As far as scents go, I would have to put lilac at the top of my list. When I think of spring, I remember the scent of the lilac bush just outside my bedroom window and taking springs of the pale purple blooms to my teachers for gifts. Aside from its pleasant aroma, there are several proven benefits and uses of lilac essential oil.

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As far as scents go, I would have to put lilac at the top of my list. When I think of spring, I remember the scent of the lilac bush just outside my bedroom window and taking springs of the pale purple blooms to my teachers for gifts. Aside from its pleasant aroma, there are several proven benefits and uses of lilac essential oil.

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Lilac Essential Oil

1. Uplift Mood

The scent of lilac always takes me back to lazy summer days in my childhood, so using it to uplift my mood seems like an easy choice. The substances in the oil lead to the reduced inflammation of nerves in the brain, allowing for the production and more effective use of our feel-good hormones. It can also reduce other indicators of stress such as high blood pressure and the presence of the stress hormone cortisol. (1)

Diffuse this scent when you are feeling stressed. Lilac mixes well with other floral scents, especially lavender, leading to a mix that may be an effective relaxant.

2. Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural response when something is wrong, there is a foreign substance in the body, or an injury occurs. This redness and swelling is a natural occurrence, but sometimes it does not go away without outside assistance. Lilac oil contains a substance that has been shown to reduce inflammations, including that which is caused by an internal source. (3)

Lilac oil can be inhaled when mixed in a diffuser, allowing the scent to permeate your environment. Also, add a drop or two to a carrier oil then apply to your wrists much like a perfume to allow the anti-inflammatory process to begin topically as well as with the aroma.

3. Reduce Blood Pressure

As we are bombarded by a different number of stressors throughout the day, we find ourselves suffering from high blood pressure. This may even be a chronic condition brought on by diet or genetics. High blood pressure can lead to other complications such as heart disease. Lilac essential oil was found to reduce blood pressure and, in some instances, decrease heart rate as well. (4)

If you find yourself suffering from symptoms of high blood pressure or stress, try diffusing lilac oil into the air. This may especially helpful in places where you encounter stressful situations such as work.

4. Control Ticks and Mites

Anyone who loves to garden or outdoors knows the dangers of ticks and how hard they can be to control. We may also find an increased incidence of mites in our homes or on our travels as we share our spaces with several other people. Lilac oil was found to contain chemicals that can be as effective as commercial treatments and may even work when mites or ticks have become inured to the effects. (5)

Mix lilac oil in water to create a mattress spray and kill or prevent mites from taking up residence in your mattresses and bedding. It may also keep ticks from taking over your yard if used as a spray or diffused aromatically in the backyard.

5. Prevent Sunburn

While we want to enjoy the sun, we also want to avoid any harmful effects it may have on our skin. This includes damage which may lead to certain cancers or signs of premature aging such as spots and wrinkles. However, many of the products used to protect the skin also include substances that may cause other issues. To the end of preventing issues and still helping to keep skin protected, many companies have looked to using natural oils, like lilac, which have antioxidative properties to prevent cell damage and may even help repair cells which already suffer from photoaging. (6)

Use lilac oil as part of your skin routine if you already show signs of premature aging or you may be prone to burning easily. If available, try to find a natural sunscreen that has lilac oil as an ingredient as well.

6. Anti-Fungal Properties

Lilac essential oil is extremely popular for helping to fight fungal infections. It’s also one essential oil that can help purge your body of any excess fungi, and it is effective at reducing your risks of getting a fungal infection. It has chemicals that make it as powerful as certain antifungal medications. (7, 8)

You can make a lilac oil spray to spritz around your home to kill off any fungi that may be lurking about. Additionally, you can diffuse a few drops of lilac oil in your diffuser. This will allow you to inhale it. It’ll work it’s way through your system to effectively purge any excessive fungus.

My Favorite Uses For Lilac Essential Oil

My parents were big believes in children should play outdoors as often as possible, usually for their own stress relief. We had several wild lilac bushes surrounding my childhood home, with dark green leaves and pale lavender blossoms. We had crawled underneath to break the lower branches, creating our own sweet-smelling haven in the woods. Our teachers received many, many bunches of lilacs during the blooming season and our classrooms would always smell of the strong floral scent. Thankfully, those pushes were incredibly hardy and could handle the seasonal cuttings. Lilac remains a scent which brings back pleasant childhood memories.

It may be a placebo effect, but those pleasant memories certainly work to calm me during particularly stressful times. The anti-depressant and blood pressure lowering properties of lilac essential oil certainly work to relax me, especially near deadlines. I usually have colleagues stopping by to take a sniff on the days I use it since it tends to drift out the door very easily.

I find that using more drops of lilac with fewer drops of lavender allows me to relax without feeling particularly tired, as lavender tends to do. I add the lilac during those extremely stressful moments, mostly in the hopes of keeping my anxiety at bay long enough to finish whichever project needs completing. However, I still find that I have the energy to work since just plain lavender tends to make me want to take a nap rather than get any work done.

Recommended Lilac Essential Oil Oil-Based Products

1. Bath and Body Works White Barn

Many of the benefits of lilac essential oil comes from its strong floral scent. If you prefer the relaxing atmosphere created by candlelight, this candle may give you the best of both worlds. Made with essential oils rather than lilac imitating others, not only is the scent genuine but can also benefit from the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties inherent in the essential oil. These candles have the bonus of being designed to be long-lasting, so you can have this scent in your home for many days to come.


2. Australian made French milled Lilac natural soap

If you’ve never heard of French milled soap, it is an old process which often runs through the soap making process many times, creating a smooth, long-lasting soap that is better for the skin as more of the harsh chemicals created during the soap making process can be removed. It also allows for essential oils to be thoroughly mixed in the substance of the bar as well. This bar has gone through that same process and is intended for sensitive skin since lilac can be antioxidant, helping to prevent and repair skin cell damage.


Caution of Lilac Essential Oil

  • Do not apply directly to the skin without diluting with a carrier oil or water as this may cause a skin reaction such as redness or hives.
  • Always choose quality lilac essential oil from reputable suppliers.
  • Lilac fragrance oil is available but are not made from the parts of the lilac tree.
  • Consult a physician before using this oil if you are already on medications for hypertension as it has been shown to reduce blood pressure.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing to prevent any complications.


I hope you enjoyed learning about lilac essential oil. Perhaps its scent holds some good, relaxing memories for you as well. Please be sure to share this information with anyone looking to add this uncommon oil to their collection for relaxation or skin care regimen.