Much like lemon or orange oil, nothing reminds me of clean quite like the smell of pine. Disinfecting your home is only one of the many proven benefits and uses of pine oil. This oil may help keep your skin clear and improve your breathing as well.

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Much like lemon or orange oil, nothing reminds me of clean quite like the smell of pine. Disinfecting your home is only one of the many proven benefits and uses of pine oil. This oil may help keep your skin clear and improve your breathing as well.

Looking for the Best Pine Essential Oils?

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Pine Essential Oil

1. Prevent Cell Damage

Pine oil is not only used to keep your household clean, but it has also been shown to have several benefits to your body, including your cells. We are surrounded by free radicals which cause stress and damage to all the cells of our bodies, leading to premature aging and may even be the cause of some cancers. (1) Pine oil antioxidant properties help prevent this damage and may help cells repair the damage they have already suffered.

To enjoy this benefit, apply pine oil in a carrier such as witch hazel to protect the skin of your face and prevent the signs of aging such as spots.

2. Disinfectant

When thinking about more natural substances to have around your house as a cleaner, pine oil should be right next to lemon and other citrus oils. It isn’t just the pleasant odor that makes it one of the ingredients in many cleaners, especially for hard surfaces like those found in your kitchen. Pine oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that work against several types of germs, including listeria and salmonella. These can be found on your countertops after working with uncooked meat, but pine oil can be used in a spray of oil and distilled water to keep these surfaces clean and your family safe from foodborne illness. (2)

3. Air Purifier

Thousands of people suffer from allergies, ranging from mold to dust and pollen. It’s prohibitively expensive to try and filter the air and even then, you must replace or clean the filters constantly. Pine essential oil has been shown to have fungicidal properties, killing the molds that linger in the air and may affect allergies and even people with asthma. (3)

Adding pine oil to lemon or orange oil in your diffuser will fill your house with a refreshing smell and all three oils are known to kill many types of bacteria and fungus which may affect the air in your house. Used in conjunction with your air filters, you may reduce some allergy symptoms.

4. Control Insects

Many essential oils are excellent for not only repelling insects but also for helping to control them in your environment. Many types of pine trees are naturally resistant to different types of bugs and parasites and the oil made from the tree also shares these qualities. Essential oils like pine work to keep the insects from laying eggs and so control the insect population before it even begins. (4)

Spraying a mixture of citronella, pine, and lemon around your backyard may help reduce the population of many pests, including flies and mosquitoes. You can enjoy the natural scents while your family plays outside, pest free.

5. Control Allergies

For people with allergies or other types of breathing difficulties, it can be a battle for months every year to be able to breathe normally without the symptoms of coughing or sneezing. Many even suffer from other symptoms of allergic reactions such as watery eyes and a runny nose. Some of these symptoms are caused by molds and fungi that irritate the lining of the throat, nose, and lungs, exacerbating the body’s response to the presence of allergens.

Pine oil has been found to work against myriad substances that cause lung irritation, making ideal for allergy sufferers to add to their seasonal allergy toolkit. (5) Diffusing this oil in the air will help kill any of these allergens before you breathe them.

6. Scalp Treatment

Using pine oil for hair and scalp treatment is an old-world solution to a pervasive problem. Because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, pine oil may be good use on scalp issues such as psoriasis and dandruff, as it soothes as it kills any infections that may occur on the skin. (6) Pine tar has been used to treat severe dry scalp as well and can help clear up the flakiness which occurs with dandruff.

You can make your own shampoo using castile soap with a few drops of pine essential oil. The anti-inflammatory abilities should decrease redness and itching and, in turn, decrease dandruff, producing clean looking hair.

What is the Best Pine Essential Oil?

Since it can be a lot of work to find the best pine essential oil, we made it our goal to make it as easy as possible for you. We researched and picked out three high-quality pine essential oils for you below.

Plant Therapy Pine Essential Oil

The strong, clean scent associated with this essential oil makes it excellent for diffusion. It’s a 100% therapeutic-grade oil that offers room-filling scent. There are no fillers, additives, or bases in this pick, and it’s great for people who want an organic product.

Best for: Diffusion


Aura Cacia Organic Pine Essential Oil

There are no synthetic fragrances, colors, or stabilizers in this essential oil. It’s organic, 100% pure, and free of parabens. The scent makes it a great choice to add to men’s personal care products.

Best for: Men’s Personal Care Products


Edens Garden Pine Essential Oil

If you need to feel rejuvenated or refreshed, you can pop a few drops of this essential oil into your jewelry. It can help clear your mind and help you focus. Additionally, it comes in several sizes that allows you to tailor your order to suit your needs.

Best for: Rejuvenation


My Favorite Uses For Pine Essential Oil

At different stages of my life, I have had hair that was prone to being dry and a scalp that itched to the point my teachers were always checking my head for lice. The dandruff was so bad that my shoulders constantly appeared to be covered with fine white flakes like snow and I could never, ever wear anything dark colored for fear of everyone seeing the evidence of my terribly dry scalp. It was an embarrassment wherever I went.

I tried everything on the market: dandruff shampoos, coconut oil. I spent hundreds of dollars on salon quality materials, even buying several products recommended at my stylist, anything to try and keep the itch away and get rid of the perpetual redness and irritation that I suffered from daily, no matter how much did or did not shampoo my hair.

The only solution came down to a pine tar shampoo and a conditioner with added pine oil. The relief was almost immediate. The redness disappeared, and the itching went away within a few uses. My scalp stopped flaking so badly, and I no longer appeared to be infested. Whenever the itching threatens to return, I start by grabbing a bottle of pine tar shampoo and reaping the benefits.

Recommended Pine Oil-based Products

MagSol Organics Magnesium Deodorant Peppermint & Pine

This deodorant comes made with four simple ingredients to ensure quality including beeswax, almond oil, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and magnesium oxide. You get a smooth formula that glides on without any clumps, and it’s free of baking soda, aluminum, phthalate, paraben, and triclosan.

This is a limited-edition product with a single batch, so you can rest assured of the quality of each product. It’s made in the United States and certified as being cruelty-free. This makes this deodorant a great choice to use for yourself or to give as a gift.


Grandpa’s Pine Tar Bar Soap

Grandpa's Pine Tar Bar Soap 3.25 Ounce (Pack of 3)
  • TRIPLE VALUE PACK! You are buying THREE of Pine Tar Soap - 3.25 oz. -...
  • Pine Tar Soap hasa refreshing natural pine tar scent and works as a...
  • Pine Tar Soap

If you have skin that is itchy or are prone to body odor, this soap may help soothe your skin issues. Pine is known to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it will help with any redness due to itching, which may also reduce the itching itself. The pine also has substances which kill the bacteria in sweat that cause bad odor. This soap may help give you nice skin and a pleasant odor.


Caution of Pine essential oil

  • Make sure that you are using oil that has been distilled from Pinus sylvestris so as not to confuse it with human-made cleaning solutions that imitate a pine scent.
  • Use therapeutic grade oil, especially if using as an appetite suppressant, to prevent any problems.
  • Use sparingly on the skin and mixed with a carrier oil to prevent skin reactions and irritations.
  • Use a small amount when diffusing to prevent any irritation from inhalation.


Now that you’re aware of the many benefits and uses of pine essential oil, I hope that you will add it to your essential oil collection. Allergy season may look different with a few drops in your diffuser. Be sure to share with anyone who may be looking for ways to use this powerful oil beyond just mopping the floor.