While it may not seem as common as other Australia based essential oils, lemon myrtle essential oil has many of the same benefits. It is host to a number of substances which are extremely useful in keeping your home and body healthy. The benefits and uses of lemon myrtle essential oil are comparable to those of other oils such as tea tree, especially in regards to its effects on viruses and bacteria.

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While it may not seem as common as other Australia based essential oils, lemon myrtle essential oil has many of the same benefits. It is host to a number of substances which are extremely useful in keeping your home and body healthy. The benefits and uses of lemon myrtle essential oil are comparable to those of other oils such as tea tree, especially in regards to its effects on viruses and bacteria.

Looking for the Best Lemon Myrtle Essential Oils?

How to Dilute Lemon Myrtle Oil for Molluscum

It’s always best to dilute your essential oils before you apply them topically because they can be strong enough to cause a reaction. To dilute the essential oils, you combine them with a carrier oil of your choosing in the following ratios:

1% Dilution:

Best for daily use, facial application, long-term use, and for children under two.

  • 2 tsp = 3 drops EO
  • 3 tsp/1 tbsp = 4 drops EO
  • 6 tsp/2 tbsp/1 oz = 9 drops EO

2% Dilution:

Best for daily use, bath and body products, and child

  • 2 tsp = 6 drops EO
  • 3 tsp/1 tbsp = 9 drops EO
  • 6 tsp/2 tbsp/1 oz = 18 drops EO

3% Dilution:

Best for localized, specific discomfort.

  • 2 tsp = 9 drops EO
  • 3 tsp/1 tbsp =013 drops EO
  • 6 tsp/2 tbsp/1 oz = 27 drops EO

5% Dilution:

Best for short-term use of a localized area.

  • 2 tsp = 15 drops EO
  • 3 tsp/1 tbsp = 22 drops EO
  • 6 tsp/2 tbsp/1 oz = 45 drops EO

10% Dilution:

Best for Molluscum, acute situations, and areas of concern.

  • 2 tsp = 30 drops EO
  • 3 tsp/1 tbsp = 45 drops EO
  • 6 tsp/2 tbsp/1 oz = 90 drops EO

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

1. Disinfectant

In a world that is full of viruses and bacteria that are quickly becoming resistant to traditional treatments, essential oils may be the answer to staying healthy. Lemon myrtle shares the antibacterial properties of lemon and tea tree oil and has been shown to be effective against even new strains of staph and many foodborne diseases. (1)

Mix a few drops of this oil with vinegar and tea tree to create a spray that will disinfect surfaces anywhere in your house. Diffusing in the air should kill any airborne bacteria which may cause seasonal allergies and respiratory distress.

2. Ease Fungal Infections

Along with powerful antibacterial properties, lemon myrtle oil has also been shown to have antifungal properties as well. (2) This is helpful in the preservation of foods that are prone to fungal infections, and lemon myrtle has been used as a natural preservative. Someone who suffers from repeated fungal infections such as athlete’s foot may find a rub of lemon myrtle oil and a carrier oil may help reduce incidences of the infection or even prevent it all together. It may also be helpful in treating in a candida overgrowth in the body as well.

3. Skin Treatment

Much like tea tree oil, lemon myrtle has an effect on skin eruptions such as acne. Acne is sometimes caused by the overproduction of oil on the skin, which then clogs pores and encourages the overgrowth of bacteria. This results in an inflamed mark on the skin. Lemon myrtle has been shown to kill the bacteria found in acne, as well as soothing the skin around it. (3)

Add a few drops of lemon myrtle oil to some witch hazel to treat breakouts. The witch hazel will help shrink pores and help keep further breakouts from occurring. Treating the infection may even prevent further scarring.

4. Ease Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and depression may have different causes, such as inflammation of the nerves in the brain which prevent the proper usage of mood balancing hormones. Not only does lemon myrtle possess anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the inflamed nerves, but it is also slightly sedative so it helps to relax tension which can exacerbate anxiety. (4)

When choosing a mood-lifting mix, lemon myrtle essential oil blends well with other citrus smelling oils such as orange or lemon. Using these scents in your diffuser may help relax your tension and lift your mood.

5. Treat Viral Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum can be an unsightly and painful series of eruptions of the skin. It can occur anywhere on the body and is usually present in children. Traditional treatment included abrasion of the skin to stimulate the body’s immune response. Treating with lemon myrtle oil may prevent further spread of the infection and help ease some of the skin inflammation, which occurs. (5)

Mixing with a carrier oil, apply a topical solution of lemon myrtle to the Mollusca daily until they shrink or go away. Since it is a virus, the oil does not cure the virus but alleviates the symptoms that are found with and allows the body to heal properly.

6. Lemon Myrtle Oil Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

For people who have inflammation like arthritis or even internal inflammatory issues, it can be uncomfortable. However, lemon myrtle oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help to fight both external and internal inflammation. (6, 7)

You can make a soothing massage oil by mixing three or four drops of lemon myrtle essential oil with an ounce or two of your carrier oil. Massage this mixture into your joints or any inflamed areas. If you have access to fresh lemon myrtle, pick a few leaves and drop them in boiling water and let them seep to make an anti-inflammatory tea.

What is the best Lemon Myrtle essential oil?

Since there are so many essential oils to choose from, we’ve rounded up our top three picks for the best lemon myrtle essential oil. Our short reviews are below for you to compare.

Plant Therapy Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

This fragrant essential oil comes from a steam extraction process to protect the integrity of the scent. You get a sweet and uplifting smell that works wonderfully in a diffuser or jewelry for all-day wear. It does have a stronger scent, so dilution would be a good idea before you use it.

Best for: an Energy Boost


From Nature With Love Organic Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

When you dilute this essential oil, it works wonderfully to help get rid of oily skin by stripping away the top layers of oil. Additionally, this essential oil is great for cleaning products. It leaves a very light and fresh scent behind, and it helps to strengthen your immune system every time you use it.

Best for: Oily Skin


Florihana Organic Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

This is a 100% pure and 100% organic essential oil that is excellent for topical use or use around the house. It comes from Australia, where they use a steam extraction process to harvest the oil. It works well in diffusers or household cleaners. You can also easily dilute it for topical use.

Best for: People Who Use Organic


My Favorite Use Of Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

It started as just a couple of bumps on my son’s skin. Round and shiny, I thought they were a bug bite for a while until it began to spread across his entire abdomen. Then the bumps began to appear on his knees and hands. They weren’t really painful, but they could be irritated by his clothing. The doctor said it was a viral infection called molluscum contagiosum and there was really no way to treat it effectively. It is also easily spread among children, usually by sharing bathwater and towels.

All research on the internet agreed with him. Most recommended waiting it out, but it could take years for the infection to clear without intervention. However, all recommended courses included abrading the skin with something, usually a pumice stone, so the body would begin to heal itself and fight against the Mollusca infection. It took trying this once, and my son’s resultant tears, to try any other alternative.

Further research revealed that while not 100% guaranteed, application of lemon myrtle oil had been shown to reduce Mollusca by up to 90% when it did work. With nothing else to try, I added a few drops to water and applied to the largest bumps on his belly. It wasn’t a fast solution, but the bumps were reduced in size and eventually disappeared. There were no further bumps that developed.

Recommended Lemon Myrtle Oil-Based Products

Australian Natural Soap – Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle Natural Soap (4 Bars)
  • OUR SOAPS- MADE IN AUSTRALIA : 4 bars of Australian made Long Lasting...
  • OUR SOAPS- MADE IN AUSTRALIA : 4 bars of Australian made Long Lasting...
  • OUR SOAPS- MADE IN AUSTRALIA : 4 bars of Australian made Long Lasting...

Anyone looking to reduce the number of chemicals in their household would love to have the time to make their own natural soap, but finding a bar that is already made and uses an oil with multiple benefits is a close second. Produced with shea butter to prevent drying of the skin, this soap promises a rich lather and can be long-lasting if stored properly. Using lemon myrtle on your skin should help prevent body acne and prevent odor caused by bacteria.


Nature’s Gate Organics Deodorant

Nature's Gate Organics Deodorant, Chamomile & Lemon Verbena, 1.7 Ounce
  • Natural, gentle and sustainable ingredients
  • Targets and neutralizes odor-causing bacteria directly at their source
  • Vegan, Paraben free, Petroleum glycol free, aluminum free, cruelty...

I have always had trouble finding a deodorant that worked for me but wasn’t comprised of so many chemicals that my skin would be irritated within a couple uses. This deodorant can help control odor by preventing the formation of odor-causing bacteria under the arms. It is not an antiperspirant but can help cover the smell created by sweat with natural ingredients.


Caution of Lemon Myrtle essential oil

  • Do not use lemon myrtle oil if already taking sedatives as there may be an increase in sedative effect.
  • May cause dehydration due to the diuretic effect. Be sure to consume plenty of water.
  • Always choose quality lemon myrtle essential oil from reputable suppliers.
  • Be sure to dilute the oil in water or carrier oil to prevent skin irritation which may be caused by a reaction to the citral component of the oil.


Though it may be lesser known than say tea tree oil, lemon myrtle has the same benefits and perhaps more appeal as a scent. It would certainly be a powerful addition to the essential oils used to benefit your health. Be sure to share this article with anyone who wonders, ” What is lemon myrtle used for?”