As a busy mom, I know how messy the house (and the kids) can get. We’re constantly dealing with scrapes, sickness and plain old dirt. Tea tree oil is one of the staples that I keep around to tackle all of these issues. Tea tree benefits are numerous. I’m sharing some of them so that you can see how one bottle can replace several beauty and cleaning products, save you money and improve your health.

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As a busy mom, I know how messy the house (and the kids) can get. We’re constantly dealing with scrapes, sickness and plain old dirt. Tea tree oil is one of the staples that I keep around to tackle all of these issues. Tea tree benefits are numerous. I’m sharing some of them so that you can see how one bottle can replace several beauty and cleaning products, save you money and improve your health.

Looking for the Best Tea Tree Essential Oils?

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Tea Tree Oil

1. Tea Tree Oil Freshens Your Laundry

Tea tree oil kills microbes in the washing machine, which can be one of the dirtiest places in your home. If your clothes sit in the damp washer for too long, they can grow mold and develop odors.

Adding tea tree oil to the cycle can help clothes and linens come out clean. Add 3 to 10 drops of tea tree oil to detergent to remove odors and microscopic organisms that may be lurking in your laundry.

2. Kills Dust Mites

Tea tree oil can also get rid of dust mites in your home. One Study found that it was as effective as benzyl benzoate, a medication used to treat scabies and lice. (1)

Use it in your laundry to eliminate dust mites on bedding and towels. To eradicate dust mites in your carpet, combine several drops of oil with a few tablespoons of baking soda. Sprinkle it on the rug, and let it sit for 10 minutes before vacuuming.

Just be careful if you have pets. Tea tree oil is not safe for dogs or cats in high doses.

3. Combats Head Lice

Lice can be a nightmare for parents. What’s more, most of these bugs are resistant to traditional over-the-counter treatments. Tea tree oil to the rescue. (2)
Researchers say that a solution that contains 1 percent tea tree oil will kill 100 percent of head lice in 30 minutes. Add it to olive oil to suffocate and eliminate active lice. (3)

To get a 1 percent dilution, use the following ratios of tea tree oil to a solution like shampoo, olive oil or water:

  • 1 mL tea tree to 100 mL other liquid
  • 0.5 mL tea tree to 50 mL other liquid
  • 0.3 mL tea tree to 25 mL other liquid

You can use the shampoo or spray to prevent lice from returning after an infestation.

4. Treats Dandruff

If the white flakes on your scalp are caused by a fungus, tea tree oil can help cure this irritating and embarrassing problem. It has antifungal properties that can kill pityrosporum ovale, the type of yeast responsible for some types of dandruff.

Researchers have found that shampoos with 5 percent tea tree oil are effective against dandruff and have no adverse side effects. Tea tree oil may also be effective in treating scalp psoriasis, another cause of dandruff. (4, 5)

5. Helps With Acne

Tea tree skin treatments can help with acne. It can cleanse the skin, preventing new lesions from forming, and combat the bacteria in existing pimples. This can lead to a reduction in the severity of acne as well as the total number of spots.

Research shows that a 5-percent tea tree solution can significantly reduce the number of inflamed and uninflamed lesions on the skin. It can take a little longer to work than benzoyl peroxide, but it is associated with fewer side effects. (6)

One of the other tea tree benefits for acne is that the oil can gradually reduce scarring. It is most effective when used on hypertrophic scars, those that are red and raised. (7)

This video shows how to use tea tree oil correctly to treat pimples.

6. Is An Effective Household Cleaner

One of the most popular uses for tea tree oil is to kill germs in the home. Terpinen-4-ol, the primary constituent of the oil, has been shown to destroy a wide range of organisms, including:

  • Candida albicans
  • E. coli
  • Staphylococcus epidermidis
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa

The essential oil can also prevent the flu virus from making its way into host cells. This makes it ideal for general cleaning around the home or in schools. (8, 9)

7. Can Soothe Insect Bites And Skin Rashes

The powerful essential oil can reduce inflammation caused by a histamine reaction in the skin. The study showed that it worked to reduce inflammation within 10 minutes. (10)
Therefore, it can relieve itching that’s caused by an allergic reaction. You can use this oil on insect bites, stings, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac and hives.

To use tea tree oil for insect bites, add four drops of the oil to a cup of cold water. Apply to the skin as needed. Keeping the water in the refrigerator can also help. The cold temperature can soothe the itching.

8. Purifies The Air

Tea tree benefits you whether you’re applying it topically or diffusing it into the air. It can kill microbes that you might breathe in, which makes it ideal for use in your home during cold and flu season.

Studies show that when it is used as aromatherapy, it can reduce anxiety, improve sleep and enhance general well-being. (11)

Healthful Studies reported on tea tree oil’s effectiveness for combating common fungi that hang out in household air. (12) The study looked at five cleaning agents for getting rid of indoor fungi, including cavicide, virkon, ethanol, vinegar and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil was found to be the most effective in liquid and vapor form. (13)

9. Tea Tree Oil Helps Cure Ringworm And Athlete’s Foot

Researchers have found that tea tree oil can help treat fungal infections such as ringworm and athlete’s foot. (14) Consumer Reports says that the tea tree benefits may be greatest in people with mild infections. If a toenail fungus has grown into the root, it can be difficult to cure completely with tea tree oil. However, it may also remain resistant to prescription medications. (15)

10. Tea Tree Oil Kills Germs In Wounds

Many tea tree skin remedies are used in place of antibacterial ointment for lacerations. Because tea tree kills MRSA and staph infections, it may be preferable to over-the-counter antibiotic creams. In fact, one study found that Neosporin and Polysporin may lead to antibiotic resistance. Many people are turning to the essential oil as a natural alternative for wound care. (16)

Tea tree oil has also been studied for its effectiveness in treating burns. It can reduce the temperature of the skin, especially when an air current was passed over it. (17) This can help cool the area and helps relieve a sunburn. Tea tree oil was not found to help with scarring from burns.

What is the Best Tea Tree Essential Oil?

Tea Tree oil is one of the stronger options you have, and you want to make sure you get the best Tea Tree essential oil possible when you shop. We’ve scoured the web to find three essential oils for you and gave them short reviews below.

Plant Therapy Organic Tea Tree Oil

The soothing properties of this essential oil can help reduce dry scalp, itching, and flaking when added to shampoo. It comes in three sizes, and it’s 100% pure and certified organic. The dark bottle helps retain the oil’s potency until you use it.

Best for: Dandruff


doTERRA Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Essential Oil

Available in two sizes, this essential oil can stimulate your immune system. You’ll get a very strong and sharp scent that lingers when you open the bottle, and it makes an excellent cleaning agent.

Best for: Boosting the Immune System


Edens Garden Tea Tree Essential Oil

Bacteria and germs can make your laundry stink, even after you wash it. The antibacterial and antimicrobial elements of this oil make it the perfect laundry additive. It also has a long-lasting scent that is great for kid’s clothing.

Best for: Laundry


My Favorite Uses For Tea Tree Essential Oil

Like I mentioned before, I have used this oil in a variety of ways. I keep a spray bottle filled with about three cups of water, ½ cup of white vinegar and 10 drops of tea tree oil with my cleaning supplies. I use this to disinfect my countertops and bathroom. It cuts through grease and leaves everything feeling squeaky clean.

The first time I used it on a cut, I was nervous that it would sting. It probably would have if I hadn’t diluted it. But I wouldn’t recommend putting straight tea tree oil on your skin. I diluted one drop of the oil with 10 drops of water, and it didn’t hurt a bit.

My family’s cuts and scrapes always heal nicely when we use this oil. We also take care to bandage them well, though, so it’s hard to tell if they would have healed properly anyway. Still, it’s nice to have reassurance that we’re doing what we can to fight bacteria.

One of my favorite tea tree uses is in the laundry. What busy mom doesn’t experience that moment when you go to throw some clothes in the washer and realize that you left a wet load in it two days ago? The smell hits you as soon as you lift the lid, and it seems to stick around no matter how many times you put it through another cycle with a ton of soap.

Tea tree oil not only gets rid of that musty smell that permeates the fabric, but it also prevents those pesky mold spots from growing. It also helps my workout clothes smelling fresh even after I’ve sweated in them quite a bit.

I mix a few drops of tea tree oil into my shampoo when my scalp feels dry or gets flaky. It’s an easy thing to keep on hand, and I can use it with my regular shampoo. This always makes me feel better when I get that email from school saying that lice have been found on one of the kids’ heads.

Recommended Tea Tree Oil Products

Tea Tree Oil Soap

TheraTree Tea Tree Oil Soap with Neem Oil - 12oz - Helps Skin Irritation, Body Odor, & Helps Restore...
  • CONCENTRATED VALUE SIZE – Rich Foaming Action and Concentrated...
  • COMPLEXION CONTROL - Helps Wash Away Dirt, Impurities, & Make-up from...

Cleansing your face and body with a tea tree oil solution can help fight odor, combat acne and soothe skin. A tea tree oil soap provides the benefit of additional targeted ingredients that are designed for use on the skin.

TheraTree Tea Tree Oil Soap With Neem Oil is an organic product that contains no synthetic chemicals. I keep some in the shower so that I always have it available.
This product is extremely concentrated; you only have to use a small amount. I like that it’s gentle enough to use on my face or body. Whenever I have breakouts on my back, this clears them right up.

It doesn’t produce a thick lather because it doesn’t contain harmful sulfates. However, if I use this with a bath puff or body sponge, it gives off lush foam.


Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil

artnaturals Tea Tree Essential Oil 4oz - 100% Pure Oils Premium Melaleuca Therapeutic Grade Best for...
  • 100% PURE : it is 100% Pure, unadulterated, therapeutic grade, and...
  • PURIFY & WELLNESS- Supports skin, sharp thinking.The fresh scent of...
  • AROMATIC- Can be used with an essential oil diffuser to provide...

I like having a bottle of tea tree oil on hand so that I can use it in a variety of ways. The ArtNaturals therapeutic grade melaleuca oil comes in a bottle with a dropper, which makes it easy to add to my cleaning solution, laundry detergent, shampoo or diffuser. I don’t have to guess how much I’m using, which helps me keep myself and my family safe.
The oil is 100% pure and doesn’t contain additives or fillers. Therefore, I know that I’m getting the best concentration, and I can dilute it as I see fit.


Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak

Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil and Epsom Salt Pedicure, Foot Soak for Toenail Fungus Treatment,...
  • BODY & FOOT CARE: Our 100% natural Epsom salt foot soak will become a...
  • TEA TREE OIL FOOT SOAK: Pure, essential tea tree oil and Epsom salt...
  • FIGHTS FOOT ODOR: Stinky feet can be embarrassing. If your feet get...

Treating foot fungus can be frustrating. Using a tea tree oil soak can help treat athlete’s foot. Its soothing qualities can have a cooling effect on the skin, which minimizes itching and burning.

Even if you aren’t plagued by tinea, you might find a tea tree oil foot soak relaxing. This tea tree oil therapeutic foot salt with Epsom salt softens calluses and reduces foot odor.
It is also an effective treatment for cracked heels. Soaking your feet before exfoliating them can get rid of dry skin, and the tea tree oil in this foot soak prevents the cracks from becoming infected.


Caution of Tea Tree Oil

  • It should NOT be taken by mouth. Ingesting even small amounts may result in toxicity to animals and humans.
  • This essential oil cannot be used with children under the age of 3, and not recommended during the first three months of pregnancy.
  • Tea Tree essential oil is irritating to the skin, always dilute it in a base oil before dermal application (80% base oil with 20% essential oil).
  • Due to the epileptogenic risk, people with epilepsy must seek medical advice before use.
  • This essential oil may cause dermatitis, test it before use it on a regular basis.
  • Store your Tea tree essential oil out of direct sunlight.
  • Always choose quality tea tree essential oil from reputable suppliers.

The Bottom Line

Are you surprised by all of the uses of tea tree oil? The fact that studies have proven these benefits makes me feel good about using tea tree oil for everything from cleaning to skin care. If you’ve tried tea tree oil or have other ideas for ways to use it, please feel free to leave a comment.