You may have had many recipes where lemon verbena was added to give a slight lemon flavor. It has also been used as a folk remedy along with its distance cousin verbena officinalis. Though it is not the most common of essential oils, there are still several proven benefits and uses of verbena essential oil.

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You may have had many recipes where lemon verbena was added to give a slight lemon flavor. It has also been used as a folk remedy along with its distance cousin verbena officinalis. Though it is not the most common of essential oils, there are still several proven benefits and uses of verbena essential oil.

Looking for the Best Lemon Verbena Essential Oils?

What is the Difference Between Verbena and Lemon Verbena?

You’ve probably used lemon verbena in the kitchen, and you’ve most likely seen a plant called “verbena” when you browsed your local garden center. There is also lemon verbena and verbena essential oil, so you could wonder what the difference between the two is.

Despite the fact that they have similar names, lemon verbena and verbena are two very different things. Lemon verbena is one of several plants that you could call verbenas. There are roughly 1,200 plant species are in the verbena plant family, or Verbenaceae. They’re very fragrant, and you find it in alcohol and various recipes as well as a medicinal herb.

On the other hand, you have the verbena species. These plants give off a pungent and usually unpleasant scent. It’s a different genus than the lemon verbena, and you’ll commonly see it as a balm.

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

1. Disinfectant

It seems that science is always being confronted with new forms of common germs, each with a resistance to the chemicals that we use on the surfaces of our home. And if you’re anything like me, I use commercial cleaners as sparingly as possible, if just for the safety of my family. Thankfully, essential oils like lemon verbena have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that allow it to kill many of the common viruses that are found around the house. (1)

To kill germs on surfaces, add lemon and vinegar to your lemon verbena and store in a spray bottle for easy cleaning after preparing food. Diffusing in the air may help kill any airborne bacteria as well.

2. Protect the Brain

The brain can be a very sensitive organ, susceptible to many different environmental factors. This includes diet, medications, or even stress. This can cause inflammation of the neurons and lead to mental fatigue or even conditions like depression. Lemon verbena has anti-inflammatory properties as well as being neuroprotective; it may help protect the neurons from damage and prevent any number of possible conditions in the future. (2)

Diffuse lemon verbena with chamomile also helps to relax your mind and body. Even aromatherapy allows you to enjoy the lemon verbena benefits of neuroprotection and reduced neural inflammation.

3. Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are the bane of every summer evening. Our yard has some particularly low places where water loves to gather and linger after a hard rain, making it the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Not only are they bothersome, but many carry contagious diseases that can be spread easily. And, as more and more chemicals are employed to control them, they are becoming resistant to commercial treatments as well. It has been shown that essential oils such as lemon verbena can help control the mosquito population by killing them in the larval stage and preventing them from maturing to breed more. Lemon verbena recipes for insect control may also include other repellent oils like citronella and are able to be sprayed directly onto the water source where eggs are laid. (3)

4. Relief from Pain and Inflammation

Ordinary days being on different kinds of aches and pains, from joint pain as you age or muscle pain from working out. I’m always looking for different ways to relieve pain that don’t involve the use of everyday analgesics. Many essential oils are excellent for this purpose. Lemon verbena has been shown to reduce inflammation in joints and muscles, which allows the body to heal more quickly. It may also block the chemical signals that tell the body that it is a pain. Used in conjunction with other pain relieving therapies, this oil may bring some relief to aching joints. (4)

Lemon verbena recipes for aches may include not only verbena but also other anti-inflammatories such as ginger or turmeric. Working in synergy, these oils may help to ease some of your body pains.

5. Aids In Digestion

Many people suffer from a variety of digestive problems, some caused by a diet of highly processed foods or caused by the disease. Sometimes even a change in diet or use of medication is not quite enough to ameliorate the symptoms that accompany these conditions. Use of essential oils such as lemon verbena may be used as a supplemental therapy. It has been shown to reduce the inflammation in the colon caused by certain foods or diseases such as colitis. It may also prevent spasms that can cause cramping. (5)

The oil can be diffused as an aerosol or applied to the abdomen after being diluted in a carrier oil. Either method will allow your body to absorb the oil and enjoy the benefits.

6. Decrease Signs of Aging

Lemon verbena has been studied for a property which makes it very helpful to the cells of the body that may have been damaged by exterior problems such as too much sun, smoking, or other factors. These may cause signs of premature aging, evidenced by wrinkles and spots on the skin. The antioxidant properties of lemon verbena oil help protect cells from this damage and may even repair some of what has already occurred. (6)

Add a few drops of oil to a carrier such as sweet almond or jojoba to create a rub for your hands or other areas of your body that may be showing signs of aging. It may help prevent any further damage from occurring.

What is the Best Lemon Verbena Essential Oil?

The best lemon verbena essential oil varies by brand. There are dozens of excellent examples of this essential oil out there, and the best choice depends entirely on user preference. However, we’ve pulled three excellent options and outlined each of them below for you.

Florihana Organic Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

Florihana’s lemon verbena essential oil is 100% organic and 100% natural. In turn, it makes an excellent choice for topical use. Dilute it in your favorite carrier oil and use it for a massage oil. The steam dilution process ensures the oil has a strong scent that lasts all day from the moment you put it on.

Best for: Topical Use


AMRITA Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

If you have a problem with sore joints and inflammation, Amrita’s lemon verbena essential oil can help. Diffusing it and breathing it in can get it into your system, and topical application can also help. It helps to reduce inflammation and congestion, and this can help you look and feel better after a few uses. It also works to soften your skin!

Best for: Inflammation


Sheer Essence Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

The cheerful lemon scent is refreshing and clean, and this is a 100% therapeutic-grade essential oil that makes an excellent cleaning agent. Along with the great smell, it’s an antimicrobial and antibacterial that kills germs as soon as you spray it on surfaces. You can also add a few drops to your wash for a clean and lasting scent.

Best for: Cleaning


My Favorite Use Of Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

Every summer I get this terrible urge to clean the inside of my house. I don’t know if it’s the awful heat outside that makes me want to keep to the air conditioning, but cleaning fever hits every year without fail. I always make my own cleaning products, especially since having kids, because of the news of superbugs that have become resistant to germ-killing chemicals. It also worries me that almost everything comes with bleach, which isn’t good for your skin or to breath anywhere near.

I always associate the idea of clean with the smell of lemon or other citrus scents. I typically use lemon or orange oils in my cleaning products, and lemon verbena has made the list. Using it in conjunction with other oils ensures that I can clean away different kinds of germs since each oil may have a different level of efficacy with various bacteria and virus types.

Lemon verbena has a milder scent to it as well, not as sharp or acidic as just lemon, so if you’re not a fan of heavy lemon, this may be your best bet. It still gives me that whole house clean satisfaction, after every surface has been wiped and scrubbed with a simple solution of water, white vinegar, and my favorite germ-killing essential oils.

Recommended Lemon Verbena Based Products

1. Greek Lemon Verbena

Klio Organic Greek Lemon Verbena - Karditsa, South Pindos Mtns. Whole Leaves. High Polyphenol and...
  • Boost your daily intake of important antioxidants, polyphenols and...
  • A delicious and mildly earthy taste with strong hints of lemon....
  • Single origin - Karditsa, Greece, one of the driest environments in...

A few years ago I gave up soda. Black and tea and herbal teas have been my go-to replacements, and I love hot tea in the winter if only to use the cup to warm up my hands. This product is perfect for those of you who like to use whole tea leaves instead of tea bags. You may get more of the nutrients and chemicals that make lemon verbena a healthy addition to your day. Drinking it as a tea may help with digestion and help relax you at the end of a long day.


2. Mrs. Meyer’s Room Freshener

Mrs. Meyer's Room Freshener, 8 OZ (Lemon Verbena, Pack - 1)
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Air Freshener contains essential oils and...
  • Comes in non-aerosol bottle to quickly freshen any room and even...
  • Thoughtfully chosen ingredients with no propellants, phthalates,...

This spray has been formulated by a company that makes many of its products with healthier ingredients in mind. Using essential oils allows you to bring an added benefit into your house along with a scent that lingers pleasantly. A scent that lasts can keep the best properties of the essential oils still affecting your home long after you’ve used the spray. This spray can be used on furniture and rugs and may kill the bacteria that causes odor. Spraying it in the air may have the same effect, killing airborne germs that can lead to respiratory irritation.


Caution of Verbena Essential Oil

  • Be careful not to confuse lemon verbena essential oil with verbena officinalis, also known as vervain. Lemon verbena benefits may be different from that of verbena officinalis as they are made from different plants.
  • May cause skin irritation in individuals with sensitivities.
  • Do not consume in large quantities as this may cause kidney issues. Avoid using lemon verbena if you have kidney issues as this may aggravate the condition.
  • Always choose quality verbena essential oil from reputable suppliers.

The Bottom Line

I hope this list was an enjoyable way to learn about lemon verbena and perhaps change your mind about whether or not it is a worthy addition to your essential oil collection. Please share with anyone who may wonder about lemon verbena uses and who you think may enjoy a refreshing lemon scent that may also be beneficial to their health.