You’re probably familiar with ylang-ylang oil, a commonly used oil in complementary medicine, even if you’re not sure of the name. With a light floral scent that mixes well with others, it generally used as a base in most scented perfumes and many cleaning products. There are multiple proven benefits and uses to ylang-ylang essential oil, and its pleasing scent is one way to receive those benefits.

6 Major Benefits and Uses of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

1. Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension is the number one cause of death in America and leads to many expensive health complications that interfere with the quality of life. This can be caused by different factors in our diets with too much stress. Using ylang-ylang in aromatherapy has been shown to lower blood pressure and increase a feeling of being relaxed. (1)

Use a few drops in your diffuser at work, especially when you’re feeling the stress of a project or deadline. You might even put some together with lavender and a carrier oil to create a de-stressing roll on that you can scent throughout the day. Relaxing will help improve your focus and ability to get the job done right.

2. Ease Depression and Anxiety

Everyone has felt depressed at some time in their life and have maybe even had some feelings of anxiety right alongside. This can be a natural response to different stressful situations, and ylang-ylang has been shown to improve the perception of mood and promote a feeling of calmness when inhaled. (2)

This oil could be part of a complementary treatment for times when you are feeling down or stressed. Using a 1:1 mixture of ylang-ylang and a carrier oil would make for a very relaxing massage, and you would receive the relaxing benefits from skin absorption and inhalation of its light floral scent.

3. Fight Signs of Aging

Many signs of aging are caused by the body’s reaction to oxidizing agents in the environment. These are found in the air, the water, and even the foods we eat. Many substances can help cells repair themselves from this damage or also prevent the damage from occurring in the first place. (3)

Ylang ylang is an anti-oxidant and helps cells by preventing oxidative stress from free radicals. A few drops of oil in a carrier oil can be applied to the skin of the face to help prevent the signs of aging.

4. Increase Libido

Ylang ylang is one of the most common essential oils used in relation to increasing the libido and sexual function. When applied topically, it causes the skin to warm, which is a parasympathetic reaction of increased blood flow and indicates arousal of the nervous system, as well as muscle relaxation. The scent also reduces anxiety and stress, two factors that may interfere with the libido. (4)

Adding a few drops of ylang-ylang and jasmine to a carrier oil such as almond would create a massage oil that contains the most powerful scents when it comes to increasing arousal and encouraging physical intimacy. A massage with this oil would be an excellent way to bond with someone you share a physical relationship with.

5. Mosquito Control

Anyone who’s ever tried to enjoy their summer outside has run into the problem of mosquitoes. This has started to become much more than a nuisance as these pests carry dangerous diseases with them, and some are even becoming resistant to common bug repellents and insecticides. Ylang ylang has been found to be an effective mosquito control measure, preventing eggs from developing and even have an effect on different stages of mosquito growth. (5)

Using this oil as a spray in areas of your garden where mosquitoes are most likely to propagate will help prevent these pests from taking over your backyard and help safeguard your family from a variety of diseases.

6. Disinfectant

Many essential oils are powerful antimicrobials and antibacterial substances, and ylang-ylang is no different. In a world where more microbes are becoming resistant to traditional therapies, essential oils may be an alternative disinfecting solution. It has been shown to be effective against microbial films that form on surfaces and has even been used as a food additive to prevent infections from foodborne pathogens. (5)

Add ylang-ylang to other oils such as tea tree or sweet orange as well as a mix of vinegar and distilled water to create a disinfectant for your home and leave a scent that lifts the mood and reduces anxiety at the same time.

My Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Experience

I have suffered from varying degrees of depression since having children, though it has likely been much longer than that. I’ve been on different types of medication to help alleviate the symptoms, but nothing ever treated everything. Sometimes my mood would improve but I’d be left with anxiety, or there were days when it seemed like I wasn’t on medication at all.

And, to top it all off, I suffered from low libido due to the treatments. My relationship was suffering even as I tried to treat a serious medical condition.

Ylang ylang has become one of the base oils for my custom mixes. When it is time for bed, some chamomile, lavender, and ylang-ylang are staples in the diffuser. I also make a massage oil with almond oil and ylang-ylang for when my spouse and I would like to be intimate. The scent relaxes me and helps alleviate any performance anxiety either of us may be experiencing. The stress and worries of the day seem to disappear after a good massage.

I also like to use it as part of a mix at work, usually with lemon or orange, sometimes rosemary, to stimulate my mind and help me focus but to keep me from becoming stressed by deadlines or frustrated when something doesn’t turn out as intended. I find that my anxiety takes a back seat and I can move on from mistakes more easily, allowing me to let go and keep working productively.

Recommended Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Products

Ylang Ylang – 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade

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When using essential oils, using the best grade is the easiest way to prevent any issues you could have. This is especially important if you intend to ingest it. A concentrated oil will only require a few drops to release its calming scent and should last a while when added to your diffuser. Using this grade of oil will also prevent any skin irritation if you are using it in oil for a massage. A good grade of oil blends well with other oils and shouldn’t overpower the other scents.


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant, Ylang-Ylang

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Many people have trouble finding deodorants which are completely natural and have a scent that lasts. The ingredients of this deodorant are plant-based with no added chemicals. The sweet scent of ylang-ylang is paired with calendula, giving it a powerful antibacterial property, killing the bacteria in sweat that causes odor. Having the smell of ylang-ylang means that you can carry this calming aroma with you wherever you go.


Cautions of ylang-ylang essential oil

  • Choose quality ylang-ylang essential oil from reputable suppliers.
  • Use caution when using this oil if you are taking medications for hypertension as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
  • Diabetes should use with caution since ylang ylang may lower blood sugar and cause hypoglycemia.
  • Always mix 1:1 with distilled water or carrier oil such as almond to prevent skin irritation.

The Bottom Line

It is easy to see why ylang-ylang is popular in many beauty products and would be a beneficial addition to your essential oil collection. Be sure to share this information with anyone who might be looking for a light floral scent for their home or some help with intimacy. Ylang ylang may be what they are looking for.