Have you ever heard of Tincture London Home Cleaning? If you're searching for safe and natural cleaning products, Tincture London Cleaning is one company you have to check on. You may have read Tincture London reviews before, but this one is different. We're going to outline a brief history, their key values, and review four Tincture London products. By the end, you'll have everything you need to make an informed decision regarding their products.

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Have you ever heard of Tincture London Home Cleaning? If you’re searching for safe and natural cleaning products, Tincture London Cleaning is one company you have to check on. You may have read Tincture London reviews before, but this one is different. We’re going to outline a brief history, their key values, and review four Tincture London products. By the end, you’ll have everything you need to make an informed decision regarding their products.

Company History

Tincture London started out as a passion project for a busy mother of four who wanted to have safe but effective cleaning products on hand. After testing hundreds of products, she realized that there was nothing on the market that quite fit what she needed.

So, she started combining the power of essential oils with other natural botanical extracts to form Tincture London’s signature cleaning products. They’re all 100-percent natural, clinically tested, eco-friendly, sustainable, cruelty-free, and made by a zero waste company. Today, Tincture London is one of the premier natural cleaning product companies that was created by mothers, for mothers.

Tincture London Key Values

1. 100-Percent Natural and Clinically Tested

Tincture London firmly believes in using 100-percent natural ingredients that have had rigorous clinical testing to ensure their effectiveness and safety. Their products come formulated with a blend of essential oils and botanical extracts that form an effective by safe cleaning product.

The essential oils also work to boost your wellbeing while the botanical extracts naturally break down grime and grease. They also use active silver in their bottles as well as their formulas because it’s a powerful and natural antibacterial and antimicrobial agent. All of these things combine to create Tincture London’s signature product line. (1)

2. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Unlike many companies and products, Tincture London designs their products to be eco-friendly and fully biodegradable. This means that their product packaging comes made from 100-percent recycled plastic. Additionally, the white bottles that the cleaning products come in are safe for reuse and recycling. The sleeves come certified by the FSC, and Tincture London is part of the World Land Trust Charity as well. (2)

This company ensures that all of their ingredients come from sources that are completely and entirely sustainable. This sustainability means that you won’t have to worry about the ingredient sources becoming scarce or endangered. Instead, the ingredient sources will work to balance and replenish what Tincture London uses.

3. Zero Waste Company

Since the beginning, Tincture London dedicated itself to minimizing the waste products that come with manufacturing the products and product packaging. Instead of single-use plastic bottles, they offer glass refills that allow you use to reuse your original Tincture bottle several times before you recycle it. Also, the mini travel bottles come from 100-percent recycled plastic.

As we mentioned earlier, the product sleeves are FSC certified and part of the World Land Trust Charity. This charity works to offset any emissions made during the production of the sleeves by purchasing and protecting endangered rainforests.

4. Cruelty-Free

All of the products at Tincture London receive extensive clinical testing to ensure their safety. However, none of the products get tested on animals. Tincture London believes strongly in acting in an accountable and responsible manner. This is why they don’t commission third parties to perform any animal testing on their behalf.

Additionally, each ingredient for their products gets a thorough review before they use them in their product line to ensure that the parties who supply the ingredients don’t condone animal testing as well. This helps to ensure that the entire company, their products, and the vendors are all 100-percent cruelty-free.

Tincture London Products We Have Tested

1. Furniture Tincture

  • TINCTURE London Furniture natural furniture cleaner
  • TINCTURE London Furniture natural furniture cleaner

The first thing we tested was Tincture Furniture because we wanted a way to get a beautiful and clean home without using chemicals. It doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances or dyes either. We liked that it comes made with a blend that is safe for animals, kids, sensitive skin, and allergies. This product also leaves a nice shine on the furniture because of the beeswax, and we loved this as well.

This furniture cleaner does contain a blend of natural wax and oils, and this can make it slick if it gets onto your hard flooring. This was a minor drawback because it could make it easier for little ones to slip. But, it wipes up relatively easy.

Personally, we were very pleased with how well this furniture cleaner got rid of the dust, left a pleasant smell, and left our furniture shiny and clean without using chemicals. The pine, caraway, and galbanum oils combined with the chamomile extract left a pleasant and lingering scent. (3)(4)(5)


2. Iona Washing Up Tincture

  • TINCTURE London Glass and Mirror natural blend
  • TINCTURE London Glass and Mirror natural blend

If you’re like us, washing up and cleaning up pots and pans after you use them can be a chore. We wanted a natural but effective cleaner that would cut through the bacteria and grease without using strong chemicals. This is where this 100-percent natural washing up liquid came in.

We liked that it was gentle enough to get on even sensitive skin without causing irritation, and this is great for when our kids want to help. It also eliminates the need for wearing gloves to do the dishes. We loved the blend of botanical extracts and essential oils that gave this cleaning agent a very pleasant scent.

We didn’t like that it is very easy to add too much of this cleaner to your water because you only need a few drops. This can lead to a slightly oily feel on your dishes and hands. You can rinse it off quickly in hot water without a problem.


3. Glass Mirror Steel Tincture

TINCTURE London IONA Washing Up 100% natural washing up liquid
The final product we tested was Tincture London’s Glass Mirror Steel Tincture. For people who have a lot of glass, mirrors, or stainless steel in their homes like we do, this product works to clean them, cut through the grime, and leave a streak-free finish and shine.

We liked that it came with a blend of eucalyptus, clove, and thyme oil with chamomile extract. These oils have a pleasant smell that lasts for hours after you wipe your surfaces down. We were also happy that this blend came with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that left our surfaces clean and germ-free. (6)(7)

This product can take a few repeated wipes to get all of it off of your glass or stainless steel products and give it a streak-free finish. However, it leaves behind clean and disinfected surfaces that are safe for your entire family.


Overall Impression of Tincture London Home Cleaning

As a whole, we thought that the brand delivers a very good message. They derive their products from sustainable sources and package them in biodegradable packaging. They also go to great lengths to ensure that their products come from vendors that are cruelty-free, and they extensively clinically test their products without using animals.

We were very impressed that this brand used blends of essential oils and botanical extracts to make powerful cleaning agents that were still safe and natural. There aren’t any sharp or unpleasant scents like you get with traditional cleaners. This made us more willing to use it around our kids and pets. We didn’t have to worry about skin allergies or sensitivities either.

This brand is a good choice for people who are searching for powerful cleaning products, but they don’t want the chemicals that come with traditional products. They’re vegan-friendly as well so they could be a good choice for vegan families as well. There are also different types of cleaners available, and this is great news for people who want to clean their glass and hard surfaces along with their furniture all with one company’s products.


  • Each product goes through a thorough testing process (never on animals)
  • Company has a zero waste policy
  • Cleaners blend essential oils and botanical oil extracts


  • If you use too much, you can get a very strong scent
  • All natural products come slightly more expensive

In Summary

All of the products we tested performed very well at cutting through grease and grime while leaving a clean feel and pleasant smell. This company managed to create cleaning agents that are just as effective as traditional cleaning products without the chemicals.

You will pay more for these products, but Tincture London Cleaning more than makes up for the price with their formula and with the company’s dedication to eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients and packaging. If you’d like to learn more or check Tincture London products out for yourself, click here.