There's a reason that products you see on the shelves have a lemon scent. This includes sprays to disinfect your kitchen and also citrus infused creams to take care of your skin. Lemon oil is an excellent natural cleaner and antibacterial that is safe for your house and your skin. There are any number of proven benefits and uses of lemon essential oil, all of them a natural complement to keeping your home clean.

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There’s a reason that products you see on the shelves have a lemon scent. This includes sprays to disinfect your kitchen and also citrus infused creams to take care of your skin. Lemon oil is an excellent natural cleaner and antibacterial that is safe for your house and your skin. There are any number of proven benefits and uses of lemon essential oil, all of them a natural complement to keeping your home clean.

Looking for the Best Lemon Essential Oils?

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

1. Disinfect Your Home

Lemon, as well the as the entire family of citrus essential oils such as orange and lime, has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that are effective against even bacteria that have become resistant to traditional treatments. (1)

Lemon essential oil has been shown to be effective against common illness-causing bacteria such as listeria, salmonella, and e. coli. (2) Keeping your home healthy could be as easy as 10-20 drops of lemon oil in distilled water. Spray on surfaces to kill even food-borne bacteria or in the air to deodorize the room.

2. Ease Digestion

We face a lot of upset stomachs and other digestive distress. Before you go raiding the cupboard for the antacids, consider adding a few drops of lemon oil to your water. Studies show that its aroma can help ease nausea, which is beneficial to pregnant women. (3) Using lemon oil mixed with a carrier oil as an abdominal massage has also been shown to treat constipation, which can be a side effect of the typical, low fiber American diet. (4)

The oil itself can help against lesions in the digestive system. (5) Lesions can be caused by bacteria such as h. pylori which eat away at the mucosa lining the stomach. The antibacterial properties control the population of h. pylori and can prevent further ulcers.

3. Can Help With Weight Loss

Not only does lemon keep your water bacteria free, but it can affect your metabolism as well. Lemon oil has been shown to reduce body weight gain by assisting the body with the processing of fat. (6)

It may also have an added side benefit of reducing stress. Reducing stress may lead to weight loss by decreasing the amount of cortisol in your body. This is a hormone released in times of stress and can interfere with the body function of metabolism. Reduced cortisol levels can help with weight loss, especially around the midsection. (7)

4. Care For Your Skin

Most people will have dealt with skin issues a few times in their lives. These issues aren’t limited to acne found on the face, but can even be eruptions that show delayed healing due to other health issues such as diabetes. Once the skin is broken, it is vulnerable to bacteria in the environment, but the substances in lemon oil cannot only kill any bacteria in the wound but reduce inflammation to allow for faster healing. (8)

Acne is caused by bacteria which has become trapped in pores of the skin by an overproduction of oil. The bacteria festers and can become irritated. Using in combination with witch hazel as an astringent can allow Lemon oil’s antibacterial properties to clear up skin eruptions and help manage breakout. (9)

5. Relieve Allergies

Seasonal allergies can be a misery if the traditional treatments don’t work as well as you would like. Allergens cause inflammation in the body as it works to fight off unwelcome particles. This inflammation triggers the body’s response; thus the symptoms of runny nose, sneezing and coughing. Lemon oil helps the lymphatic system by helping to drain fluid. (10)

Diffusing lemon oil in your air can kill the bacteria and mold in your house which can cause allergic reactions, leaving your air refreshed and you without the sneezing. (11) Its antibacterial properties can clean not only the air but also surfaces such as your pillows, couches, and curtains where irritants may likely be found but harder to clean than hard surfaces.

6. Helps Detox Your Body

Lemon essential oil has a detoxifying and purifying effect on your body. It stimulates your lymph system to drain out any toxins, and it also protects your body from bacteria. One study showed that lemon oil can help reverse oxidative stress in your organs, and this can encourage your system to flush out any toxins. (12, 13)

Simply using an essential oil diffuser can help to get this essential oil into your system, but it also works very well as a massage oil because it’ll sink through your skin and into your body to help start the detox process.

What is the Best Lemon Essential Oil?

Not all lemon essential oils are created equal, and this can send you searching for the best lemon essential oils available. We’ve rounded up three excellent picks that can help with a variety of physical and mental issues, and we highlighted them below.

Mountain Rose Herbs Organic Lemon Essential Oil

The happy scent combined with the antibacterial properties of this essential oil make it excellent for a laundry booster. Simply add a few drops before you start the wash. Additionally, the dark bottle will ensure it stays potent from start to finish.

Best for: Laundry


Plant Therapy Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Every batch of this essential oil goes through several GC-MS tests to ensure quality, and this makes it safe to dilute and apply to your skin. It’s safe for kids, 100% pure, and you get a very affordable price when you purchase it.

Best for: Oily Skin


NOW Lemon Essential Oil

If you need a boost of energy, add a few drops of this essential oil to your diffuser in the morning. It’s 100% pure and free of any synthetic ingredients, and you get a product that goes through multiple testing rounds before they sell it to keep the quality as high as possible.

Best for: Energizing


My Favorite Uses For Lemon Essential Oil

There is no such thing as spring cleaning in my house. It is year round, trying to stay ahead of kids and husband and all the germs they bring into the place with them. The kids are quite active outside and in the neighborhood, all of whom believe their hands a perfectly fine to use as a tissue for runny noses.

The kitchen is scoured down from top to bottom, mostly because we can seem to get rid of the mice that like to nibble on the crumbs left on the counters. They like to leave little gifts all over our dishes and flatware as well as the floor where they stare at us, daring us to drop something for them to enjoy. These mice have no fear or shame.

Being antibacterial and antifungal, this oil is my favorite to use in the kitchen and bathroom. Our water has loads of bacteria which cause mold to form if left to dry without treating. I like to make a counter spray using distilled water, vinegar, lemon oil and peppermint, heavy on the peppermint, which not only kills germs but keeps any ants from trying to steal what the mice didn’t get. When mixing lemon and peppermint, decide which scent you want to be dominant, otherwise you get something that reminds you why you don’t drink lemonade right after brushing.

My favorite mix is lemon and tea tree oil, which I spray on table tops and the floor.

Aura Cacia Pure Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil | 0.5 fl. oz. in Box | Leptospermum petersonii
  • Botanical Name: Leptospermum petersonii
  • No Synthetic Fragrances, Colors, or Stabilizers
  • No Animal Testing

I find buying an oil like Aura Cacia Tea Tree Lemon Essential Oil gives me all the benefits with a more lemon and less tea tree aroma, which my family appreciates. It is not a citrus-based oil but instead comes from a shrub found in Australia which has a lemony scent to its distilled oil. It still has the benefits of lemon oil as well as tea tree. I usually add 20 drops to distilled water and castile soap then get to mopping. The floor is disinfected and lemon fresh.

Besides cleaning my counters, lemon oil has helped me control a breakout of adult acne, which is primarily stress related. Not only do I use a couple drops with some witch hazel to clear my pores, but then I dry to diffuse with it at least a couple times a week to reduce the stress that causes it in the first place.


Cautions of lemon essential oil

  • Direct application of lemon oil to the skin can cause irritation.
  • Lemon can cause photosensitivity when applied to the skin, even when using a carrier oil to dilute.
  • Wait at least 4 hours after applying to the skin before exposing yourself to UV rays, either by natural sunlight or tanning lamps.
  • If pregnant or breastfeeding, use small amounts and not recommended medicinal recommendations.
  • Always use in a carrier oil or diffused in a base liquid such as water or vinegar to prevent irritation of the skin or mucosa of nose and lungs.
  • If using as a cleaning agent, wear latex or rubber gloves to prevent skin irritation.
  • Choose quality essential oils from reputable suppliers to prevent exposure to additive chemicals.


Lemon essential oil seems like the workhorse of the essential oil world, useful for disinfecting your home and body, preventing damage from your environment. Remember to share these proven benefits and uses of lemon essential oil with a friend who would like a natural way to keep their homes, healthy, using a scent they are already very familiar with.