This oil is an example of not judging something by its appearance alone. Just as the name implies, oakmoss is a lichen found growing on the bark of oak trees, and while it may not be as physically attractive as flower and the sweet oils they produce, it is an oil with many beneficial characteristics. Oakmoss oil is known as one of the popular fragrance oil for candles and perfumes; there are still several proven benefits and uses of oakmoss essential oil.

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This oil is an example of not judging something by its appearance alone. Just as the name implies, oakmoss is a lichen found growing on the bark of oak trees, and while it may not be as physically attractive as flower and the sweet oils they produce, it is an oil with many beneficial characteristics. Oakmoss oil is known as one of the popular fragrance oil for candles and perfumes; there are still several proven benefits and uses of oakmoss essential oil.

Looking for the Best Oakmoss Essential Oils?

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Oakmoss Essential Oil

1. Disinfectant

In the search to protect from bacteria that can cause serious illnesses yet prevent the development of resistant strains, more and more research is being conducted regarding the antiseptic properties of essential oils. Oils such as oakmoss are effective against several common bacteria such as listeria and salmonella, which is vital in the prevention of food poisoning. Its scent blends well with citrus based oils, lending even more disinfectant ability and a more natural way to help keep your home clean. (1)

Add a few drops of this oil to a mix of vinegar and citrus oils to make a spray that can be used on the solid surfaces of your home. This should help prevent the spread of foodborne bacteria in your home.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation is a sign from your body that it is beginning the healing process. This may be due to either a physical wound or an internal reaction to a foreign substance that the body is finding hard to process. Oakmoss essential oil has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory properties that, along with the disinfectant capacity, may help your body fight off any illness by allowing it to heal. These properties appear to be effective internally, such as bronchial inflammation due to a cold or allergies as well as prevention of infection of skin wounds. (2)

3. Reduce Signs of Aging

There are many parts of our environment which can be damaging to the cells of our body. The most common outward signs can be wrinkles on the face or even spots on the hands. This is the outward indication of damage done to cells by free oxygen molecules. Oakmoss essential oil contains chemicals with antioxidant properties. This means that it can help repair current damage and even work to prevent further damage.

Oakmoss may even further help skin health by reducing inflammation from skin eruptions. They may even be prevented by killing the bacteria that can be trapped in the pores. (3)

4. Ease Breathing

Whether it be from the common cold or simply seasonal allergies, oakmoss essential oil may be able to help ease the respiratory issues that occur such as coughing and difficulty breathing. One of the main components of oakmoss oil has anti-inflammatory properties as well as being able to encourage the airways to expand. This reduction in inflammation may also lead to the release of phlegm, which encourages a more productive cough. It can also ease a chronic cough with an anti-spasmodic property that may allow you to recover more quickly. (4)

5. Lift Mood

In today’s busy world of deadlines, constant communication, and parental obligations it can be easy to let the stress turn into anxiety and slight depression. Everyone feels a down mood once in a while, and essential oils such as oakmoss have properties that assist in the brain by allowing it to process the hormones created in response to stress. Anti-inflammatory properties help the brain get rid of these hormones properly rather than continue to produce but not eliminate them. It may also have a sedative effect, allowing your body to relax and release accumulated tension in the muscles. (5)

6. Repel Insects

Though many of us are familiar with insects in the minor pest category, insects such as mosquitoes are a problem in many parts of the world due to their ability to carry infectious diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. To prevent the spread of these diseases but also prevent the insect from becoming immune to chemical insecticides, essential oils have been studies for their repellent and insect-killing properties. Oakmoss oil consists of terpenes that have been found to not only kill insects but also prevent the laying of eggs and kill eggs once they have been laid. This helps to control the insect population and prevent the spread of infectious disease. (6)

What is the Best Oakmoss Essential Oil?

We know how hard it can be to pinpoint the best oakmoss essential oil, and this is why we did a lot of research and rounded up the best ones for you. You can take a look and see which one matches your needs among the three below.

PLANTLIFE Oakmoss Essential Oil (Absolute)

If you like perfumes and fragrances, this essential oil’s rich and earthy aroma is perfect. For the best results, you should add a few drops either by themselves to your diffuser or mix it with a light floral scent.

Best for: Perfumes


Mountain Rose Herbs Oak Moss Absolute (solvent extracted)

For people who suffer from headaches, this essential oil is excellent for helping encourage relief. The earthy scent helps to open your blood vessels and relieve any tension, and this can reduce your headache symptoms.

Best for: Headaches


Biosource Naturals Oakmoss (Evernia prunastri) Absolute Essential Oil

Sinus congestion can make you miserable, and using this essential oil can help reduce your congestion levels. It also encourages your sinus cavities to drain, and this can help you feel better. You can use it in aromatherapy or as a massage oil.

Best for: Sinus Congestion


My Favorite Use Of Oakmoss Essential Oils

I’m a huge fan of going out into nature. I love taking hikes, wandering along identifying trees and plants, especially those I have studied for their essential oils. I am showing my children the wonders of nature, including the health benefits that these miraculous plants have been one of my biggest pleasure in life. It turns out that I was passing by a long used plant without so much as a second glance.

I must admit that oakmoss never even registered to me as more than just an interesting lichen found growing on oak trees. In fact, I was more enamored with the tree than what was growing on its bark. However, I have come to realize that people have been making treatments from just about anything they find in nature, keeping those they find helpful, and lichen and mosses are part of those natural therapies.

I generally use oakmoss oil when making disinfectants for the house. It has a base note that has made it incredibly popular in perfume making, and it blends exceptionally well with citrus based scents. Spraying it around my kitchen helps prevent any nasty foodborne disease from affecting my family.

Recommended Oakmoss Oil-Based Products

1. Sam’s Natural Deodorant Stick

Sam’s Natural Deodorant - Aluminum Free - No phthalates, parabens, sulfates, or dyes - Made in New...
  • OAK MOSS - Our Oak Moss deodorant features a handsome blend of smooth...
  • HOW TO APPLY – A little bit goes a long way! Resist the urge to over...

With more information becoming available on what certain chemicals do to our body, there has been an increasing trend in developing deodorants without metals such as aluminum and including more natural ingredients like coconut oil and essential oils. This deodorant subscribes to the all-natural route as well, with several essential oils, arrowroot, and baking soda to absorb moisture, and aloe to help soothe sensitive skin. The scent is developed to be noticeable without being overwhelming, and oakmoss may be a more appealing scent if you’re looking for something that smells good but not flowery.


2. Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Soap (Oak Moss)

Beekman 1802 - Bar Soap - Oak Moss - Moisturizing Triple Milled Soap with Goat Milk - Naturally Rich...
  • Natural, triple-milled soap that leaves skin feeling clean and...
  • Oak Moss - Goat milk with vetiver and amber leaves behind the warm and...
  • With a similar pH to human skin, goat milk can help to balance the pH...

Goat milk soap has been in use for centuries for its natural emollients that keep the skin from drying out, unlike other soaps that use other chemicals for cleaning and preservation. This type of soap uses essential oils rather than chemical fragrances, so you get benefits such as killing bacteria on the skin and reducing inflammation. This may be helpful for people with sensitive skin or those prone to breakouts due to autoimmune disorders. If you’re worried it won’t lather up like commercially produced soaps, it promises to cause a thick lather comparable to regular soaps.


Caution of Oakmoss Essential Oil

  • Oakmoss should not be taken orally. It can cause toxicity that leads to convulsions and hallucinations.
  • Do not use oakmoss if you are pregnant or nursing. It contains the chemical thujone which may cause uterine contractions, resulting in miscarriage.
  • Do not use oakmoss oil if you have kidney issues as it may affect kidney function.
  • Always dilute oakmoss oil. The recommended ratio is 10% essential oil to 90% carrier oil.
  • Oakmoss has been shown to cause contact dermatitis, especially in individuals who are prone to such issues. Test before regular use.
  • Always choose quality oakmoss essential oil from reputable suppliers.


I hope you found this information about oakmoss oil to be helpful as you search for ways to improve your health and keep your home naturally clean as possible. It can be surprising how useful the simple things you find in a forest can be, even the moss that grows on trees. Oakmoss may not be the most common oil, but it is still worth your time to share with someone looking to make the same natural improvements in your health and home that you have.