Something is inspiring about citrus scents, whether it is the reminder of clean with lemon or the energetic morning of orange and grapefruit. Petitgrain has the subtle scent of orange that may help bring focus and emotional balance to your busy day or even break through the anxiety preventing you from completing a stressful project. Petitgrain essential oil benefits and uses can be applied in many areas of your daily life.

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Something is inspiring about citrus scents, whether it is the reminder of clean with lemon or the energetic morning of orange and grapefruit. Petitgrain has the subtle scent of orange that may help bring focus and emotional balance to your busy day or even break through the anxiety preventing you from completing a stressful project. Petitgrain essential oil benefits and uses can be applied in many areas of your daily life.

Looking for the Best Petitgrain Essential Oils?

Petitgrain Essential Oil Benefits

Known as “poor man’s neroli”, petitgrain still holds a close second to its costlier relative in terms of health benefits. If you’re looking for ways to boost skin health, reduce anxiety, or ease digestive issues, petitgrain essential oil has a range of benefits.

1. Helps Promote Calm

Anxiety is a common health affliction that can have a negative impact on daily life. Not only does it affect personal relationships and work, but it may also be costly to treat medically and come with a host of undesired side effects. A study on the effects of linalool, a major constituent of petitgrain oil, was found to reduce anxiety in mice who were introduced to new, brightly lit environments. (1) Further anecdotal evidence has been presented that using petitgrain as aromatherapy in stressful environments, such as medical offices, has a user reported a reduction in anxious feelings before and after procedures.

2. Balance Emotions

Given the number of connections we are affected by in our daily lives, whether through our careers or in our families, we may often feel like our emotions are out of balance. This may appear as the blues or even an inability to remain calm in stressful situations. Using a mouse model with situations that show a positive response to antidepressants, mice showed the chemical markers that indicated a response to emotion regulation. (2) This same study also confirmed the calming effects that reduce anxiety, which often occurs hand in hand with emotional issues such as depression.

3. Antispasmodic

Many body systems are made of smooth muscle that moves along without any need for thought. These muscles are just as prone to cramping or distress as the muscles we use to move our bodies consciously. The frequency of smooth muscle contraction of the digestive tract was shown to decrease after application during a study focused on the antispasmodic properties of oils like petitgrain. (3) This effect may prevent cramping and flatulence by allowing the passage of gas

4. Anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to anything that causes a change to the system. This may be as simple as a papercut with mild symptoms of inflammation or as serious as food intolerances that may have life-altering consequences. Inflammation occurs when cells are damaged. A 2002 study found that inflammation was reduced in mice with induced edema, allowing for faster recovery from the issue. It was concluded that this effect is most likely due to the major constituent linalool. (4) Petitgrain essential oil has also shown high antioxidant properties, as well. This can help prevent inflammation caused by free molecules that can damage cells.

5. Skin Care (Acne, oily skin)

As our skin is the first thing that many people notice about each other, you may want to take care of it beyond just a perfunctory wash in the shower. Essential oils, such as petitgrain have many properties that may make it useful for skincare. In a study from 2017, petitgrain was shown to promote healthy dermal fibroblasts, which generate connective tissue and help the skin repair itself from injury. This may include possible scarring from infected pores due to acne vulgaris. It was also shown to be antimicrobial, which may keep the skin bacteria-free and prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin. (5)

Petitgrain Essential Oil Uses

A much more affordable alternative to neroli, petitgrain can be used around your house in several ways. With a subtle citrus scent reminiscent of oranges, you can find several uses for petitgrain essential oil, whether for your home or your healthy routines.

Aromatic Uses

  • Add a few drops of petitgrain to a diffuser. It also blends well with other citrus oils such as orange and lemon and floral scents like lavender or chamomile.
  • Add petitgrain to distilled water in a dark glass spray bottle to make a hydrosol solution. Spray around the office to ease anxiety.
  • Drop onto cotton balls and place inside your pillowcase to calm emotions at bedtime.

Topical Uses

  • Dilute with a carrier oil such as jojoba for a facial application. Test this on the underside of your forearm to look for contact dermatitis.
  • Add 6 drops petitgrain, 2 drops ylang-ylang, 4 drops orange and 2 drops geranium to a ½ cup of sugar or salt that has been prepared with ¾ cup for a favorite carrier oil. Apply to skin during a shower, using a quarter-sized amount until your body is clean.
  • Add 4 drops each of petitgrain, peppermint, and ginger to 2 ounces of carrier oil. Apply to your abdomen as needed for abdominal distress.

What Is the Best Petitgrain Essential Oil?

When choosing between the number of options available to you, it can seem overwhelming if you are searching for the best petitgrain essential oil. We’ve researched dozens of companies and products looking for the ideal oil for you to use in your daily life. We’ve chosen our top three and recommended them for you below.

Plant Therapy Organic Petitgrain Essential Oil

This company produces oils that are certified to be free of synthetics and GMOs. This oil also comes with their KidSafe seal, making it perfect for use around young children. Diffuse this oil when your student may need a bit of extra focus and energy to get their work done.

Best for: Families with Children


Miracle Botanicals Petitgrain Bigarade Essential Oil

This product is made with material sourced from local farms with the consumer’s health in mind. This oil would be appropriate for diffusing throughout your house so you can enjoy the sense of calm and easing of anxiety that petitgrain is known for.

Best for: Diffusing During Stressful Situations


doTERRA Petitgrain Essential Oil

A well-known name when it comes to producing quality essential oils, this company sources material that is high quality and tests each production batch vigorously to meet their own standards for being considered therapeutic grade. This oil would be best to add to carrier oils for facial care or even whole body massages to help you relax after a long day at work.

Best for: Improving Skin Health


My Favorite Uses For Petitgrain Essential Oil

I love citrus oils. I love the way they remind me of pleasant mornings when the most important thing I need to do is make a cup of tea and watch the sunrise. Since using essential oils, I’ve also discovered that my focus improves, and my energy increases so I can get more done without worrying.

The many petitgrain essential oil benefits and uses have quickly led this oil to become one of my essentials. I admit that I first went for it as an alternative to the extremely expensive neroli, but I’ve fallen in love with it for its own merits. The scent is more subtle than neroli or bitter orange, making it blend well with scents that tend to clash or overpower. I have no problem using it along with peppermint, which has always been an issue since it reminds me of the bad taste in my mouth that is caused when I drink orange juice after brushing my teeth. Petitgrain is subtle enough to be lost in the mix.

I’m always experimenting with focus blends that help control the anxiety I feel with approaching deadlines or events, but don’t make me too sleepy to work. Petitgrain working along with lemon and lavender helps to relax me while I work but doesn’t put me to sleep like lavender alone would. This particular synergy is usually part of my Monday morning routines when I’m trying to beat my procrastination into submission.

Recommended Petitgrain Oil-Based Products

1. Thesis All Natural Organic Facial Wash

Thesis All Natural Organic Facial Wash - Daily Harmony - Cleanser for Oily, Combination, Problem...
  • Only Organic and All Natural ingredients
  • Chemical free - no detergents, artificial fragrances, preservatives,...
  • Effectively cleans and removes impurities leaving cooling, fresh...

Unlike other soaps that use chemicals to strip oils from the skin, this facial wash is made with organic oils that have been made into the soap, so it removes oil but also leaves the skin moisturized. It does not cause the skin to overproduce oil in response to cleansing. Essential oils such as tea tree and petitgrain can help control bacteria on the skin and reduce inflammation caused by skin issues such as acne vulgaris.


2. BOGUE Grease Monkey Luxury Goat Milk Soap Gift Set

BOGUE Grease Monkey Luxury Goat Milk Soap Gift Set- Three Aggregate Soap to Exfoliate, Remove Grease...
  • Artisanal soap handmade in Ojai, California with fresh raw Goat Milk...
  • Luxury Goat Milk, WELLNESS & BESPOKE soap made with a purpose, hand...
  • Rich in nourishing Vitamins A,E, B6, B12 and hydrating proteins which...

This soap is designed with the working man in mind. It is formulated from goat’s milk to lift grease and oils and contains abrasives to free dirt and grease from the creases on the fingers and hands. Essential oils such as petitgrain and orange help protect skin from the damage that can be caused by over-washing or using chemical degreasers. These features may make this soap able to better clean the skin and prevent the need for multiple hand washings that may occur with other products. The citrus scent may make it more appealing for a man as well.


Caution of Petitgrain Essential Oil

  • Petitgrain may have a mild stimulant effect. Do not use if you take medications that contain stimulant chemicals or consume products that contain caffeine. This may lead to heart palpitations or a racing heartbeat.
  • Test this oil on a patch of skin before applying topically. It has not been shown to cause photosensitivity but may cause contact dermatitis in individuals with sensitive skin.
  • Petitgrain may interfere with the body’s ability to break down certain medications.
  • Always remember to dilute pure oil with a carrier oil. This will prevent adverse skin reactions.
  • Always choose quality Petitgrain essential oil from reputable suppliers.


I hope you enjoyed learning about petitgrain benefits and uses and how it may be useful in your own daily life. Petitgrain may be known as poor man’s neroli, but it has proven itself able to help ease digestive issues and promote a calming atmosphere in stressful situations. Please share this list with anyone who may be looking to learn more about this useful oil.