Ocotea is a type of tree that is found in the Amazon basin and is a cousin to the cinnamon tree. Much like cinnamon, it has been used in native medicine in Central America for centuries. It is a unique plant that has both a male and female, and the female tree is the one from which we can derive the proven benefits and uses of Ocotea essential oil.

Looking for the Best Ocotea Essential Oils?

How to use ocotea essential oil for diabetes?

Like many oils, Ocotea is generally considered most helpful when it is allowed to enter the body, either through inhalation or by being applied topically. Diffuse this oil in water, generally, around the time you are eating for it to be in the bloodstream and have an effect on blood glucose.

You can also add 1-2 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil. You can apply this to your abdomen before eating or to the soles of your feet. This may help control sugar levels overnight if applied before bed.

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Ocotea Essential Oil

1. Assist With Blood Sugar Control

Diabetes and other metabolic disorders are becoming a worldwide concern, with rising rates of diabetes-related issues and deaths. While this disease can be prevented or controlled using traditional medical therapies, there are essential oils such as Ocotea that have been proven to affect blood sugar. The constituents of this oil help the body to utilize blood sugar properly, allowing for lowered resistance to the hormone insulin, which helps move the sugar molecules into the cells for usage. In turn, the amount of glucose in the blood is lowered, allowing for better control of the diabetic condition. (1)

Diffuse Ocotea throughout the day to help control insulin production in the body.

2. Treat Fungal Infections

Though the word fungus is not usually a pleasant association, there are different types of fungi already present in and on our bodies, carrying out necessary health functions. They aid in digestion and in controlling the pH balance of certain anatomical areas. However, there are times when this fungus is out of balance, or our bodies become infected by outside fungi like ringworm or athlete’s foot. Ocotea oil has been shown to have an effect on common fungi like candida that causes yeast infections and thrush. It may also help control athlete’s foot in addition to traditional therapies. (2)

Add 2-3 drops Ocotea to a teaspoon of carrier oil and apply to areas of the body where fungi overgrowth is likely to occur, such as between the toes and under rolls of skin.

3. Disinfectant

The need for cleanliness has been apparent since the advent of modern medicine as a means of preventing the spread of disease between ever-changing populations of the world. Many advances have been made in our ability to kill certain bacteria or molds that are the cause of many different types of illnesses. However, these solutions often come with serious side effects or can even be the cause of the evolution of resistant cells that then go on to cause even more serious diseases. Essential oils like Ocotea have natural antimicrobial properties that protect them in nature and are carried over into their oils. Ocotea has been shown to help kill bacteria like listeria and e. Coli, both serious foodborne illnesses that are often found in the kitchen. (2)

Add Ocotea to vinegar to make a spray for cleaning the hard surfaces of your home. Add together with other antimicrobial oils like lemon and tea tree for a deep clean.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure may be the result of many different causes, from illness to chronic arterial inflammation. It may be a symptom of future heart issues, and so it is important to monitor and assist with controlling blood pressure. Ocotea oil has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, including arterial walls. It also reduces stress levels and thus the stress hormones that cause an increased heart rate as well as increased blood volume. (3)

Diffuse ocotea throughout your house to help reduce blood pressure as well as assist in controlling stress levels that may lead to higher blood pressure.

5. Protect the Brain

Many different environmental factors and disease can affect the brain. The brain can also be damaged by physical means, such as head trauma or even strokes. Many diseases and injuries are accompanied by inflammation that further irritates nerves in the brain and may impart further damage beyond the original incident. Constituents found in Ocotea oil have been found to reduce the inflammation found around physical trauma like a stroke, leading to less overall damage and promoting healing in already damaged cells. (4)

Diffuse ocotea oil around your home to help ease inflammation in the body, particularly the brain.

6. Improve Digestive Health

Ocotea essential is comprised of several components that have been proven to protect cells as well as reduce inflammation in cells that are already affected by conditions in the body. This includes sensitive cells like the stomach, which is affected by much of what we consume. The stomach lining is protected by a mucal secretion and lesions, or ulcers occur when this secretion is not enough to protect from stomach acid. Ocotea may help protect the stomach by protecting this mucal layer as well as reducing the inflammation in the cells that have been affected by acid. (5)

What Is the Best Ocotea Essential Oil?

Being a fairly common essential oil, it may be a challenge to find the best Ocotea essential oil for all your needs. We’ve looked at the many different selections available for you and chose the best picks. You can enjoy the benefits of Ocotea oil with the recommendations below.

Young Living Ocotea Essential Oil

Young Living Ocotea Essential OilThis essential oil is promised to be grown on company-controlled farms, so product is controlled from seed to sealing in the bottle. It is also organic, which makes it free from any chemicals that may cause reactions. This makes it perfect for applying either directly to the skin or using in a carrier oil for topical applications.

Best for: Topical Applications


Silky Scents Ocotea Organic Essential Oil

Silky Scents Ocotea Organic Essential OilThis product is organic, making it free of pesticides that may cause interactions. Sourced from other farms in Ecuador, this oil is ideal to use in your home. Add this scent to your diffuser to help reduce tension, lower blood pressure, and inflammation in the body.

Best for: Diffusing Throughout the Home


My Favorite Use Of Ocotea Essential Oil

My family history is a laundry list of diseases, including many heart-related issues as well as diabetes. These are mainly due to obesity and stress and are completely preventable if given the correct incentive and tools in which to prevent them.

I did not want to struggle with heart disease or diabetes, nor leave it as a burden for my children to bear as I got older. When my doctor started noticing some changes in my weight and blood pressure, I didn’t need to be told twice that something would have to be done.

I started with my diet first. This was moderately successful, but salads weren’t as filling as I wished, and I found myself starving in between meals. This type of snacking was what had caused the problem in the first place. I love chocolate in all its forms.

I needed something to help me, just a little. I wasn’t willing to go into medical solutions when I knew that an essential oil existed that could help me with what I needed to do. I also needed some help with emotional aspects of changing my diet as well, since I tended to be overly anxious about my food choices.

I started with diffusing Ocotea just before meals. I found myself leaving a bit more on the plate each time. This led to putting Ocotea on my wrists during the day. Whenever I’d feel a craving coming on (usually something to do with chocolate), I would give my wrist a quick sniff and feel the anxiousness that accompanied following a new way of eating ease off enough that I didn’t feel like I had to eat something or I would perish.

Using Ocotea allowed me to get my appetite under control and to feel successful with a diet for the first time in a long time.

Recommended Ocotea Based Products

1. Young Living Slique Advanced Ocotea Oolong Cacao Tea

Playing into Ocotea’s proven ability to help control blood sugar and even temporarily suppress appetite, this tea is made for sipping before and between meals. It is also made with a hint of chocolate flavor and slightly sweetened so it may be more appealing than some more bitter black teas. Natural flavonoids and phenols found in tea may also help you to maintain a healthy weight and other health benefits.


2. Young Living Oola Grow Essential Oils

Oola Grow Essential Oils 5ml by Young Living Essential Oils
  • Oola Grow Essential Oils 5ml by Young Living Essential Oils
  • Topical: Apply to desired area as needed.
  • Aromatic: Diffuse up to 30 minutes 3 times daily.

This is a formulated blend of several oils with the purpose to not only calm your mind and body but to also give you the energy to maintain focus. Ocotea is paired with citrus scents that have been shown to help energize your mind while chamomile may help take away any stress that is interfering with that same focus. This oil may be best for diffusing in your home, but it has also been made with carrier oils already in place so you can apply directly to your skin.


Caution of Ocotea Essential Oil

  • Do not use Ocotea if you are taking medicine for high blood pressure as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
  • Consult with your doctor if you are taking medicine which controls your blood sugar as Ocotea may cause hypoglycemia due to its blood sugar-lowering properties.
  • Do not use Ocotea if you are pregnant or nursing to avoid health issues.
  • Always dilute this oil to prevent skin irritation. Test on the skin of the inner arm before applying elsewhere on the body.
  • Always choose quality Ocotea essential oil from reputable suppliers.


I hope you enjoyed learning about the many benefits of Ocotea oil. Be sure to share this information with anyone looking to add natural supplements to their health routines. This oil may be especially helpful with anyone looking for a way to manage their weight and their overall health at the same time.