Most people have heard of the trinity of gifts given by wise men in the ancient world: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Distilled from the sap of the commiphora myrrha tree, this oil was valued for its important medicinal benefits. Myrrh Bible mentions total over 150 times, usually in conjunction with religious ceremonies, emphasizing its worth. Modern science has begun to study many of the proven benefits and uses of myrrh essential oil.

Looking for the Best Myrrh Essential Oils?

Is myrrh oil good for the hair?

Healthy hair usually starts with a healthy scalp. The anti-inflammatory properties of myrrh oil can help issues such as dandruff or itchy scalp. When using this oil, the scalp is not stripped of the natural sebum already present, so more oil is not made to ease dryness.

Dry, itchy scalp may also be caused by bacteria either trapped in pores or from conditions like psoriasis. Myrrh has been shown to kill germs that can become trapped in pores and promotes the healing of skin and open sores. Using myrrh with an oil like coconut may help keep strands from drying out and breaking too easily.

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Myrrh Essential Oil

1. Skin Health

Your skin is the first line of defense against germs that cause infectious diseases. Skin can be affected by conditions such as acne vulgaris, autoimmune disorders like eczema, or just everyday cuts and abrasions. Myrrh has been found to have antimicrobial properties that can help clear up infections in the skin as well as easing the inflammation associated with diseases. It has even been found to promote healing at the site of cuts and abrasions. This may help wounds heal faster with less scarring. (1)

Combine myrrh with frankincense in a roller bottle along with jojoba oil to make an easy applicator for minor wounds and skin outbreaks.

2. Disinfectant

People are always looking for ways to prevent the spread of germs that can cause illness. Unfortunately, many newer chemicals are capable of killing most bacteria and mold but may cause other side effects, including the production of bacteria that is resistant to that chemical in the future. Researchers have turned to plant-based options to harness their intrinsic bacteria-fighting properties. Myrrh has been shown to be effective against most common bacteria that can cause foodborne diseases like listeria and salmonella. (2)

3. Protect the Liver

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body, serving to help filter the blood before it travels to the rest of the body. It also metabolizes the medication that we take, which is why it can be dangerous to even over the counter medicines too frequently. The liver can be damaged by disease or even environmental poisons like lead. Myrrh has been shown to help protect the cells of the liver from damage and may even help repair cells that are already impaired. (3)

Applying a synergy of myrrh and frankincense in a carrier oil to the soles of your feet may help protect your liver from the damage that can occur with everyday life.

4. Treat Parasites

Some parasitic infections occur in nations across the globe, especially in populations who do not have easy access to modern medical care. Parasite infections come from tainted food sources, usually from animals. Some common parasitic infections include trichomoniasis, giardiasis, or fascioliasis, which inhabits tainted water plants such as watercress or algae. Essential oils like myrrh are important for their proven ability to ameliorate symptoms such as liver failure or nausea and vomiting. It also decreases the spread of the parasite by killing current eggs and possibly preventing the laying of more. Being plant-based, it may be useful for treating conditions that are resistant to human-made medicines. (4)

5. Prevent Fungal Infections

We are surrounded by simple fungi, almost everywhere in the world. Not only do we eat it, but it also lives inside our bodies to aid with digestion. Problems occur when there is an overgrowth of beneficial fungi or an infection from outside our bodies. This comes in the forms of yeast infections including thrush and even ringworm. The fungus that causes athlete’s foot is an overgrowth that occurs in warm, moist places such as the feet. Myrrh has been proven to prevent and reduce overgrowth and lessen the presence of the overgrowth. It may work on infections that are resistant to other methods of treatment. (5)

Apply a mix of myrrh and a carrier oil 1:1 to the sites of ringworm infections and between the toes to treat infections like athlete’s foot.

6. Oral Care

Taking care of your mouth and teeth is an important part of your daily health care routine. Myrrh essential has several proven properties that can help keep your mouth healthy. It has been used as a mouthwash to prevent inflammation, and it has been shown to prevent the growth of some fungus such as plaque that forms on the teeth. This buildup can lead to gingivitis, a painful inflammation of the gums. Myrrh is also a potent treatment for oral diseases which cause pain in the mouth and jaw. Do not swallow myrrh as it can lead to nausea and vomiting in large doses. (6)

What Is the Best Myrrh Essential Oil?

With seemingly endless choices, it may be challenging to choose the best myrrh essential oil to use in your home. These are the top 3 choices for almost any application around your home or your health, as well as recommendations on how to best use them.

Mountain Rose Herbs Organic Myrrh Essential Oil

This oil is certified organic and comes from a company that sources from local farms. Since it is organic, it is less likely the oil has been contaminated by any human-made chemical pesticides. This oil should be suitable for diffusing throughout your house, providing an uplifting, woody aroma.

Best for: Using with a Diffuser


Aura Cacia Organic Myrrh Essential Oil

Aura Cacia Organic Myrrh Essential Oil This company sources its oils from other companies around the world, testing the product for purity and lack of chemical additives. It is certified organic, which makes it likely to be free from pesticides. This oil is suitable for adding to a carrier oil such as sweet almond for therapeutic massage. You will be able to enjoy the skincare benefits as well as relaxing attention to tense muscles.

Best for: Therapeutic Massage


Edens Garden Frankincense & Myrrh Roll-On

Edens Garden Frankincense & Myrrh Roll-On This roll-on is not only convenient in size for carrying with you, but it is already mixed with a carrier oil, so you don’t have to worry about making the correct mix of oils on your own. This is perfect for rolling on your wrists or neck to allow the natural wood scent to provide an uplifted mood whenever you need it. As a bonus, you could also apply it to any cuts or acne breakouts to help heal the skin and protect from infection.

Best for: On-The-Go Focus and Calmness


My Favorite Uses For Myrrh Essential Oil

My skin and I have agreed to disagree on some issues. Most of my body is generally free of sores or inflamed patches, but my face often hosts to acne vulgaris, and my feet are permanently cracked and bleeding most of the year.

Winter is certainly not my season.

I used to buy large, off-brand lotions that might soothe the dryness for a couple of hours but then I became a slave to the bottle, re-applying generous amounts several times a day. These were all lotions filled with unpronounceable chemicals, all of which promised to reduce the redness and heal the raw areas between my toes.

I finally found relief when I began using essential oils. I was using all-natural, plant-based carrier oils to dilute them, so there were no more unnecessary chemicals floating on the surface of my skin. I often use a mix of myrrh, frankincense, and lavender at the absolute height of winter, when my skin can break and bleed if I spread my toes. I generally use jojoba as my carrier, since it is a wax rather than an oil.

This mix was a lifesaver when my son returned from school with knuckles that were cracked and bleeding as well from the overuse of alcohol-based hand sanitizer. I didn’t even bother with traditional creams. I applied my foot mix and watched his hands heal in a matter of a day.

He also went to school the next day with an alcohol-free hand sanitizer that also kept his hands from drying out. My cure for dry skin was also pretty helpful in killing the germs found in his classroom.

Recommended Myrrh Oil-Based Products

1. Nature’s Gate Natural Herbal Body Lotion

Dry skin can be a universal condition. It can occur on the hands, face, and even feet. Many times, it is just inconvenient, but it can lead to cracked, painful skin, especially between digits. This lotion contains a host of natural oils like sunflower and sweet almond as well as essential oils such as lavender and myrrh, which can not only moisturize the skin but also reduce inflammation while preventing infection. The natural oils are absorbed into the skin and do not cause a greasy feeling.


2. Indigo Wild Frankincense & Myrrh Zum Rub

Zum Rub Moisturizer - Frankincense and Myrrh - 2.5 oz
  • For Dry Skin: Gentle moisturizer for all skin types; deeply soothes...
  • Frankincense and Myrrh: These trance partners pair up for a classic...
  • Simple Ingredients: Made with goat milk, shea butter, grapeseed oil,...

This rub is designed for especially dry skin that may be cracked or hard to heal. It includes all-natural oils that are easily absorbed along with essential oils to treat any inflammation or infection that keeps the skin from healing. Beeswax serves to help the skin retain moisture without further chemicals that may irritate already sensitive skin.


Caution of Myrrh Essential Oil

  • Do not use myrrh if you are pregnant. It may stimulate uterine contractions and bleeding. This may lead to a miscarriage.
  • Myrrh may affect blood sugar. You may experience a drop in blood sugar if you are taking medications for diabetes.
  • Fevers may become worse if myrrh is used.
  • Myrrh oil may stimulate the heart if taken in large doses. Do not use if you are currently being treated for a heart condition.
  • Always dilute the oil with a carrier oil to prevent sensitivities. Test a patch of skin on the underside of the arm before using.
  • Always choose quality Myrrh essential oil from reputable suppliers.


I hope you enjoyed learning about the multiple benefits of this ancient oil. There is certainly a reason why it was so treasured in the ancient world. Please be sure to share this information with anyone who may be wondering why it was once as treasured as gold.