The scent of roses is almost synonymous with romance and affection. Bright red roses are common gifts for anniversaries and birthdays or most famously, as apologies to your significant others even if you may not be sure what you did wrong. Many cultures have used rose otto essential oil for fertility as well as romance for centuries. Beyond a symbol of eternal love, there are many proven benefits and uses of rose otto essential oil.

Looking for the Best Rose Otto Essential Oils?

What Is the Difference Between Rose and Rose Otto?

The differences between many oils, including rose and rose otto, come down the manner of extraction. There are a few common methods: distillation, extraction, and expression. Each method extracts the beneficial constituents from the plant material and often yields different results or concentrations. The final oil allows for the benefits to be absorbed through the skin more efficiently than consuming the plants.

Rose Otto is steam distilled from rose petals, resulting in a lighter colored oil of a lower concentration. It still contains the same constituents and their benefits but requires a much larger quantity of rose petals to obtain, making it much pricier. Anything marketed as just rose oil may have been created by using a chemical solvent, making it better suited for perfumes.

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Rose Otto Essential Oil

1. Assist With Fertility

There are a number of factors that can interfere with fertility. Trying to get pregnant can result in a large amount of stress and anxiety, which in turn affects the body and hormones that are necessary to provide the situation needed to allow conception to happen. Rose otto oil helps by allowing the body to relax. It can ease depression, allowing the brain to release and use hormones that regulate mood. It may also decrease the anxiety that often accompanies repeated attempts at becoming pregnant. (1)

Add 1-2 drops of oil to a carrier oil like sweet almond and apply to the abdomen and neck to allow the oil to help relax any tension that occurs, especially during intimate moments.

2. Healthy Skin

A skin ages, it can become more sensitive, especially to the outer environment, which is full of chemicals that can wreak havoc on your skin. These effects include overly dry skin, infections like acne vulgaris, and even premature aging. The skin may lose moisture and elasticity, showing fine lines or brown spots. Rose oil’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties can help soothe skin and kill the bacteria that become trapped in pores. It will also not over dry the skin, allowing for natural oil production. (2)

Add 1-2 drops of rose otto oil to your current moisturizer to help protect your skin from bacteria in the pores or help prevent the signs of early aging.

3. Improve Mood

Today’s busy lives can lead to all manner of stress and tension. We often find ourselves short on time to get the necessary things done. This can lead to a down mood and if it occurs for a long enough period of time, depression. Many essential oils have been used to help improve mood. Rose otto oil has been proven to help bring up your mood or even improve symptoms of depression when used in stressful environments. This may be due to its ability to help regulate how the body produces and uses certain hormones. (3)

Rose oil blends easily with other floral scents like lavender or can cover less appealing scents such as valerian in a calming synergy of oils for your diffuser. Use 1-2 drops of each and diffuse throughout your home or office.

4. Ease Menopausal Symptoms

Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when hormones produced during the childbearing years begin to wane, leaving behind uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes and mood changes. Rose otto oil has been shown to help with the production of testosterone, a hormone that decreases with age. This hormone regulates body temperature and sex drive. (4)

Add rose oil to a carrier oil and apply to the abdomen or feet for fast absorption through the skin.

5. Manage Menstrual Pain

With the ability to have children comes the pains of a monthly cycle. Though severity varies from woman to woman, menstrual cycles come with symptoms such as cramping in abdomen, nausea and bloating. Rose otto has been shown to help manage these symptoms by lessening cramping and helping to manage the pain. Its calming aroma may improve your mood and ability to bear the discomfort of minor cramping. It may also help with cycles that are irregular by encouraging menses to occur. (5)

Dilute rose oil in a carrier oil and apply directly to the abdomen. This may help ease cramping and bloating, giving you relief from the pain of your monthly cycle.

6. Increase Libido

Intimacy is one of the many things that are important in a relationship. However, sometimes the drive may be missing. This can be due to several factors such as stress, anxiety, side effects of medication, or hormones. Rose otto oil has been shown to increase relaxation and ease down moods as well as help regulate the production of testosterone, a hormone that plays a part in your sex drive. This can help with performance anxiety, which may prevent either the ability or the desire for intimacy. (6)

Use rose oil along with ylang-ylang or jasmine for a massage or bath before intimate activities. Diffusing in the bedroom may also help ease anxiety and improve the mood.

What Is the Best Rose Otto Essential Oil?

The sweet and floral scent of this essential makes it extremely popular. However, this also means there are hundreds available, and finding the best Rose Otto essential oil can be difficult. We’ve picked out three great options for you below.

Amrita Aromatherapy Rose Otto Essential Oil

The delicate, sweet scent of this essential oil fills the room and makes it a great aromatherapy aid. It can promote relaxation for both body and mind, and this is excellent on hectic days when you just need to unwind.

Best for: Aromatherapy


Plant Therapy Rose Otto Essential Oil

If you have red and irritated skin, applying a drop or two of this essential oil to your body cream can help soothe the inflammation. Each batch goes through multiple testing rounds to ensure that it’s a high-quality product.

Best for: Irritated Skin


Alteya Organics Organic Essential Bulgarian Rose Oil

If you have tight and sore muscles, this essential oil works well blended into a massage oil. It sinks into the skin and promotes muscle relaxation while the scent can help calm your mind at the same time. It’s potent, so you only need a drop or two.

Best for: Massage


My Favorite Uses For Rose Otto Essential Oil

I’m a romantic. I love the thought of getting red roses from my partner, even if he hasn’t done anything wrong. Just finding a vase of them on my desk, for no particular reason, takes me back to being a teenager just dreaming of my life after meeting the one I wanted to be with.

The dream was quickly set to the side when you see the price tag that comes with these beautiful flowers.

Rose Otto oil is no exception. You can often tell the quality of your oil by its price. If you are finding this oil for very cheap, chances are you’ve purchased an absolute that smells nice but is only good as a perfume.

I’ve struggled with depression for years and have always been under the care of a physician to manage some of the more intolerable aspects. However, even medicine doesn’t touch every symptom, and while my mood has been improved, my love life always suffers.

My go-to oils for encouraging intimacy are ylang-ylang and jasmine, but sometimes you need a drop of rose oil to just really up to your game. Since it is concentrated, a little goes a long way, and so I use only 1-2 drops to make massage oils that are reserved for my partner and me when we’re ready to wind down for the day and take time for each other.

This oil is all mine, though of course, my partner enjoys the benefits that occur from the scent alone. There is just something arousing about the thought of being surrounded by thousands of red roses and being close with the one you love.

Recommended Rose Otto Oil-Based Products

1. Alteya Organic Face Wash with Rose Otto

Alteya Organics Face Wash USDA Certified Organic Skin Care 8.5 Fl Oz/250 mL Bio Damascena...
  • Award-Winning. USDA Certified Organic. Made by Alteya Organics.
  • With Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto (Rosa Damascena Essential Oil)
  • Extra gentle. Suitable for all skin types

Rose Otto is extremely common in body products for its known effects on skin health. This cleanser pairs the oil with other natural ingredients to clean your skin without leaving it too dry. The rose oil would also help manage skin conditions such as acne by helping to remove the oil clogging the pores and killing the bacteria that caused the bumps and redness. This leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized without harsh chemicals that may stimulate overproduction of oil afterward.


2. Organic Doctor Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub

Our skin is in a state of constant renewal, and cells can sometimes remain on the surface of your body long after they have died. This natural process can be helped along with facial scrubs that contain a type of grit that works to remove the dead skin cells and reveal the fresh cells beneath. Removing this skin may help prevent clogged pores and prevent acne. Rose otto oil can help cells remain healthy as well as preventing the formation of bacteria that causes acne. This scrub may open the pores of your skin, so they are ready for a moisturizer, keeping your skin healthy and soft.


Caution of Rose Otto Essential Oil

    • Be sure to use oil that is labeled rose otto or attar of rose. This means that it is a distillation rather than a solution. Solutions are made with oils that are not necessarily safe to use outside perfumes.
    • Do not use rose otto oil internally.


  • Do not use rose otto oil if you are pregnant as it has been used to stimulate the menstrual cycle and may cause abnormal bleeding or miscarriage.
  • Test a patch of skin on your underarm before using rose oil. This will test for skin sensitivities.



I hope you enjoyed learning about the many uses of rose otto essential oil. Please be sure to share this article with anyone hoping to spice up their love life or consider using rose otto oil for fertility issues. The scent will help relax you and improve your mood, along with your relationship.