One of my kids has asthma, and as any parent will tell you, an asthma attack can be scary. Although medications do help, I like to help my kid manage his asthma symptoms as best I can at home with natural remedies. This is why I was so excited to discover the benefits and uses of Palo Santo essential oil.

I found out that this wonderful essential oil has several health benefits. I can also use it around the house for various activities and chores. I rounded up my top six favorite uses of Palo Santo essential oil, and I’m going to share them with you.

Looking for the Best Palo Santo Essential Oils?

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Palo Santo Essential Oil

1. Palo Santo Oil Helps Control Asthma Symptoms

Around the world, over 334 million people have asthma. For my kid, dust was a common trigger that would cause their asthma symptoms to flare up. This would cause them to wheeze and have trouble breathing. As a mom, I’d hate to watch my kids struggle. This is why I was so excited about Palo Santo essential oil. (1)

Palo Santo oil has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. I’d add three or four drops to my diffuser and let my kid breathe it in. I’d put the diffuser in their rooms and switch it on around bedtime. The oil would go straight to their respiratory tracts and help calm down any inflammation. This lets them breathe easier and fall asleep faster. (2)

2. Palo Santo Oil Boosts the Immune System

My kids seem to get sick with every bug that goes around their classrooms. Then they’d bring the illness home, and all of the kids would get it. I didn’t like giving them a lot of medications to try and prevent them from getting sick, so I started looking for natural remedies. (3)

You can make a tea with Palo Santo oil for your kids or anyone in your family. Get one cup of hot water. You don’t want it boiling because this will break down some of the ingredients. Add one tablespoon of coconut oil, half of a tablespoon of raw honey, and one or two drops of Palo Santo oil.

3. Palo Santo Oil Helps You Sleep

Did you know that roughly one in every three adults doesn’t get enough sleep? I know that the stress that comes with balancing my home and family can make it hard for me to unwind and go to sleep. It also makes it difficult to stay asleep, so I’d wake up feeling tired. (4)

I like to make myself a nighttime sleep blend for my bath, and Palo Santo essential oil blends well with floral scents. I mix one cup of Epsom salts with four drops of Lavender essential oil, four drops of Palo Santo essential oil, and two drops of Mandarin essential oil. I pour it all into my bathwater and soak. It helps me relax and get ready for bed.

4. Palo Santo Oil Has Pain Relieving Properties

Have you ever woken up with minor aches and pains? Perhaps you have an occasional headache that lingers in the back of your head. You can take OTC medications to remedy these aches and pains, but I like to take the more natural route if I can help it. (5)

I like to make a massage oil that I can massage into my temples or my joints to help with the aches and pains. Palo Santo oil is a great anti-inflammatory agent, and this can help take a lot of the pain or swelling away. I mix four or five drops of Palo Santo oil into one ounce of Jojoba carrier oil and gently massage it into the sore area. It works wonders and takes the pain away. (6)

5. Palo Santo Oil is a Natural Deodorizer

Between the kids and my pets, there is usually some odd smell trapped in my furniture or carpet. Cleaning them constantly isn’t an option, and I don’t like the smell of artificial deodorizers. I wanted to find something that smelled nice, and that would last for more than a few hours. (7)

For thousands of years, various people used Palo Santo oil to cleanse their bodies and homes, so I wanted to try it in my own home. I got an eight-ounce spray bottle and added two cups of water with eight drops of Palo Santo oil, four drops of cedarwood oil, and four drops of jasmine. It does have a powerful scent at first, but it smells lovely as it dries out.

6. Palo Santo Oil Helps Clear up Your Skin

Do you have problems with your skin? Maybe you get irritated and red patches of dry skin? Maybe your skin is simply aging. Either way, using Palo Santo oil can help to clear up your skin and keep it looking young and healthy. It has powerful antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. (8)

I like to use Palo Santo oil at night before I go to bed. I dilute a few drops of oil into the water and use it as a light face scrub. I let it stay on my face for two or three minutes before I rinse it off. It takes any makeup residue, oils, or bacteria that can cause breakouts on inflammation.

What is the Best Palo Santo Essential Oil?

The best Palo Santo essential oil works to cleanse your senses while providing a calming experience each time you inhale it. Originating from “holy wood,” this essential oil has thousands of years of use as a spiritual aid with a lingering scent.

Plant Therapy Palo Santo Essential Oil

You’ll get a woody, sweet, and fruity scent with this essential oil that can help you slip into a serene state to meditate. The oil is 100% pure, and it goes through several testing rounds before the public gets it to ensure quality.

Best for: Meditation


Shamans Market Palo Santo Essential Oil

You’ll get strong antibacterial properties with this essential oil that makes it a good choice for a natural cleaning agent. The lingering scent can also make your home smell fresh and clean each time you use it.

Best for: Cleaning


Mountain Rose Herbs Palo Santo Essential Oil

Although this essential oil is great by itself, it can also help to round out several different oil blends. The spicy and sweet aroma goes well with lemon, sandalwood, rose, vetiver, cedarwood, and many more.

Best for: Blending


My Favorite Uses For Palo Santo Essential Oil

My whole family likes the fresh and woody scent of Palo Santo oil. This means that I can use it around the house to freshen up the smell, and it’s a great deodorizer. This is especially true when I forget clothing in the laundry for a day or two. Who hasn’t forgotten about a load of laundry, and you get hit with a musty smell when you do open the washer?

I make a quick deodorizing spray with eight ounces of water and a few drops of Palo Santo oil. I also like to add lavender or citrus-based oils for a slightly different scent. It stops mold from growing, and it keeps my clothes smelling great wash after wash!

My kids love to have Palo Santo oil added to their baths because it helps them relax and get ready for bed. I add a few drops into their bathwater when I’m running it and swirl it around. The warm water diffuses the oil and leaves a calm and comforting scent that radiates from the water.

My youngest had a problem with dry and flaky skin, especially on her scalp. I mix three or four drops in with their shampoo. It gives it a great smell, and it helps with their dry skin. Additionally, it’s also a great repellent for lice. What mom hasn’t felt dread when they get that email saying one kid had it during their annual check?

Recommended Palo Santo Based Products

Au Natural Organics Palo Santo Hydrosol

Au Natural Organics Palo Santo Hydrosol 3.4 Oz
  • A co-product of essential oil distillation, herbal hydrosols contain...
  • Because hydrosols are less concentrated than oils and water soluble,...
  • Apply to brown spots, dark patches, rough spots and other damaged...

If you plan to use Palo Santo oil topically, you have to dilute it. This can be intimidating for people who are new to essential oils, and Au Natural Organics Palo Santo Hydrosol takes the worry away. It’s already diluted when you get it and ready to use.

This product is excellent to use on your skin for topical applications, and it’s also excellent for meditation or getting ready to do yoga. You can spritz it around your room or on yourself without a problem. Since it’s diluted, it also has a slightly light scent.


Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense Sticks

Alternative Imagination Premium Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense Sticks, for Purifying, Cleansing,...
  • 6 Pieces of high quality, true Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens)
  • Sustainably & ethically sourced in South America
  • Harvested from naturally fallen trees

These wild harvested Palo Santo incense sticks are perfect for burning around your home. They release the typical fragrance that you would expect, but it’s not as overpowering as the oil can be. You can pick from 6, 12, or 20 sticks, and each stick is roughly four inches long.

The wood is slightly porous, and this means that it’ll go out on its own relatively quickly. You’ll be able to make it last longer, and it’ll go out before the scent gets overpowering. They’re very good for beginners and people who would rather use incense sticks than essential oils.


Caution of Palo Santo Essential Oil

  • This essential oil is very concentrated, and it can cause skin irritation if you apply it directly without diluting it.
  • Do not use this oil on children under five, if you are pregnant, or if you’re breastfeeding.
  • Test this oil on a small patch of skin before widespread use because it can cause irritation.
  • Speak with your doctor before ingesting Palo Santo oil, even before you dilute it in a tea or drink.
  • Always choose quality Palo Santo essential oil from reputable suppliers.
  • As this is a stronger oil, you want to keep it out of your children’s reach.
  • Don’t use Palo Santo essential oil on your pets because it can be toxic, even in small doses.

The Bottom Line

Did you like my list of the benefits and uses of Palo Santo essential oil? Perhaps you have a favorite blend of essential oils featuring Palo Santo oil that I didn’t have on my list. Either way, I want to hear from you! I want you to tell me about your favorite uses of this oil. Tell me what you thought of my post in the comment section below, and share if you liked it!