Essential oils offer users the chance to customize a blend for exactly the condition they want to address. Once you have your oils, you’ll want roller bottles for easy application, and you’ll need labels to keep everything organized. Thanks to the unique stickers included in this list, you can customize your blends and your bottles for just what you and your family need. Whether you’re hoping to boost your immune system or your confidence, these oils can help!

The Right Label for Your Roll-On Bottles

Let Your Creativity Shine!

The study of oils can be the work of a lifetime. The more you know, the more you realize that this ancient science goes deep! Also, a knowledge of oils can help you gain control of your health and enable you to act on whatever condition you’re suffering.

Blending Your Own Oils

There are many recommendations available for the best oil blends. From online videos to recipes from old apothecary texts, you can find great ideas for the best combinations for your condition or concern.

Storing Your Own Oil Blends

Once you’ve created your blends, you’ll need to store your oil in an easy to access the container. Be aware that while pure oils don’t go rancid, they can oxidize and lose their potent aromatic quality.

To make sure you’re using the freshest and most effective oils and oil blends, be ready to add a date to your bottles. The tags included in this listing are vinyl, so you’ll need a permanent marker for adding a date. Also, your label will need to dry completely before you touch the ink.

Choose A Label That Starts The Healing

Boosting your health with essential oils can be a choice to move a bit more slowly; while a chemical or surgical treatment for some conditions may be a quicker option, an essential oil choice puts you in control of your healing and lets you build back your health over time.

Selecting a label that speaks to you; that holds your attention from the moment you take the label from the shelf or case is a great way to embrace your healing choice before you even open the bottle. Ever struggled with a container of western medicine? You go from feeling bad to fighting mad while you struggle to get at the product that’s supposed to make you feel better, and it may even lead to despair over the condition.

Now imagine picking up a beautiful bottle, wrapped in a label of your own choosing. Inside this bottle is an oil blend of your making, created by you for yourself or your family. Even before you open the container, you’re in control of the product and can expect a positive outcome.

Work Clean

Once you’ve selected your stickers and are ready to adorn your bottles with a design that speaks to you, remember to stay very patient and work cleanly. You’ll need rubbing alcohol and a paper towel, cotton ball or tissue. Seal the bottle carefully and wash your hands. Wipe the entire surface of the container with rubbing alcohol to make sure it’s completely oil-free, then wrap it in your label.

If you want to date your stickers or make any other mark on them, be sure to use a fine, permanent pen. If possible, mark the stickers so they can dry, untouched, overnight. This should reduce the risk of smudging your customized label.

A selection of Recommended Labels for Roller Bottles

Kid Friendly Monster Edition Bottle Tags

Essential Oil Roller Bottle Labels | Vinyl Waterproof Stickers | Kids Friendly Monster Edition With...
  • HIGH QUALITY VINYL STICKERS & WATERPROOF - Don't fret about the these...
  • 10 UNIQUE DESIGNS. Each order comes with 10 unique designs, 2 labels...

If you blend your own oils to help your children focus, feel better and have more fun, these fun and frisky kid-friendly stickers will get them engaged in the process.

Your vinyl and waterproof essential oil stickers run the gamut from breathing deeply to focusing; from waking up in the morning to lying down at night. There’s a label for bad days and for joyful times, and best of all a label to remind kids to Chillax!

This packet features two tags of each design for a total of 20 stickers and a blending guide with recipe suggestions to help you create the right blends for you and your family. The instructions for using these stickers are quite straightforward: clean the bottle with rubbing alcohol and carefully press the label in place all the way around the jar; you’re ready to mix and apply!


Got Oil Supplies Vinyl Essential Oil Tags

Got Oil Supplies Vinyl Essential Oil Labels - Fits 10ml Roller Bottles and Boston Round Glass Vials...
  • Now there are essential oil vinyl labels for your favorite EO blends;...
  • You will receive 24 vinyl labels in your choice of color (Blue/Pink,...
  • Each label is waterproof, oil proof, smudge-proof and oil resistant;...

These vinyl tags offer a simple script for each of your roller bottles. Names include states of mind such as

  • calm
  • peace
  • inspire
  • focus, and
  • motivate

In addition, there are stickers for digestion, sleep, headache and owie. Thanks to their vinyl construction, each of these 24 unique and helpful stickers will make it easy for you to organize and arrange your unique oil blends.

The Got Oil vinyl tags are available in pink, blue, gold and silver and are sized to fit your 10 ml roller bottles beautifully.


Rivertree Life Apothecary Oval Poly Kraft Look

120 Apothecary Oval Poly Weatherproof Kraft Look Essential Oil Bottle Labels Plus 120 Matching Top...
  • You will have fun labeling your DIY esssential oil blends with these...
  • The unique text on each label represents many of the popular DIY...
  • These peel and stick labels are printed on poly weatherproof material...

Fans of traditional design will love these durable vinyl tags styled to look like old-fashioned brown paper. The 10 ml bottle stickers include a total of 120 (20 different designs with 6 each.) Their names include

  • Oh Migraine
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Let it Go, and
  • Perspective

Of course, Feel Better and Tummy Tamer are also available. If these are old-fashioned medicinal goals, let’s get busy bringing them back!

In addition to the 10 ml bottle tags, this set features dots for the tops of smaller bottles. The detail on these labels is quite good; in addition to the brown paper backing, each label features an old-school typography for easy reading and a unique border design.


Rivertree Life 45 Kazoo Poly Weatherproof Stickers

45 Kazoo Poly Weatherproof Labels + 45 Matching Round Stickers for Lip Balm or Essential Oils by...
  • You will have fun labeling your DIY lip balms and personal inhalers...
  • These peel and stick labels are printed on poly weatherproof material....
  • Best as hand written labels. Do not use a gel pen. Not intended for...

If you like lots of colors, you’ll love these bright and cheery labels with a spot for you to hand-write your custom blend.

There are 3 sheets of 10 ml bottle tags with 15 different designs per sheet. Besides, you’ll find 45 1/2″ dots for bottle tops or lip balm containers. As with all vinyl tags, the manufacturer recommends you not use a gel pen on them. Users report that a fine point permanent marker (such as a Sharpie) will work on these stickers; just be sure to let them dry completely before touching them.

You will want to clean the bottle thoroughly with rubbing alcohol to make sure there’s no oil on the bottle to prevent a good “stick”, so your custom blend is easy to locate.



Whether you use other people’s blends or create your own, essential oils are an exciting tool for a healthy (and calm) life. Depending on your style, you can easily find just the tags you need to personalize your oil blends.

The rediscovery of oils has changed the lives of many people. They’re an ideal addition for anyone hoping to build themselves and their family a safer, simpler life. Please let us know if this list was helpful to you! Your comments are much appreciated, and we’d appreciate your sharing this article if you found it useful. We wish you good health and great joy.