabetes is on the rise, due to the poor American diet and stress of jobs that require us to be more and more sedentary. Holy basil shows promise in helping to control high blood sugar by increasing insulin sensitivity and improving the body’s natural response to glucose in the blood. Studies even show that it may be an effective alternative for people who have non-insulin diabetes and aren’t dependent on daily medication. (4)

This effect appears to be provided by many different methods including aromatherapy and oral consumption in a tea. Be sure to consult with a physician if you are already taking medication for high blood sugar to avoid a hypoglycemic incident.

5. Manage Pain Symptoms

There are several conditions of the body, which result in an overall pain that often cannot be explained or treated effectively with modern medicine since it is difficult to diagnose initially. Sufferers of conditions like fibromyalgia may not find relief from a painful condition or end up taking medicine causes side effects that are sometimes worse than the condition itself. Autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis make it difficult to have a good quality to life. Holy basil has been shown to be effective against the pain caused by these conditions, mostly by inhibiting the formation of the chemical that signals pain and reducing the inflammation found in joints and other areas of the body. (5)

6. Improve Stomach Ulcers

Many people suffer from the issue of stomach ulcers, some of which are caused by stress, infection, or are a result of medication side effects. Holy basil may help reduce the number of ulcers that are formed and even heal those already present by reducing oxidative stress, which damages cells. It may also prevent the bacteria h. pylori from causing further damage to the stomach lining. Holy basil has been shown to reduce the presence of acid in the stomach, allowing ulcers to heal. (6)

What is the Best Holy Basil Essential Oil?

Holy basil is an ancient essential oil, and there are hundreds of brands available. We wanted to help you find the best holy basil essential oil, so we dove in and researched. You can take a look at our top three choices below.

Aura Cacia Organic Holy Basil Essential Oil

The spicy and sweet aroma of this essential oil is excellent at calming your emotions and restoring balance. Distilled from fresh leaves and stored in a dark bottle, you’ll get a long-lasting essential oil when you order it.

Best for: Emotional Balance


Floracopeia Holy Basil Essential Oil

The fragrance associated with this essential oil helps you relax in time for bed. It has a slightly sharp scent that lingers around the room, and it’s available in a few different sizes for your convenience.

Best for: Insomnia


Amrita Aromatherapy Organic Holy Basil Essential Oil

This essential oil stimulates your circulatory system. You’ll get a 100% undiluted, pure, and natural essential oil, and there are no chemicals or toxins. The steam distillation process helps to preserve the oil as well.

Best for: Circulation


My Favorite Uses For Holy Basil Essential Oil

I admit it. I’m just like everyone else when it comes to my teeth. I want them to be white and healthy (did I mention white?) but didn’t always put in the effort to keep them that way. It came down to my dentist threatening to pull the next few teeth since there wasn’t much tooth left to fill.

I was fairly upset about this news, especially since I used mouthwash products more often than actually brushing my teeth. However, combine all that plaque clinging to my teeth and gums with high sugar, soda, and refined carbohydrate diet and you’ve got a recipe for early dentures.

I’d already been reading up on essential oils and herbs when I came across holy basil as an alternative tea to my usual black tea. I was astounded to see that it was considered a superfood that could not only heal any stress my body had already taken but would also work to help said body adapt to any further damage.

I’d love to say that I discovered holy basil tea for oral health and started using it regularly but, sadly, it was more by accident and the hygienist commenting on how little plaque she had to scrape off my teeth this next time around. It also took about a month to realize that it was the tea affecting my teeth. Something sugar-free to sip on and healthier teeth? I’ll take it!

Recommended Holy Basil Oil-Based Products

Holy Basil Tulsi Soap Bar

With the number of chemicals found in commercial soaps, it’s not surprising that many people are suffering from conditions like dry skin, which in turn causes an overproduction of oil leading to other skin issues like acne. This soap promises all natural plant-based oils that are perfect vehicles to delivering essential oils directly to where they are needed without other chemicals getting in the way. The soap may be for you if you are prone to not only facial acne but acne anywhere on your body.


Humble All Natural Deodorant Essential Lavender and Holy Basil

Humble Brands All Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick for Women and Men, Lasts All Day, Safe, and...
  • CLEAN, SAFE & EFFECTIVE NATURAL DEODORANT - Simply contains 4 clean...
  • NOTHING BAD - No aluminum, alcohol, dyes, parabens or artificial...
  • CERTIFIED CRUELTY-FREE - Certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny...

Natural deodorants are on the rise, getting rid of metals like aluminum and adding in essential oils not only for scent but also for numerous benefits. This deodorant advertises all natural ingredients for absorbing sweat and still giving off an adequate odor. Like many natural deodorants, a little bit goes a long way and so this may last you longer than your usual product.


Caution of Holy Basil Essential Oil

  • Taking holy basil essential oil internally may cause gastrointestinal upset.
  • Do not use holy basil if you are attempting to become pregnant as it may affect fertility and may cause early-term miscarriage.
  • Do not use holy basil if you are on medication for controlling your blood sugar as this may cause hypoglycemia.
  • Holy basil side effects may interfere with blood clotting so do not use if you are on blood thinners and stop taking before surgery.
  • Holy basil may increase the drowsy effects of pentobarbital.
  • Always choose quality holy basil essential oil from reputable suppliers.

The Bottom Line

I hope you enjoyed learning about holy basil oil, the plant known as the queen of the plants for its incredible amount of proven uses. Leaf, root, or seed, every part of the plant can contribute to helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to share with a friend who may be working towards the same goal.