Once harvested to near extinction for its distinctive wood and beneficial oil, the rosewood tree has many different uses. It has popularity not only for its wood but also the oil made from it which has a high linalool component. Linalool is responsible for several proven benefits and uses of rosewood essential oil.

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Once harvested to near extinction for its distinctive wood and beneficial oil, the rosewood tree has many different uses. It has popularity not only for its wood but also the oil made from it which has a high linalool component. Linalool is responsible for several proven benefits and uses of rosewood essential oil.

Looking for the Best Rosewood Essential Oils?

How Much Linalool Does Rosewood Essential Oil Contain?

Linalool is a naturally-occurring terpene alcohol. You can find it in over 200 different plant species. If you’ve ever smelled fresh or dried lavender, you’ve smelled linalool. It has a very floral scent with a hint of spiciness that makes it popular in essential oils, creams, and more. The amount of linalool depends on the brand of essential oil you purchase.

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Some can have as low as 3% linalool by the time the extraction process finishes. However, it isn’t odd to see higher percentages ranging between 50% to 90%. Of course, this higher concentration will bring out a much stronger scent, and it can require you to increase the dilution ratio before you use it. You’ll get a host of health benefits with the higher concentrations though because linalool is a powerful anti-inflammatory, stress reducer, bug repellent, sedative, and anti-microbial agent. (1)

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Rosewood Essential Oil

1. Ease Depression Symptoms

Unfortunately, depression is a very common ailment in today’s stress-filled world of work and personal commitments. Using rosewood oil in aromatherapy can you improve your mood by reducing the inflamed nerves in your brain that may be inhibiting the creation or proper use of those feel-good hormones your body creates in response to stress. It also has a slight sedative effect so you can let go of the stress and recover from the stress-related chemicals in your body. (2), (3)

Diffuse a few drops of citrus oils to not only ease anxiety but also to fight symptoms of fatigue that often accompany depression. The rosewood will relax you and scents such as lemon and orange may help you feel as if you have the energy to get through the day.

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2. Help with Relaxation

Even if you don’t suffer from depressive symptoms of stress, you may still have tension. Rosewood oil has been shown to have a sedative effect, which allows the body to recover from the onslaught of stress hormones such as cortisol.

Other relaxing oils such as lavender would work with rosewood essential oil recipes, as the woody rosewood scent blends with many floral scents. Add an equal number of drops of each to a carrier oil such as sweet almond and massage into tense muscles such as your shoulders and neck. (4)

3. Increase Libido

Our stressful lifestyles can cause a reduction in our libido. Stress makes us tired to the point where we have little energy left for ourselves. Some people may also suffer from performance anxiety and find it hard to relax enough to enjoy time with another person.

Diffusing this oil in your bedroom before bed will allow you time to relax. A few drops added to a carrier oil will allow for a relaxing massage as well, helping to set the mood. Rosewood essential oil blends well with floral oils such as jasmine, another oil which helps to relax the body and increase blood flow so you can enjoy spending intimate time with your partner. (5)

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4. Wound Treatment

When we cut ourselves, the first thing we run for is the antibacterial cream that uses a number of chemicals that cannot be pronounced. These chemicals can also cause bacteria that are resistant to traditional therapies. Essential oils have been researched for their germ killing ability as supplements or alternatives to human-made antibacterial treatments. (6)

Rosewood not only kills many types of common bacteria and fungus but also has analgesic properties as well. Anti-inflammatory chemicals help reduce inflammation and encourage cells to regenerate faster. This oil may reduce the pain of a wound as well as the time required to heal. (7)

5. Insect Repellent

Insects such as mosquitoes pose a health problem as well as ruining what would otherwise be a pleasant summer evening. Responsible for the spread of such diseases as malaria and H1N1, mosquito control is an essential need around any residence. Common oils such as citronella and lemongrass work well to repel mosquitoes and prevent eggs from developing. Pairing these with rosewood increases the number of insect species which can be controlled and repelled.

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When using rosewood essential oil note that it works best in a synergy of other effective insect repellent oils such as citronella and lemongrass. Using it together with these oils gives you the greatest chance of staying pest free. (8)

6. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Did you know that Rosewood has powerful and lasting anti-inflammatory properties? It’s very effective at relieving pain associated joint issues like arthritis. Additionally, it can also improve the blood flow to these areas and reduce muscle tension. (9)(10)

For the best results, you can make a topical application that you can massage into your skin around the joints. You start by getting a small amount of carrier oil and adding a few drops of rosewood oil. Mix it well, and massage it into the swollen area. Rosewood will help to calm any inflammation that may be present. However, it’s extremely important that you dilute it since Rosewood is a more potent oil.

What is the Best Rosewood Essential Oil?

Since there so many essential oil brands available with Rosewood, it can be difficult to pick out just one. This is why we rounded up the top three best Rosewood essential oil choices and gave you short reviews of each below.

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Plantlife Rosewood Essential Oil

This Rosewood essential oil is excellent to use by itself or blended with other essential oils. It has a very light and flowery scent, and the anti-microbial properties make it a natural weapon against cold and flu season. You can bring it with you to the office to help kill germs and prevent yourself from getting sick.

Best for: Diffusion


Rocky Mountain Oils Rosewood Essential Oil

The sedative effects that come with this essential oil make it a fantastic topical agent. It is gentle enough to dilute and use on all skin types without drying out our skin, causing irritation, itching, or breakouts. You can mix it with your favorite carrier oil and use it as a massage treatment, or you can dab it on your wrists to keep you calm during the day.

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FLORIHANA Organic Rosewood Essential Oil

This essential oil by FLORIHANA is completely organic. It contains 100% natural ingredients and 100% organic ingredients. The steam extraction process helps to keep the essential oil pure, and there are no preservatives in the oil. You’ll get a tin to keep the oil away from the light and at full potency.

Best for: Vegans

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My Favorite Uses For Rosewood Oil

Due to a persistent bout with depression and anxiety, I don’t handle stress very well. My reaction seems irrational to some and just weird to those who really know me and my condition. This is especially prominent when deadlines are approaching at work, and the energy I previously had to work on my projects seems to disappear. I sit at my desk and stare at my keyboard, wondering how I can get everything done for work and still have time to be a mom at home.

My husband has been a victim of this cycle as well. After working hard all day, he’s ready for a night of relaxing and maybe some ‘us time’ after the kids fall asleep. I’m usually so worried about other things that my attention to him suffers.

We’ve used oils such as lavender, jasmine, and ylang-ylang as part of our bedroom routine, giving each other an intimate massage to work through the stress that keeps us from getting into the mood. However, there are some days or even weeks when those calming floral scents aren’t enough to break the cycle of worry and tension.

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Sitting together before bed, reading a book, drinking chamomile and diffusing rosewood throughout the living room sets the relaxed atmosphere of the evening. My husband even likes the rosewood scent better than the floral scents we traditionally turn to since it is a little more woody, or manly in his words. This process is generally enough that I can let go of the day and relax enough to enjoy the attention of my partner.

Recommended Rosewood Oil-Based Products

1. Compagnie de Provence Savon de Marseille

I enjoy any soap or body wash that uses as many natural ingredients as possible. This is intended for a complete body shampoo, head included as well as the body. Rosewood oil may help control body odor since its antibacterial and antifungal properties will help kill the bacteria that causes body odor and temporarily prevent its formation throughout the day. You will also have its calming scent on you as you go about your activities, which may help you relax when faced with stressful situations.


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2. Wise Woman Perfume Oil

This soothing blend of rosewood, lavender, patchouli, clary sage, and basil oils can help you relax and feel feminine. There are no fillers, additives, or bases added to this essential oil mix. This makes it a healthier and safer alternative.

You can use this oil to make a massage oil, dab it on your wrists, diffuse it, or add it to your bathwater for a relaxing and calming feel. You only need a few drops, and this means that you get enough in a single bottle for multiple uses.


Caution of Rosewood Essential Oil

  • Due to its sedative effect, you should not use rosewood oil if you are already taking sedatives or other medications which cause drowsiness.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use this oil since it is not known how this oil may affect the baby.
  • Always dilute the oil with a dispersant in water or a carrier oil as reactions such as contact dermatitis may occur in individuals with skin sensitivities.
  • Use the lowest dose required to receive a benefit to prevent potential health risks.
  • Always choose quality rosewood essential oil from reputable suppliers.


Rosewood oil may help you create a very relaxing atmosphere and ease some of the stress you bring home with you at the end of your workday. Please be sure to share this information with anyone who is looking for stress relief or any of the other proven benefits and uses of rosewood essential oil.

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